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Boston August 2017

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The groups that gathered in Va made up of kkk, nazi and white supremacist, did so to show support for trump and his ruthlessness.  They did so to show America they were willing to begin a civil war.. Well, the concept is, they have weapons, they are brutal, but it didn’t work, and many went home in shame to no income, no jobs, no friends. So Va cost many of them.. Some went home and boasted they believed it was a good thing for young people to have died in the car crash..   What they don’t understand, once the gop is out of office, all will be deemed domestic terrorist, members of hate groups, and all are being identified.. There will come a day in short time where any member of a hate group who is identified will be prosecuted as domestic terrorist.

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So the day of cheering each other on in violence and corruption is limited.  Mark my Words.. Trump will be leaving the White House.. by resignation or by impeachment,  his vile crew goes with him, and the gop in congress who have acted totally insane with their actions against the people.. need to look at Boston.. This is not the entire force of citizens who stand against the insanity.. this is only those who could made it to Boston on Saturday..   We are Bernie’s.  We are Americans, we protect civil rights for all. Don’t ever doubt our numbers or our dedication..


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And the Truth Slips Out..

For several years we have heard of all of the intense Police Brutality, most of it has been Racist – Bias on color and race..  We wondered is it possible that members of hate groups have managed to slip into law enforcement, since there are so many of them out there..

Nothing seemed to fit but the hate and anger.. Against Blacks of all ages, male and female, white women, and then young white males, to older white men and now women,  Just horrible crimes, even to a Houston, Harris county, Texas – Deputies, deciding to pull over a white female college student, one deputy decides he smells marijuana, so they search the girl, then do a vaginal search for drugs. On the side of the road, 3 deputies, and they were not charged with rape..  Unreal behavior.. Its time to weed out the trash from every department.. Screen Shot 08-14-17 at 11.22 AM

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So much for protect and serve..  Its time to clean house..  If you know of a bad cop, its time to start reporting..  if your threatened, report it, but not the officers dept, go to the State Attorney Generals Office..  Make it public that you have been threatened.. what ever it takes we need to get this human scourge out of law enforcement.

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John Yarmuth – Member of Congress

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Time to start the impeachments..


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Nazi Headed for Va.

Lets do a bit of coverage .. what is or was a Nazi..

Political ideology
National Socialism, more commonly known as Nazism, is the ideology and set of practices associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party, Nazi Germany, and other far-right groups.
Now, With the hate of the Jewish people, the question has always been why?  They were very tightly grouped religious families, who married within their own faith. Hard working, business owners..
So, where did the hate and bias come from, certainly not from a superior race..  For lets be honest and direct here.. A superior race of people would be in the form of intelligence, humanity, caring for thy neighbor.  Was it lack of education, lack of intelligence, twisted Christianity- much like we deal with today..  Jealousy, envy?
We now have the Nazi in the US, we have the white supremacy groups, and we have the kkk.. all hate groups, and a moronic president to took them off the list of legal hate groups.. What a simpleton could do..
Nazi in ww2.. Screen Shot 08-12-17 at 10.52 AM
KKK – white supremacy – in US
Screen Shot 08-12-17 at 10.53 AM.PNG
 What the hell is the difference in people.. ignorance, hate, bias, cruelty, ruthlessness, lack of intelligence, lack of education.. or just simple  inferiority complexes..  mental illness..
Now, lets look at this.. The Jewish community in Germany kept their economy going..
The southerners and their created kkk,  needed the slaves to keep the southern economy going , but hated them so badly they murdered them for over a century.. How can you need people so desperately and hate and brutalize them without justification?  Mental illness.  After all they were hard working, creative, industrial, they kept the south alive with their creative abilities.. Who do you think built the plantations.. the white guys are you serious..  The slaves built the plantations, put in the crops and harvested them.. They served the whites in the homes, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children and even producing children for the white masters..   But the whites hated the blacks and hated them even more when they were freed.. or was it they feared them,  every slave released in the south had a right to take up arms against their slavers.. But they didn’t, they got on with their lives and helped rebuild this country..  So who were the bad guys?
Same decedents you have today, uneducated, unintelligent, inferiority complex galore, who think their superior because their white.. Joke on them, they have no idea how much black and native blood they have running through their veins.  By the way there is no superior race anywhere in this world, or outside of it..   So its not the color of your skin that makes you a special person, its how you treat others.. no matter what color their skin is..
I had two great great grandfathers who fought in the civil war.. and I can honestly tell you,  both would be up in arms against the nazi group who hit charlottesville, VA.  claiming they are protecting Civil war monuments..  know the history of the Nazi, I can assure you, both Joseph Austin (who died in La during civil war skirmish) and Samuel H. Brister, would have both been irate to see the nazi’s marching and saluting. They do not represent the southerners who fought in the civil war, and my Dad and his brother who fought in Germany during WW2 would be furious to see them marching through a VA community violating others rights.
 Screen Shot 08-12-17 at 09.43 AM
And here is another example of Nazi heading for Va.  Aren’t they Special.. Superior Race, okay..
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Nazi – Charlottesville, Va

This is what Trump has brought to this country, giving them free will to become destructive, commanding, demanding, active, ruthless, filled with hate and discontent. Trump is destructive to this country, he brings out the worst elements, and sets them loose on the streets..  Should we worry about North Korea, I think our worries are  closer at home.. we need to worry about what trump will do next.. we need to worry about our brainwashed youth who live in a world of racist hate and bigotry.. Worry about these young people.. worry about their hate and mental illness..

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