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New Book Out.. SON’S OF WICHITA ..

Out of what is projected as a probable net worth of 100 Billion Dollars worth,  the koch brothers, age 74 and 79 have dumped an approximate 400 Million dollars into the campaigns for the GOP, money into the tea party, and to top it off advertisement. What amazes me, the wast of money this has been.. money that could have been donated to the feed the hungry in this Country, to house the homeless, to stabilize our Government debt and to medical science to find cures for diseases..   That could have been 100 million dollars into each, and resolved so many economical problems we have.. but no.. it was wasted on dominating the government and officials. 

New Book Exposes How The Koch Brothers’ Political Machine Manipulates The Media


How did the boys make their money.. well it stated with their daddy, and there are four brothers.. its the two middle ones that seem to have decided to run the government..  And who pays for all of this.. well we do..  the reality is, if you shop at any grocery store, discount store etc, any paper product you can find on the shelves is produced by the koch brothers..  we have donate our own money to the boys to waste…. so whom should we blame, ourselves……  So you know now what not to buy if you don’t wish to continue contributing..

Angel Soft toilet paper 
Brawny paper towels 
Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups 
Mardi Gras napkins and towels 
Quilted Northern toilet paper 
Soft ‘n Gentle toilet paper 
Sparkle napkins 
Vanity Fair napkins 
Zee napkins 
Georgia-Pacific paper products and envelopes

All Georgia-Pacific lumber and building products, including:

Dense Armor Drywall and Decking
ToughArmor Gypsum board
Georgia pacific Plytanium Plywood
Densglass sheathing
G/P Industrial plasters (some products used by a lot of crafters)
FibreStrong Rim board
G/P Lam board
Blue Ribbon OSB Rated Sheathing
Blue Ribbon Sub-floor
DryGuard Enhanced OSB
Nautilus Wall Sheathing
Thermostat OSB Radiant Barrier Sheathing
Broadspan Engineered Wood Products
XJ 85 I-Joists
FireDefender Banded Cores
FireDefender FS
FireDefender Mineral Core
Hardboard and Thin MDF including Auto Hardboard,
Perforated Hardboard and Thin MDF
Wood Fiberboard
Commercial Roof Fiberboard
Hushboard Sound Deadening Board
Regular Fiberboard Sheathing
Structural Fiberboard Sheathing

INVISTA Products:
COMFOREL® fiberfill
COOLMAX® fabric
CORDURA® fabric
DACRON® fiber
SOLARMAX® fabric
SOMERELLE® bedding products
SUPPLEX® fabric
TACTEL® fiber
TACTESSE® carpet fiber
TERATE® polyols
TERATHANE® polyether glycol
PHENREZ® resin
POLARGUARD® fiber and
LYCRA® fiber


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For those of you that can pull your heads out of the Crazy’s sites and their long drudging trash, long enough to read and absorb this next article.. I hope it helps you think, of what is to come.. 








“MON MAY 19, 2014 AT 01:59 PM PDT

NC Republicans shill for industry in bill that would jail anyone who discloses fracking chemicals

“Twenty states now require companies to disclose the chemicals they use in the hydraulic fracturing process used to pry gas and oil from tight geological formations. But, as part of the omnibus Energy Modernization Act, SB 786, North Carolina Republicans want to impose civil and criminal penalties, including prison time, on anyone who makes such a disclosure.

The bill has nine co-sponsors, all of them Republicans. Both houses of the state legislature have Republican super-majorities.”


Now, this is the bottom line..   You agree or your neighbor or the person two miles down the road,  to allow fracking – drilling and pumping on your land-  and the noise and odors are overwhelming, but you have no choice but to tolerate it.  Next, puddles of liquid accumulate out there on the site.. and boom a fire begins. The  fumes are unbreathable.. and 911 sends out the guys wearing space suits to put it out..  You can stop the fumes from entering your home, your family from breathing… But, here is the kicker.. what ever is in those fumes your breathing are chemicals, unidentifiable chemicals, they can’t treat you if your skin starts to burn, or your lungs are burning, your eyes are red and rashes begin on your skin.. And no one by law can get that information for you.  Why, because its illegal to release the names of those chemicals in the fumes that have now taken over your home and family.  Think I’m joking.. pull up the articles..  

Now, there are a couple of other kickers in the midst..  The Aquifer that runs under NC, that can be contaminated by these same chemicals runs all the way down to Miami…. thats right.. if the chemicals get into our part of the Aquifer.. they Florida Chemicals.

How is an Aquifer Contaminated?
As shown in Figure 3, an aquifer can be contaminated by many things we do at and near the surface of the earth. Contaminants reach the water table by any natural or manmade pathway along which water can flow from the surface to the aquifer.
Deliberate disposal of waste at point sources such as landfills, septic tanks, injection wells and storm drain wells can have an impact on the quality of ground water in an aquifer.
Click for larger view.
figure 3. Click on image for larger view.
In general, any activity which creates a pathway that speeds the rate at which water can move from the surface to the water table has an impact. In Figure 3, waste water leaking down the casing of a poorly constructed well bypasses the natural purification afforded by soil. Excessive addition of fertilizer, agrichemicals, and road de-icing chemicals over broad areas, coupled with the enhanced recharge from crops, golf courses and other irrigated land and along road ditches, are common reasons for contamination arising from non-point sources. Removal of soil in excavations and mining reduces the purification potential and also enhances recharge; in some cases, such as the Highway Pond gravel pits south of Pocatello, the water table is exposed and becomes directly vulnerable to the entry of contaminants.



Now, you have to remember who promotes Fracking the most..  Oh my the oil companies….. and the CEO’s have all told you, its safe, no harm will come to you, your family, best, environment, or property values.. its a great thing..  That is until now……

Exxon CEO Comes Out Against Fracking Project B…

As ExxonMobil’s CEO, Rex Tillerson is tasked to promote hydraulic fracturing and fight proposed regulatory oversight. The exception is when Till…
Preview by Yahoo
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Its been about 2 years now that Murt finally jumped close to the Haleigh case.  He admitted a number of times he had never followed the case, but had been accused of harming Haleigh at one time or the other..   Suddenly Murt Jumps into a court hearing being held in Minn.  Murt had never associated with TH, so it was quite unusual for him to step into this issue.  But it became quite clear very  fast why he was in the midst. What I didn’t know at the time, that emails back and forth with murt, he was sharing.. even though the emails had a nice little label on them, murt was not suppose to be handing them over to the third party, but the reality is. He was! Now others who emailed back and forth with Murt and was quite open with their opinions, did you know where your emails were going?  Now this would become clearer when murt decided to act as a go between .. go between myself and the third party which I was to end up receiving a email..  

I already realized there was something very different about Murt..  still believing he the real murt was still on-board.. and the attacks running, it began not to make any sense.. He would not nor could he act rationally about certain topics, he actually acted as if he were a victim in the sense, which didn’t make any sense.  His ratings would increase, and his twit count and followers..   He seemed to be belle of the ball.. so much attention thrown at murt.  When Murt took the high ground and he viscously went after th and was posting protected information on his blog involving a small child.. I knew there was no doubt that this was not the same person from a few years back and if it was, then he was and is to this day as much as a vile poster / blogger as the radio characters have been since their beginning back in 2009.

murts, rockets, astro, radio, and the 25 odd named fake twitter accounts are all the same.  What murt finds out, he shares with the others.. and on each printing of a description of a person oh his account,  he is telling a story..  All Fake, all threatening, all are without doubt –  bully accounts.  

So Murt what are we really suppose to be calling you?  You know one thing I was wondering.. you know I found your apartment house in New York.. Do you still own or lease that property, and how often do you go up there?   And another question..

Just who was your source on identifying the person you named in your twitter?  

I’m not repeating the name.. cause I wanna be able to look people in the eye and say..  

“I didn’t put that man’s name out there with those accusations”..  

“Murtwitnessone did it, its murts fault, I don’t know where he came up with that, but he just got vicious with it” ..   There you go.. Karma ..

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Oh My Goodness..

It seems someones nose is so far out of joint they seem to be having trouble seeing what a boo boo they have made.. After all its the same account thats been used several times now.. which means the same person has posted each one of these…… and what is the response to me.. very vulgar it is, it is..  someone is not going to get nice things for Christmas.. seems like sticks and coal is in order.. bad.. bad.. bad..


Fuck you Mary, Fuck you Levi, Fuck you Murt. Mother fuckers all of you.








This is an added PS….. I about laughed my self off the chair.. this  murt.. makes me question if your really Murt or who you really are..  and as far as I might think.. your comments referring to this is BullShit!!!

  1. since certain bloggers only want to write about this sort of thing, expect more of it. 16h

  2. Well, talk to the author of the blog and not tome. All I did was to retweet.the article.

Well, now, looks like the haters had it all wrong. Someone with first name of MIKE may be behind all of the socks according to new source.

So Murt in my book,  I had ever reason to block you, not to communicate with you.. and not to respond to your bullshit that you put out..   I’m right on the money.. the poster behind Murtwitnessone,  IS NOT MURT.
I knew that the real Murt was no longer in charge of his twitter or Blog..  His postings were all swayed.    So, we are making sure this is PUBLIC ..
ScreenShot379 ScreenShot376a ScreenShot377a ScreenShot378a
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This is Terrible Sad..

Clasificados Online Puerto RicoPuerto Rico – Cambiar de Pais – Buscar

Ampliar Foto Surf cafe for short sale Barrio-Pico De Piedra
Precio: 10500
jeremiah regan
Brand New Surf Themed Cafe less then a mile from the public beach. Located on Rt. 115 the main vein that shuttles tourists from Aguadilla to Rincon. Perfect location, with an abundance of parking (75 car lot). This spot has coffee, fruit smoothies, Greek yogurt, acai bowls, signature salads, homemade hummus, delicious wraps and so much more! The cafe was designed to provide the area with a healthy food option, a necessity for this thriving surf community. With a power packed menu, top of the line free wi-fi, surf movies, and a section for buying/selling used boards; the Break Cafe is quickly becoming the hangout for the local surf scene, (american & puerto rican). Its funky fresh design, combined with a warm color scheme makes it a comfortable atmosphere to relax or work in. This business is complete with permits, tax numbers, and a simple and sustainable menu. The great thing is its got # de Anuncio 2853254

This is such a cute little place..  Too bad he is letting it go.. looks like it should have been very successful..

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Here’s a funny, that just popped up in looking around data..

I had my mind on Haleighnewz today..  Haleighnewz 1 and 2 had been developed and was listed on twitter for the year of 2009, started out about the same time as radionewz…  I chuckle when I remember that it was Haleighnewz that outted herself in the newspaper..  Yep she sure did.. told the world that she was Ellen Barbara Johnson of Houston Texas, worked as an oil field analysis.  Oddly enough, she is the same Barbara Johnson that donated all the money to pay the child support for Crystal, and even showed up down at the park with the Bio Mom family during the book sales for the school..   Amazing how these people actually got around.. 

But I ran across something else while I was milling around enjoying the old times with Haleighnewz aka Lycos.  There is a website that analysis websites and domains.   At first I though naw the way that site publishes names and people, its probably nothing.. But then I saw the date.. and then I ran the name.. and when the name came up with having been a resident in Leland, NC..  I though what’s going on here??  So, lets see the analyzing website is called  and the date it ran its analysis was July 7, 2012, and the comparisions it ran was by a certain name being used in both Keywords and key phrases.  Now in key words this name is used in two parts..  whereas in the key phrases it is one name..  Now why this become unusual, is that the name is actually used on the site, but only after July 7th, 2012..  Actually it shows up on July 9th, 2012. and who throws this name out there and beats up on it.. well Holly folly herself..    Now, another oddity is the middle name of this certain person.. Jacqueline.. does that not make you pull your head back and stair at the computer for a moment.     So, now we have this name.. and the middle name is Jacqueline and we can put it in Leland, NC where the first server that was on.. was Leland, NC….  hahahaha.. oh the chuckles..   Now, this  woman, whos name is _ _Y_E  Jacqueline _a_ _e_ _, is on the web.. all over Facebook.. and how many other website.. maybe pinerest too.. 

This is the best part.. I have a photo..  So, lets see what the word that Qirina uses for this female person.. as per > 

Probable Niche….   

Well heres the listing of info.. read it.. don’t read it.. come to your own conclusions..  As Rhett Butler one said,  Franky My Dear.. I don’t give a damn.. 

Key Keywords

blogs 75 1.32%
martin 49 0.86%
radio 45 0.79%
knows 38 0.67%
pages 37 0.65%
years 36 0.63%
trayvon 35 0.61%
like 34 0.60%
boycotters 34 0.60%
just 33 0.58%
overstreet 31 0.54%
joe 28 0.49%
old 26 0.45%
death 26 0.45%
thinks 25 0.44%
davis 25 0.44%
aka 25 0.44%
times 24 0.42%
joyce 24 0.42%
black 24 0.42%
says 23 0.40%
news 23 0.40%
name 23 0.40%
neptune 21 0.37%
maxwell 21 0.37%
levi 21 0.37%
holly 21 0.37%
don 21 0.37%
said 20 0.35%
mother 20 0.35%

Key Phrases

joyce maxwell 20 1.24%
subtle death 17 1.06%
jmax1213 aka 17 1.06%
aka joyce 17 1.06%
levi page 14 0.87%
vernon davis 13 0.81%
year old 12 0.74%
trayvon martin 12 0.74%
haleigh cummings 9 0.56%
joe overstreet 8 0.49%
facebook page 8 0.49%
casey anthony 8 0.49%
brandy green 8 0.49%
george zimmerman 7 0.43%
cummings case 7 0.43%
global grind 6 0.37%
black panthers 6 0.37%
wan kenobi 5 0.31%
tracy martin 5 0.31%
red shirt 5 0.31%
new black 5 0.31%
melissa duprez 5 0.31%
luvinme byrd 5 0.31%
city taxes 5 0.31%
cheryl brown 5 0.31%
tina overstreet 4 0.24%
tight end 4 0.24%
star wars 4 0.24%
obi wan 4 0.24%
miami dolphins 4 0.24%

Domain Name Keywords

We found 2 significant keywords appearing in the domain name

1. radio
2. news


Source Character Count 202044
Code Character Count 129637
Organic Character Count 72407
Filtered Numbers 265
Filtered Words (Common) 5524
Filtered Words (Short) 377
Total Word Count 13202
Impact Paragraph Count 4194
Impact Word Count 5655
Impact Lexicon Size 2085



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Well, goodness gracious.. it came back again..  Murt your problem children keep knocking at my door instead of yours.. But never fear, I will post them until they get tired of being exposed….. So.. Here it is.. another fake account.. Whats interesting and I made sure I grabbed it, those this creature is following.. 





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