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Oh the Complexity

I read Murts Blog this morning, based on confessions of the Juvenile male in the Ohio case. Confessions that were due to duress and threats and a drop of the civil suit case he and his family had filed against adults who demand their freedom of speech ability. Now, it seems that the ACLU was involved backing these adults in their demand to exercise their civil rights, yet in the midst this juvenile has had his rights trampled on. So, how can the ACLU stand and support this groups activities, yet leave this Juvenile to suffer his fate, and his rights having been ignored. Now, we know that if by chance this child is arrested, charged and convicted based on this confession, if by chance he is confessing to any illegal activity. The conviction would be overturned in any appeals court. So, we are still watching Adult behavior versus Juvenile behavior, and like it or not this boy was never charged with any act of participant in this horrific case. Yet, in the eyes of the arm chair blogger detective he was accused, tried and convicted. And they have managed to obtain enough support to promote their actions as being protected. This is really confusing, yet it seems to be a very limited amount of people who can actually see this from an objective eye. Its okay to violate the juveniles rights, yet the adults behavior was far from acceptable, yet protected. These are the same adults who fell under the umbrella of protection, Who- violate other people daily, abusing and denying their protection of civil rights and promote anarchy in having them harassed. So, the next time you ask, Whats wrong with the Judicial System? The answer is: Those who take advantage and abuse the Judicial System.

What is amazing, this case has yet to be tried in a court of law against those who have been accused and charged with the crimes. Now, if any of these young men involved at this point and facing trial are contacted, coerced, threatened into confessions, by any means what so ever. This would be deemed poison fruit and if convicted everything would come back with a fury. In the end a mistrial would be called. In essence this would so interfere with the case that it could cause a miscarriage of justice. And they may well walk free due to having their rights violated. These are the same people who appear to be organized in a group that your supporting, and adults are suppose to be responsible decision makers.

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Many years ago, in a place far far away, I once went to a political meeting, one of the men at the meeting was very reserved and quiet. Rather hard to judge in charecter, he was dressed like a farmer. Levi’s, western shirt with a heavy wool-lined vest, cowboy boots, and a baseball cap. The man was clean shaven and smelled very good as I walked past him standing in front of the top row of seats in the court room. During the meeting he was introduced, and the fact that he was a member of the state house of representatives. I turned around and looked at this man again, wondering what? After the meeting we stood around for a few minutes talking with one another, and I found this man to be very articulate, kind natured and very interested in what others had to say. Well, he must be the right choice is the conclusion I came to. Why hadn’t I met him before I wondered?

Well, several months went by and at another meeting, I watched this very attractive man walk into the court room, dark suit, conservative tie, hair combed neatly, clean shaven. And to my surprise it hit me, this was the representative that I had met several months prior, the farmer. My goodness did this man clean up good. And to boot, we found out this man was not only a rancher but an attorney and a State Representative. Now, in the state that this occurred I can tell you one thing, only two elements about this man made him powerful, the fact that he was a Rancher and the fact that he was a Representative, the fact that he was an attorney, well being the man he was would add the list, without the list of Rancher and Representative. Only the real person he was, kind, considerate, attentive, articulate and carrying about his fellow man made him an important attorney.

I once knew this other young attorney, I say young but we were about the same age. His Uncle had been a attorney in the community for years and also elected as govenor of the state. The younger attorneys other uncle was a very well known attorney in the community. I chuckle when I look back in memories and had a case in court with this young attorney as the defense attorney. He was showboating that day in court, and every question he ask me while I was on the stand, I replied with, can you repeat that question. He even danced on a table that day. Yes, he was a good effective attorney, but one of the problems he had, that respect did not come automatically it is something people must earn. And its the charecter of the person that earns that respect. Where is that attorney today? Well the last anyone heard of him after his disbarrment for having drugs in his office, he was in Vegas working at a casino. Such a shame. And this is a true story.

Only those who know me, and the type of person I am and have been my entire life make me important, for those who don’t know me, nor have they been part of my life can only make assumptions, and you know about assumptions don’t you.. its like assuming. I’ve always figured if someone needs to protect their career, then they themselves are harmful to their own career. Don’t put yourself in a position of having to protect and cover, and you won’t have to worry about it. I look at people in general, we all get up in the morning, and we all get dressed the same way. Or as the ole comment goes, we all pull our pants up just alike. So, the only difference we make as people, is how we treat other people. It doesn’t matter how educated you are, or how much money you earn, its called always doing the right thing. If you don’t understand that concept, then your on the wrong side of the narrow line.

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Hey Altha

I just checked the stats on the wordpress.. well it seems your going to have to send out flyers to people to ward them away from my blog. Maybe newspaper ads will help. Something isn’t working right with your advising people to stay away and not read anything I write. Obviously, your reading, so we have to count you as a mcgreggorsback blog reader. I just wanted to let you see the numbers, I know your big on numbers and I really didn’t want to disappoint you, but.. Here’s the scoop.

montly stats

Wonder why all of these reads are occurring? after all, you’ve done your best to tell people everything you could possible think of to ward them away. Jeez Altha, whats next? Oh by the way.. I’ll take a poly against your poly any-day.. I’ll also take a psych test against your psych test any-day.. Are You game?

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I am really apalled at posters.

Has any one of you people involved in this rape case in Ohio, realized what you are doing to the victim. The young 15 year old girl. You act as if your standing up supporting her and going after the team, but what you are accomplishing is destroying this little girl. This child has to walk out of her house everyday and face people, she can’t go on Facebook or twitter without these issues flying about. What occurred to her. Has it dawned on any of you, that the ramifications of what she went through will stay with her for a life time. She lives in that community, and have you not yet noticed the boys involved in this crime, are now becoming martyrs? When the defense attorney starts on this little girl, you have given him more than enough to go after her. He will literally tear that girl apart. How she was dressed, why she was with the boys, he will accuse her of willingness, he will bring up anything in her past to destroy this child, and you people are helping him. Plus now you’ve really done the deed by trying to justify your own bad adult behaviors. You never gave one concern to the victim. Not one and the same bad behavior you display to the rapist, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have other usernames and avatars that you belittle and demean this little girl. There is a great deal of illness going on.

Sexual Assault in this Country is as old as this country. I’ve heard fools say, if there was more prostitution there would be less rapes. I’ve hear Senator Jessie Helms say, “well women can’t be raped, they can run faster with their skirts up than a man with his pants down.” When is it going to dawn on each and everyone of you, Rape has nothing to do with sex, it is control. The issues and insults involved in the control of this young girl, were signs of contempt. And she knows this. What happens in a few years as this child is still in this community that has been attacked and marred, and well divided. You actually think that under duress of threats and pressure that anyone of those young men who publically admit to having committed this crime, will end up being held responsible. Hell any good defense attorney could get them off because of the duress and threats. In a district trial or an appeal.

You people are making this case a landmark that will single out this town and the citizen who live there as the town that promoted rapist. Thats what your doing. You don’t care about the legal process, you don’t care that what your commentaries have done in harming this case and the future of this community. You claim its based on free speech for prinnie and her crew, what you don’t understand is the fine line that should never be crossed. Your creating anarchy and doing it with a smile.

Where were you people in the last 100 gang rapes, where the girls were assaulted, and physically harmed? Where have you people been? One problem the arm chair detectives have gotten to, first they don’t understand what is legal and what isn’t. They don’t quite understand the due process of law, and although they seem to understand their civil rights to post, they don’t quite understand you cannot violate another persons rights to uphold your own.

This case also involves Juveniles, and the law protects Juveniles.. you don’t have to like it, you don’t have to approve of it, but you don’t have the right to go online and be judge and executioner against these children. Names should never have been released, the details should never have gone public, that video should never have been put out. Stop and remember, 3 out of 10 girls are molested and or raped by the age of 18, and how adults deal with these cases, can very well effect causing an increase of numbers or decrease. But any and all interference should come through education and knowledge in teaching young people who become adult rapist what is right and what is wrong. Start in your own homes, start with your own children. Make sure these topics are taught in Junior High and High School. Allow the police to deal with these classes and teach the ramifications, But as adults don’t go online and create such a mess that you are actually interfering with this case.

You even go to the point of dragging a radical TV personality into the mix, as if this is going to put pressure on Stubenville authorities to drop anything? I would honestly say, Prinnie is going to face the Judge, and so will her posters and commentators. And oddly enough she’s still encouraging others to continue with the rampage in her support to be destructive. And do they care what they may well be bringing their own lives into the mix and the lawsuits. And if the Authorities and the FBI are watching what you do and what you say, you are looking at facing criminal charges. So keep on with what your doing, I’ll watch your trials on TV, and then you’ll get your little day of fame. But, this case will be dealt with in a court of law in Stubenville, Ohio. It will be judged by a jury of their peers. And all of your interference will be noted.

My suggestion, consider the feelings of a 15 year old girl!!

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Imposterville – followup

I read Murts article tonight, and it dawned on me. This type of creating fake pm’s and dm’s has been going on for sometime.

Last Year, when Cobra was on Twitter, he was receiving dm’s, but the problem was, the dm’s by Twitter rules, can only be sent to someone who follows you. After they started arriving on his phone, we started watching his account. Since he had such a limited amount of people, it wasn’t hard to pull up his followers and watch for one to change its colors. Unfortunately, we never saw one that would go from ying to yang, but the dm’s kept arriving and even listed as coming from Twitter itself.

Yet, the magically act of changing ones name on a twitter account, before it could get caught was either pretty good or there was some strange things going on. Now, I have not used the word hacking, but.. and if.. twitter did not send these, how were they sent, and by whom? and the ramifications of these actions? As you will note, they have not gone away.. saved for prosperity. So, these little things began around the first of December 2011, and ran through about February 2012. There are a number of them, but samples of each month are being posted. And I think the follow up article should discuss Cobra and his Attorney and their experiences on Twitter. Maybe the list of names that was being submitted on a subpoena, that for some odd reason was Motioned to be stopped. One thing about that stopping the motion, because of the case, if anyone went onto twitter back in lets say Sept- 2011 through today, you would find the very people listed on that subpoena were blasting all three, Cobra, Attorney Doug Roberts, and Tim Holmseth. So the Subpoena I do believe had validity. And why did anyone want to stop that Subpoena? I can tell you right off the bat, that Reddios was on that list, also IPhoneQn and a few others. One of my favorite quotes from Attorney Doug Roberts, he was talking about people would have to be Clairvoyant, he said: “I had to look that word up you know, because I’m only a Construction Lawyer”. Thats a great letter, would love to share it with you. Its one you pass on to friends and family, to make sure the letter always stays alive and well and in real time, and real life. Totally intact. I predict someday that letter will be huge part of peoples lives. So, lets go back to posting the fake dm’s.









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Christmas Even in North Carolina

I stepped out on the back deck this morning, the quiet of early morning was broken up only by hundreds of small birds heading south. Going from tree to tree and then flying on. The sky has the dark fluffy clouds that look like snow. People will tell you, if it thunders in the winter, within 10 days you will have snow. Amazingly there was a thunder storm last week. So, the prospects of a White Christmas, may well be a possibility.

One of the Blessings of growing old, are memories. So many memories that linger, and little things bring them back to the surface. I remember all of the other White Christmas’s from childhood on. There is something magical about a White Christmas, maybe it is the peace and tranquility the snow brings. An absolute silence as it falls, and the only noise you hear is the whispering of the snowflakes as they fall so gracefully to the ground.

I remember the January evening back in 2000, the day had been filled with cold rain that turned into slush, by nightfall the snow began to fall. I realized that the snow was getting deeper, so I walked outside to look around and began to hear the creaks and cracking of the snow covered tree limbs. So back in the house I went and waiting, within a few hours, the lights went out and I really wasn’t prepared for how long they would remain out. That would begin the week of the deep snow that isolated people, unable to get out of their own driveways, and needless to say, there would be no stores open anyway. By morning, I managed to force the back door open to look outside, we had close to three feet of snow, pure white, silent, no footprints just perfection only nature can give. I looked in the direction of my parents house just a long smooth surface of snow. My car, I couldn’t see, all that was visible was just a deep pile of snow parked across from my parents house. As a child my first instinct would have been to bundle up and just make that snow mine, but as an adult I had to bundle up, make my way to my parents house and spend the next week, trying to keep fire wood in the house to keep them warm, and help Mother take care of Dad. You see that would be Dad’s last snow, he had cancer that had been removed, but returned and was traveling in his body. Although the primary heat in the house was out, we did have the fireplace downstairs and the heat would travel up and help keep Dad warm. A very long week we spent, but you already understand how special that week would be.

The year before, I had taken my large tree out of storage and over to Mom and Dad’s to setup for the big family Christmas we were planning. As I began to set up the tree, Dad wandered downstairs and set on the rocker, watching me work on the tree. I had the lights up and as they twinkled, I looked over at Dad, he was watching so intently and never said a word. I could see the lights in his eyes, and they began to become very distant. I wondered what memories was Dad celebrating from his memory. Christmas Trees that he and mom had put up for us kids, our excitement on Christmas morning, and the toys. How many bikes and toys had he put together working into the wee hours of Christmas mornings. What ever memories flowing through his mind, I realize just what a blessing memories really are, and how many I shared with Dad. And those of my own that I had and have of my little children and the Christmas’s we have shared.

Christmas and how you celebrate is based on two elements the traditions you hold dear, and on the memories of Christmas of the past. Another primary point to remember if you hold Christmas in your heart, you would then for the entire year celebrate with others through kindness and soft spoken words. Thats the true gift of Christmas. The gifts given at Christmas do not replace evil and cruel behavior towards people for the year prior. Its a false sense of pride that doesn’t cleanse your heart or soul. I never wish for people to come to harm, I believe very deeply that those who do, might well suffer the same fate. I do wish upon people to obtain the help they desperately need, and for those to face the law when what they do violates the law.

My Christmas will be spent with Family, these are the most important in my life. I will celebrate and acquire new memories watching my Grandchildren on Christmas Morning, as I have now for over 20 years, and remembering their Mothers reactions on Christmas morning and the excitement. If by chance the snow has fallen and its white and peaceful outside, it will only add to the blessings. I will also celebrate with my siblings and their families. I will also shed a tear with my sister on the anniversary of her loss. Her husband’s passing on a Christmas Eve and we will also shed a tear for the absence of both Mom, Dad and our Brother.

Our meal on Christmas is a tradition, passed on for many generations only a few added tidbits. We removed the giblets from the dressing and the gravy. Added marshmallows to the fruit salad. Yet continued down by our daughters. So Christmas for our family is celebrating the past and giving to the future. Our gifts are sometimes homemade, paintings, art pieces, sweaters, poncho’s, crochet hats, scarves, blankets. Giving what you create makes it even more special.

Merry Christmas, have a grand Holiday with friends and family and stay safe and remember those who no longer share the Holiday with you.


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Radio sharing her mind again.

It might well be that the Zombies I’ve referred to this last week were already on twitter and the radionewz blog this entire time. A maze of different names all fused into one.  And when they find another twitter personality going after them, as usual just like this past year, the comments come up that its me again. Well, hate to disappoint the crazy zombies, but it isn’t, not Tammy either. Seems Tammy has been off Twitter now for some time. So, now you have another enemy calling you people out, or is it one of your past tricks.. Put up a fake attack site, and bash yourselves and then throw off names hoping your readers will believe that poor little ole you is being bashed by the big bad mcgreggorsback under an assumed name.  Well, lets hope your readers have more common sense than to believe much that squirms out of your mouth.  As I said, its not me!!  And if you don’t believe that, then have your buddy do her voodoo and have twitter check it out.  Will it come back in my direction, or would it just plain bite you fools in the ass.  I think your looking at being bit in the ass myself.

Oh the little photo you managed to put up.. Well, it would really take a sick mind to believe the whole world shares your sense of humor.  And I noticed you took down the little Welcome to North Carolina sign..  Seems like that one was a wake up call, did you have to sober up first, before you realized what you had done. I’m not the only one to see and photo copy it, maybe there are people watching, waiting for you to hang yourself well.

And who cares what you post on TH, he’s a big boy and will handle what ever is thrown at him,  its you crazy’s that should be concerned with Law Enforcement having his Computer hard drive. After all, everything in there is what others have fought so hard to keep off the web.. Everything, and now its setting on a LE  tech bench being gone over with a fine tooth comb and being pieced together.  Everything, tapes, articles, documents, emails etc. All red tagged to pull up a specific name or word.  What could be in there?  And one little word to the wise, Law Enforcement is on no body’s side in general, except their own. And as they dig you never know what frame of mind they might just enter.   You people should realize, that if they found any evidence of TH committing any criminal act on that computer, they would go after him, but if they found evidence of anyone else having committed any criminal acts, they by LAW will go after them. See Law enforcement is exactly that phrase, they enforce the Laws.  That might include, stalking, harassing, information on tapes, etc.  So, in my opinion you can boast and you can rave and you can celebrate, but it might well be a bit premature. Never know what Karma has in store.

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