01 Oct

I’ve always tried to imagine the crazy’s attempts to be more than one poster at a time, and since they have decided to pull in a Spanish translator..   Well lets give you reasons to use it..

radio es una puta mentira y su amigo jorge es un cartel falso.  If you need a translation,

“I said radio your a lying bitch and your friend Jorge is a fake poster.” 

Now with the fake poster..  This is how it goes.. you see is established on poxy accounts.  And these idiots have been using proxy accounts for the twitter. The amazing thing, why do they spend so much time attempting to look like a poster army, when they truth is, if they have more than two people on this chore at one time, I would be amazed.   It is rather obvious they are running out of imagination with the poster names.. Good example using Jorge for George..   How about that executionerfanhead..  What.. too much of that nasty cheap box wine?  Leaving the ole brain behind.. Had your liver checked lately?  You know that drinking too much of that nasty wine and those vodka martini’s  or as I call them Martuni’s  and eating excessively  causes a fatty liver, which ends up turning in to cirrhosis of the liver..  If your smart dumb-ass, you might go in and have that  checked out .. 

By the way I know who Raynu is, and I can also tell you..  and I know about Shalanka and the elephants.  Stop playing the stupid game..  I also know about Indianna.

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