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Radio impersonator.. no one gives a shit about you or what you think.  Too bad, as hard as you try to make enemies.. you can’t even find anyone to hate you.. they just ignore your sorry ass, and keep on going.  

So you keep on bashing murt, and he can keep on talking to the fake twitter account, either pretending it is someone else..  now Murt, want to talk with the real one..  he doesn’t use his real name out there in the world anymore and he doesn’t call himself rocketman..  he has  a professional name that doesn’t link him to anyone..  onenoreast..  check out his site.‎   And his written biography below..  Go check out his website.. Photos speak a thousand words.

No roots, no limits.. Im a traveling man. disapear with no fear on any givin day, a thrill seeker, an adventurer.. Theres no tomorrow, theres no worries, theres just now.. And this is our moment.
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Cheap Shot’s

Spend a bit of time taking care of other things, and what do I get.. I get Cheat Ass Shots from whatever it is that calls itself Radio, but we know it really isn’t..  And what does it spit out, nothing but made up stories and lies.. Trash in and Trash out thats all any of us can expect from radionewz. 

And just who would this radio fake think it is to discuss crime blog,  or is it talking from experience.. As I said before trash in and trash out, and thats all we can expect from a trash nasty blog that refers to itself as being knowledgeable.. Actually it truly is a lower case of trashy port site.  That has to keep punching in the letters on to the keyboard to keep the money rolling in.. Actually the only criminal that I general talk about, sports itself around using the name radionewz….  Now how many people have used the time radionewz or radio..  How many times have these posters  under this name committed criminal acts when posting information, documents, emails or photos and personal information about others..  Good question huh?

Talk about making money off of those less fortunate..  Like missing children and rape victims.   So radio, know well.. I don’t really give a shit about you.. your friends, family or anyone that lingers with you..  Birds of a feather.. For a person who acts and writes like you do,  we would have to wonder if you did have children that were raised, probably not by you.. probably taken  from you and raised by the state.. you would be to irresponsible to raise kids.  Drugs, booze, and mental health issues. Nope the state would never have left kids with  you.. trash in trash out ..   Now tell us.. Why do you snuggle up with murt on some of your other twitter trash accounts, and smack him around as radionewzblog?  Can’t tell us he doesn’t know..  Hell we all know whats going on..  Both being hypocritical aren’t You?  

Your afraid I’m up to something aren’t You?  You never know slimy serpent..  You never know, until it comes out and smacks you with reality..  So what am I doing..  I guess your just going to have to set back and wait for it. 

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Pittings of a Fool…..

I’ve set back and watched for this development for the last several months, and recently it came to my attention that the two I know everything about everything began to play pit bull with one another..  Levi page, idiot he without doubt is, was pitting his knowledge of the death and murder of a small child name Madeline McCann against Nancy Grace..   Problem with both of their information and ability to tell a story.. they don’t take time to research and learn the truth.. Its all about Glimmer and ratings and who’s gonna believe them next.  Now levi is just fool enough to keep blasting a story of death by parents on a case  that  is now a few years old..  And did he take time to realize that he was pitting his knowledge against Scotland Yard Detectives..  Yea really, like levi knows so much more than these guys..   Well, I suggest one of the crazy’s gives the boy child a phone call and tell him, he really needs to listen to what Scotland Yard has decided..

The timeline and “accepted version of events” surrounding Madeleine McCann’s disappearance have significantly changed, British police say


Levi Page reminds me of a psychic name Brian who appeared in the early days of the Haleigh Cummings Case.  Brian had drawings, and visions and he just knew everything.. One big problem Brian brought to himself and encouraged his disappearance from the case..  He gave out a prediction of when she would be found,  date and time.  Well, needless to say she didn’t appear, on that date and time nor any other.. And Brian developed a headache, couldn’t communicate further and disappeared.  So, when one of these children levi page has determined, and labeled as dead and murdered, and this child is found alive and well..  I also think the fool Levi will also develop a headache and hopefully we will never hear from him again..

By the way Levi,  Scotland Yard would not have opened this case and working it so diligently if they didn’t have reason to believe this child is alive and can be found.. Too bad you don’t have the insight to realize your knowledge and intelligence is severely lacking.



Levi Page ‏@Levi_Page 9 Oct

The other two cars have no damage and there is all sorts to my SUV. This day sucks.
Levi Page ‏@Levi_Page 9 Oct

So someone rear ended the person in front of them, causing me to rear end them and I get a ticket for following too closely? Bullshit!
Levi Page ‏@Levi_Page 9 Oct

Screw all you crazy drivers in Clarksville, TN! I’m so sick of the crazy people here.

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ImageMurt I willingly will share and promote people in searching for missing children, although I will not participate in research again for other missing children.  Haleigh Cummings was quite enough for one lifetime.  And still dealing with it..  This case I must advise you, is not in searching now for a missing child.. The media has now put out the tragic news…..

ImageWillow Long Update: Justin DeRyke, Ill. man, indicted in murder of 7-year-old niece, prosecutors say.


So what does one now have to say..  There is noting more to say, a trial will come.. a jury will decide.. But a child with bright red hair has left this world far too soon.

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Over the Hump Day.. It’s Thursday

Oh My, Oh My  such a busy day already.. Crazy’s going to down.. some claiming their have decided to go their own way, and some stand back again, as usual, again and acting passive.. Oh I’ve decided to go my own way again, and leave people alone..  Heard that one before..    Ever get the feeling that the crazys are acting out on some secret issue and motive?  They only tell you want they want you to know.. Problem is, I know most of what their trying to hide, so it does make it a pleasant Journey around them..  The ones they need to convince of their BS is their good buddies and friends, which we aren’t too sure there are many left..  Think most of them  had “Oh Shit Moments” and took off for higher ground, maybe even changed their phone numbers, email addies, and went totally private to keep a safe distance from a couple of the crazys..

So, Michelle McKee announced she was heading for Scottsdale, AZ for a met up with the one and only radio..  I left her a brief twitter redirecting her on to Tucson,  and leaving a couple of facebook links, you know maybe Michelle wants to study up a bit on the area and the things to see and visit while she’s there..   Oddly enough, she’s also heading for Kansas for the Holidays,  maybe Altha might be heading home for Kansas too for  the Holidays.. never know the girls might run into each other while their visiting kin folk in Kansas..

Today, is also the 5th day..    The Big Five..   What happens on the Big Five,   5th day.. so many things can occur..     Its the Day after Hump Day..  Its the 5th day after you begin a count down and leave out the weekend..   Its Day number 5..

Just what would this day mean to you??   Some people get birthday cakes,  some people celebrate anniversaries, some people are looking at it as 10/10/2013, some are thinking its just Thursday, the day after Hump Day..    Or it could just be Karma Day…

A funny thought entered my mind yesterday.. with the crazy acting out so badly, why wasn’t it worried about its own problems and Karma Day coming at it so fast..   Maybe that’s the way the crazy soothes itself I was reminded..  Well lets just  take some time to look at funnies, cause I’m sure the crazy is waiting with baited breathe to see what I post today, and I so wanted to get it up and out early to give the crazy something to do for the rest of the 5th Day…



polls_71188316_2910_334164_poll_xlarge graphics-thursday-874651 images thursday man-getting-hit-by-bus

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Okay, Prove it !!

Give us your real name Radio, date of birth,  location of birth, and name of both parents and grandparents.  You want people to believe your story of who you are etc.. Prove it..  Since it has only been about a year ago that you talked about your mother visiting with you, and she was so upset with the things people were posting about you.. Don’t you remember your parents visit, and your mother at that time did not have any psychological disorders..   You do..  Thats without a doubt..

We know all about the person who suffers from Bi Polar disorder, and a lot narcissism  they rather fit hand in glove.. Don’t they.. Rather a person disorder isn’t it!  Called it Fan-head many times..  Every wonder why..  lets see multiple personalities..  And don’t give us this, oh I went to Auburn University..  We already know you didn’t..  Got any new tricks in your box?

Who do you plan on being for Halloween this year?  Maybe  you can go back to one of your cat women,  Selina700, Selina800 or Selina900..  You can be Selina Kyle again,  that was back in 2011 remember ?   This time you have three different images  to use..  So hard to choose between??  Oh my goodness.


Maybe you would rather be ole Fathead.. 5-headed-snake

Or you could dawn and  be  a Jon Briley., now that would be scary, even more so than being a Holly. jon3

Or you could pretend to be a pops… apparently there are with a tee shirt, one with a mask and the one below.. he does appear to be a Chameleon. So take your choice.. df22389ed54b97ab799e6147848f33e2 Wondering what is the reason pops is dressed like this..

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I’ve always tried to imagine the crazy’s attempts to be more than one poster at a time, and since they have decided to pull in a Spanish translator..   Well lets give you reasons to use it..

radio es una puta mentira y su amigo jorge es un cartel falso.  If you need a translation,

“I said radio your a lying bitch and your friend Jorge is a fake poster.” 

Now with the fake poster..  This is how it goes.. you see is established on poxy accounts.  And these idiots have been using proxy accounts for the twitter. The amazing thing, why do they spend so much time attempting to look like a poster army, when they truth is, if they have more than two people on this chore at one time, I would be amazed.   It is rather obvious they are running out of imagination with the poster names.. Good example using Jorge for George..   How about that executionerfanhead..  What.. too much of that nasty cheap box wine?  Leaving the ole brain behind.. Had your liver checked lately?  You know that drinking too much of that nasty wine and those vodka martini’s  or as I call them Martuni’s  and eating excessively  causes a fatty liver, which ends up turning in to cirrhosis of the liver..  If your smart dumb-ass, you might go in and have that  checked out .. 

By the way I know who Raynu is, and I can also tell you..  and I know about Shalanka and the elephants.  Stop playing the stupid game..  I also know about Indianna.

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