Okay, Prove it !!

01 Oct

Give us your real name Radio, date of birth,  location of birth, and name of both parents and grandparents.  You want people to believe your story of who you are etc.. Prove it..  Since it has only been about a year ago that you talked about your mother visiting with you, and she was so upset with the things people were posting about you.. Don’t you remember your parents visit, and your mother at that time did not have any psychological disorders..   You do..  Thats without a doubt..

We know all about the person who suffers from Bi Polar disorder, and a lot narcissism  they rather fit hand in glove.. Don’t they.. Rather a person disorder isn’t it!  Called it Fan-head many times..  Every wonder why..  lets see multiple personalities..  And don’t give us this, oh I went to Auburn University..  We already know you didn’t..  Got any new tricks in your box?

Who do you plan on being for Halloween this year?  Maybe  you can go back to one of your cat women,  Selina700, Selina800 or Selina900..  You can be Selina Kyle again,  that was back in 2011 remember ?   This time you have three different images  to use..  So hard to choose between??  Oh my goodness.


Maybe you would rather be ole Fathead.. 5-headed-snake

Or you could dawn and  be  a Jon Briley., now that would be scary, even more so than being a Holly. jon3

Or you could pretend to be a pops… apparently there are with a tee shirt, one with a mask and the one below.. he does appear to be a Chameleon. So take your choice.. df22389ed54b97ab799e6147848f33e2 Wondering what is the reason pops is dressed like this..

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