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Executioner, the serpent speaks again.

I do hope you people remember what your mother always told you.. stay away from snakes. The serpent over at the rodeo has spoken again.. Now, its an expert on missing children. And for all of its claim to education, it continues to forget the claims it makes can put it on a hot seat.. Thinking it cannot be identified is a terrible mistake.  You see, you cannot claim someone is dead without,

1. personal knowledge.

2. personally knowing the details of the death of a person.

3. the state coroner has deemed this person dead, and issued a death certificate.

4. to make these claims, law enforcement would have many questions they would wish to ask.

5. its rather stupid to base a claim of death of a child or anyone on statistics, by the way these statistics are based on bodies already found.

So, again we ask executioner, what first hand knowledge do you have of the death of Haleigh Cummings?  Were you there at the time of her demise?  Do you have vital information from the person or persons involved or are you a person who was involved in her death?  Have you reported this information to the authorities?  Since you claim to know this child is dead, where was the body buried, placed etc.  Did you place the body in that location.  You see by making these wild claims, and just going to town trying to cover your tracks with statistics, you have actually placed yourself in the hot seat!!  And I think it might well be a good idea to start taking your postings on rodeos when it reflects on the Haleigh case and sending them to PCSO.  They might well find enough interest, and not be laughing.. to do whatever it takes to identify your sorry slimy serpent self and interrogate you. You need to take a polygraph.  And if they find you were ever near that child, my goodness who’s gonna be sorry now.  Apparently, you didn’t learn anything from the prinnie lawsuit did you, and remember the only reason that suit is not going right now.. The child and family decided to drop it… Prinnie didn’t win anything.  And your facing civil suit would be your least worry, its the criminal issues of what you claim you know that will put your slimy serpent self in the big grey hotel.

So keep on running the slimy serpent mouth, with slimy serpent opinions and I promise you, your day will come.. By the way,  are you sure you want to touch on the Joe overstreet issues..  Didn’t you know, the boys attorney keeps tabs on rodeo’s.  He’s been on board watching and waiting now since the last attack.. So stupid and niave you really are serpent.

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I saw the same topic with Murt having to go over and over again, with accusations.  First of all anyone dealing with mcnutt knows for a fact, she may claim to be a researcher, author whatever, but if you don’t have any of your facts straight then the whole mess is a pack of made up bull.  So Trenton Duckette is the topic.. Murt accused of harming the child, well lets start with the investigation into the disappearance of Trenton Duckette.

First of all the investigative information is still online, and there is a very good site to go by and you actually might learn a thing or two by reading.


Now really people, this isn’t brain surgery and not hard to figure out at all..  You have limitations on who has access to a child and who doesn’t.  Now if you read the report made by the person who worked at Wendy’s, it is really very easy to determine, Trenton’s Mother did not have enough time to cause harm to Trenton, nor would anyone even Murt have access to Trenton.   Apparently, Melinda chose to take her own life, rather than allow Trenton to end up living with his father.

Now, for the genus’s out there we refer to as crazy’s..  One bit of info you don’t have, because you people were so busy making asses out of yourselves then and now, you didn’t take time to find out.

Josh Duckette was a close family friend of the Cummings family, Haleigh’s Dad, his sister and grandmother.  In fact he arrived in Satsuma to be with Haleigh’s bio Dad’s Family the day she disappeared.   And oddly enough but children disappeared?? from their beds??   Whereas, now it appears that Trenton’s Mother may well have dropped him off with someone or sold him.

So, after reading that the child is missing, child has not been found.. But no where have I read that the child is dead.. So what is it with these crazy’s, that all children who disappear have to be dead?  Well how about the little boy who disappeared and had been hidden in a fake closet in the house for a year.. very much alive..  What about the Griffis little girl that disappeared, and was passed around family members for over a year before the authorities finally found her..  You know Chad Griffis, his daughter!!  Shall we discuss Elizabeth Smart?

Now, crazy’s if Haleigh were dead, why would there still be an Amber Alert up??  Hello, it went up in January of 2011..  It only went down, because of the crazy reports that were proven out to be crazy reports. Or for a better word.. Lies..

So, people who continue to want to search for missing children, are conspiracy theorist?  Insane?  etc.  Then my question is, what and why are all the crazy’s out blogging and posting about other missing children?  Is this not Hypocritical  on their part, being as involved with the cases as anyone else, and of course most of them just fought over Who said what and blah blah blah.. And the typical question ask among them.. Was the back door open or was it closed?

So, on what basis does mcnutt have to accuse and accuse and accuse Murt?  There is none..  So, my suggestion,  why don’t the readers spend more time looking through the crowds as they shop, eat out,  or while in the parks or recreational areas..  Just might See One of these missing children.   Trenton Duckette,  DOB: August 10, 2004

right-head3Disappeared Aug. 27, 2006

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Rodeo – Rodeo

Its hard to imagine anyone who has such a knack for hiding behind a username, yet when your discovered the reality begins to show that in your real life you have multiple names.  So, are you really a spinster who lives with family members and no children to be concerned with? And you just take on the families names..  The comments you made towards Murt’s lady is rather hypocritical since I doubt that you have even been in a live in situation, nor engaged.. And certainly not married.  After all anyone who knows you, would see right off the bat.. Your not the type of person who needs to be married, your too narcissistic. Just a hag who has nothing to show for its life with the exception of your sood records in court, and your pretense of importance on the internet.  when you sum it all up, just like prinne, mcnutt, levi and the rest you have nothing, you are nothing and you will never be anything.  The jealous that rages within is certainly showing.  Such is the life of a sociopath, who is a great talker but when it comes down to the realities. Just Ain’t nothing there but a pile of Jealously of others, and lies.. And your imagination for spinning a tale is really piss poor.

First of all Law Enforcement when called and people are reported are not going to set there and tell you anything about anyone.. thats a lie.  Now if you have a buddy on LE that visits your house and gossips about the people in your neighborhood thats one thing, let the chief know this is occurring and thats one unemployed cop.

The little tale you told about people calling neighbors and such..  You just let the cat out of the bag.. These are the techniques you crazy’s have used now for several years, wonder if you created a manual to pass around..  Let me see, the process you crazy’s use.. You call old and currently employers, you call neighbors and old friends you can find from checking people out.  Family members – brothers, sisters, Moms and Dads, and even ex girl friends and wives.  You make false reports to Children Services, you make false reports to law enforcement.  And the spoof calls that you people make, and change your voices through those aps too.    Bottom line, you just told the world exactly the procedure you people have been using for how many years?  You rodeo aka altha have no character, no integrity, and you are a miserable human being. you guys go through major bouts of depression don’t you?  What does your psychiatrist say, Keep on harassing people on the internet.. No..  your head doctor doesn’t know what your doing does he / she.   You know part of the treatment plans they have is your cooperation, and if your not honest with them.. You will never be cured, well maybe you don’t want to be.  Its easier to set back in your own little shallow world of hell and blame everyone else isn’t it?

You know, people don’t care what I say yesterday about the Haleigh case, so why do you think they would care what I said about the case 4 years ago.. Did this make you feel like a better person when you dug up this info and post it.. You’d feel better if you took your meds.  The ones your doctor gave you.. not your family or friends drop offs.

We can tell you have issues with alcohol, you mention it so frequently that it is very oblivious that you stay pretty zonked most of the time.  Now you also talk alot about sex, people who don’t have sex and worry about others having it.. tall tale sign.  You people also talk about masturbation alot, didn’t anyone tell you the ole tales about that?  People in the real world would think you guys are really very strange to have those discussions you have on the other blog site about Masturbation and how you do it.   If you guys are so proud of your post and concepts, take them down to the local Church and tell the Minister all of your little secrets.  Course the truth is.. you don’t want people in the real world to know anything, now do you?   Seems to me that the world you people live in, is really crumbling and of course it has to be other peoples fault, since you can do no wrong.   I can honest say, I believe Karma is all over you crazy’s heads..

So, keep on with your BS rodeo..  Like I say, when all is said and done your gonna look like the biggest pack of fools that every landed from a space ship..  See you really are alien to the real world.  By the way Rodeo, no one has ever given two hoots about your posting, since 99 percent are lies and harassment, you could disappear tomorrow and no one would be concerned.

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It does seem that I am of great importance to Rodeo and the Trolls.  Almost every other blog the crazy’s have put up, Bare my name.   Where rodeo comes up with her info is really quite odd.  Since I’ve been in North Carolina now for 20 odd years, and my ex only passed a year ago.  And the fact that all of my children are now into their 40’s..  Hey Rodeo, you really are messing up with your tales.. Now, the question is .. How long have you lived with  the Sood family.. cause altha you are classified not only as a single in one family but a wife in the Trigg family so which is it?  Rather confusing since you have such a glass house that you need to worry about anyone else.  Anyway Rodeo, caught you and the trolls on camera.

Got one of you in disguise being lead around by Casey Anthony.. rbz-rodeo-feature-02  She really thought you were a bull, of course it had to do with your voice.. you know that deep dark grovelled sound that comes out of your mouth when you open it..  Got witness’s on what your voice sounds like.. Even said they weren’t sure if you were a woman or a man,  that’s rough when people can’t tell the difference.

horses arseEven the horses were laughing at you..  Of course horses have a great sense of humor they know a joke when the see one.

Troll_Gudbrandsdalen  I always figured you had a two headed troll over there in rodeo land, is this the disguise for the silly serpent?

rodeo-liftoff  Heard that folly and yawn got a bit nervous being around the live stock they had to come and go by the ultra lite plane, really surprised she would be able to run fast enough for lift off.

Pro-Banana-Riding-Rodeo-34110  Now which one of your  trolls decided to ride a wild bucking Banana.. Guess the bull riding was a little scary.

bel-zaratak  Another one of the executioner disguises..  Likes that color red huh?

 Rodeo and the Trolls Plotting   their adventures at the Arena  trolls plotting

trollFinally a Portrait of Rodeo, good likeness.

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Is it Radio or Rodeo??

That crazy location over there, just gone wild.. You would think they have something to hide by the way the postings are going.. Maybe they do have the FBI and other State Law Enforcement agency’s checking them out.. They stopped putting comments and opinions out on Ohio.. and fixed their attention on just a select few..

Well, you know how pictures speak a thousand words.. Here you go…


Remember – The Attack of the Troll feeding Tomatoes..

And Altha.. the ones below, these people aren’t laughing with you, sorry rodeo, they all seem to be laughing at you and and the trolls.
laughting 3


laughting 2

Have a Great Day Everyone, unlike many of the trolls at Rodeo’s, I’ll be out and about with real human beings today..

Rodeo heading out on I-70 to work??


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Altha with a good heart?  Very questionable!!  Who broke the truce, Well I know who broke the damn thing and so DOES ALTHA AND LEVI..

Now, having taken a vote from the Animal Kingdom, and  Humans.. We can honest now agree….

Altha your whining is pathetic and YOUR BORING!!


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Well, I haven’t had the time to play.. been busy..  you know how it is I get tied up in research, and my little Maggie has been sick and caring for her is a full time job. Then all the phone calls coming in ..  I’ve  have a couple Old Friend’s calling, just tickled me pink to talk to them,  don’t you just love comparing notes with someone you have not talked to in a while, and they sure did catch me up on a few things.  😀  Love it.. I would suggest you guys start your adventure to day by reading the following.

Involving the Internet for the State of North Carolina, The law, S46, can make it an actual class 2 misdemeanor for violation, depending on the severity, and whether the person accused of slander/libel
§ 14‑47.1. Communicating libelous or slanderous material through an electronic medium.

What is .. Libel is published defamation of character, as opposed to spoken defamation of character, which is slander. Libel can expose a person to hatred, shame, disgrace, contempt or ridicule; injures a person’s reputation or causes the person to be shunned or avoided; injures the person in his or her occupation.

Libel in journalism places a person in a better and safe position when compared to other cases of libel. In journalism libel, it is not very easy to establish a libel. The defenses that can be raised in case of a libel in journalism are:

1. truth;

2. privilege; or

3. fair comment or criticism.

Now, the question is.. If everything that is put out is the truth, then is it libel?

Now, dealing with Altha’s little story she linked with me, my question about this picture she painted.. Why did her husband believe so earnestly everything she claimed I had said or done? Sure doesn’t sound like love and trust in that household, now does it? Maybe she’s confessing that her husband knows her so well, that he had no doubt the stories she made up were the absolute truth. And after all altha you stated he so believed, that he took her computer away! Now, Altha I must ask which husband are you talking about? The Sood husband or the other Husband named Michael? You have to tell me things if you want me to back you up on your lies.. Well the reality is, these things probably do happen in her life, she just interchanged my name for the women who are really calling her hubby. You know how crazy’s do, they mix lies with truths just to make it look good, and so they can remember their own lies. Methods of the crazy’s.

Another issue, if I were doing all of these things, on the phone lying to your husband, and defaming your character, why didn’t you call the phone company and report me.. You know, you could have filed a police report.. and if and when they snatch up my phone and note that no call or calls to you or your family or anyone else in Missouri or Kansas were ever made.. The muck of shame will be all over your whiskers .. Gotta be careful what you accuse others of doing.. You know the truth is always just a finger tip away..

Oh the executioner.. it was disguised as a Granny for a day and came back as its old slimy serpent self.. Had fun the last couple of days have ya.. What is confusing, where and on what basis do you people think you tore someone up with your Granny? Are you joking? Or do you really have the ability to convince yourself you accomplished something? Hate to tell you.. But I do realize that I must be one of the most important issues in your life. Gosh your followers must up your stats tremendously when you write about me.. Makes me so proud to know My Fame from your site is going viral. Thank you so much for putting my name on the charts. wow. Oh yes, I don’t do snakes, if I find one in the yard, I take the hoe or shovel to it, I am of the opinion, there is no such thing as a good snake!!

As for Murt, he has his choices in life.. He can ignore anything you put out over there altha, along with your trolls.. and if he doesn’t want any involvement in other peoples crap, just ignore it. He’s a big boy he can fight his battles well..

I wanted to leave a few descriptions with you guys today, things to think about.


adjective \ˈkri-mə-nəl, ˈkrim-nəl\

Definition of CRIMINAL

: relating to, involving, or being a crime <criminal neglect>
: relating to crime or to the prosecution of suspects in a crime <criminal statistics> <brought criminal action>
: guilty of crime; also : of or befitting a criminal criminal mind>
crim·i·nal·ly adverb

Examples of CRIMINAL

  1. a history of criminal behavior
  2. The captain of the wrecked boat was accused of criminal negligence.
  3. The company brought criminal charges against her.
  4. It’s criminal that the government is doing nothing to stop the problem.

Origin of CRIMINAL

Middle English, from Anglo-French or Late Latin; Anglo-French criminal, from Late Latin criminalis, from Latin crimin-, crimen crime

First Known Use: 15th century

a variable whereas on claims to own anther’s Bandwidth..  Now just what does this mean?  Here is a brief description..

January 9, 2003


This is an excellent article on the subject of bandwidth theft written by Richard Lowe and Claudia Arevalo-Lowe, of Internet Tips and Secrets. The site is full of valuable information and this article is reprinted with permission in its entirety and credited and linked to the authors. I would recommend visiting this site and signing up for the newsletter as well.


Sins of The Internet: Bandwidth Stealing

Virtually everyone who has created a web site is guilty of this sin at one time or another. This happens when you include an image, sound, movie, zip file or other similar object directly in your web pages (note that linking to a web page on another site is NOT bandwidth stealing). Linking directly to an object on another server by any means (again, excluding HTML-type pages) is bandwidth stealing, unless that is specifically allowed by the terms and conditions of the host provider.

Why is this an internet sin? It can be difficult to understand, but basically, what you are doing is stealing from someone, taking money from them without their approval or knowledge.

How it works is simple. Let’s start with a free host such as GeoCities. The way these hosts make money is by displaying advertisements on web pages. They are paid a small amount for each ad which is displayed. Well, if you include that image directly off the Geocities server you are using their resources and communications channel but NOT showing their advertiser’s banner. Thus, GeoCities is not earning any money, yet they have to pay for the server time and the communications costs.

This is even more direct for those of us who are paying for our bandwidth. Let’s say you purchase 4 gigabytes a month from your host. You will be charged more if you exceed that amount. It’s easy to see how a few hundred image displays on other web sites can directly cost the site owner more money.

It may not seem like it is a serious thing to include a photo on your web page directly from someone else’s server, but nonetheless, each of these small hits add up. When dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people do the same thing, a web host can find itself needing to purchase new servers or communications lines to handle the load.

Even worse is those webmasters who link to large ZIP files (for example) on other web sites. They think they are being clever and hurting no one, but their damage is actually very extreme. For these are often not just small, 10kb images. They can be multi-megabyte downloads. Each click on these monsters is a major draw on the bandwidth of a host.

For example, it’s a quite common problem for sites which host desktop themes and wallpapers to find their bandwidth costs going through the roof without a reasonable explanation. When they finally investigate their log files they find other web sites linking to their ZIP files.

Sometimes you will steal bandwidth and it’s not really your fault. This can happen when you, for example, join a webring. You will emailed a few lines of HTML code to add to your web page. Many ringmasters will include references to their own images directly in these HTML snippets. The result? Bandwidth stealing.

This was particularly illustrated recently when a major free web host named angelfire.Com concluded that bandwidth stealing was unacceptable. They decided to block these activities (it is possible to detect when this occurs) and replace all remotely loaded images (stolen images) with their own logos. It was amusing in a sad kind of way to see how many webrings violated angelfire terms and conditions in this manner when the ring graphics were all replaced by the angelfire logo.

Another common mistake is to link directly to sound or video files. You’ll see this on movie fan sites or, for instance, sites about the Simpsons. It’s bad enough that many of the sites violate copyright laws … they also often steal bandwidth.

Why isn’t linking to a web page considered bandwidth stealing? Because the page is the one thing that you are supposed to link to on a web site. This gives the web site owner and host exactly what they are trying to achieve – exposure of their particular message. You are more or less free to link to any HTML-type page that you want to because that’s what the web is intended to be. A vast number of pages all linked together in many different ways.

Some people and web site owners have questioned the validity of linking to any page within their site. They claim that you must link to their home page, or in one particularly obnoxious case, actually charge a $50 fee for linking to one of their pages! My belief is if these people don’t want others to link to their pages they should get off the web. The entire structure of the internet is intended to be the free interchange of information at a page level. Don’t like it? Use a different media or format (Adobe PDF files, for example).

The point of all this? To avoid this internet sin, simply load the image, zip file, sound, video or whatever on your own website. The bandwidth on your site is yours to do with as you please. And oh yes, link to any web page that you want. That’s the way of the web.


To read additional information on this topic as well as numerous other subjects please visit Internet Tips and Secrets


Copyright © 1999-2002 Richard Lowe and Claudia Arevalo-Lowe, All Rights Reserved

Sociopath Vs. Psychopath

What is the psychology behind these disorders? These and many other questions raged in my mind and I began to search for answers.

Definition of a Sociopath and Psychopath
A sociopath is a person who is plagued with a personality disorder that is marked by traits of anti-social behavior. On the other hand, a psychopath is a person who has an antisocial personality disorder that is seeping with an aggressive, perverted, criminal mind with an amoral behavior that lacks empathy and remorse. You may find both are a part of antisocial personality disorders and find no difference between the two. But the facts state otherwise. There are marked differences between a sociopath and psychopath.

Anti-social Behavior Personality – Sociopath and Psychopath
Many think sociopaths and psychopaths are people with no emotional feelings towards others and no regard towards the laws of the society. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition (DSM-IV), is a manual that is referred by mental health professionals when diagnosing mental illnesses. It is seen that the DSM-IV has labeled both the conditions, sociopath and psychopath under the section of antisocial personality disorders. It states that there is a pervasive pattern of disregard for violation of the rights of others that occur since the age of 15 years. The following factors are indicative towards antisocial personality:

The person fails to conform to the social norms and lawful behavior that is shown by the repeated occurrences of arrests by the police.
The person is deceitful and is used to lying repeatedly, uses aliases and cons people for personal gain and pleasure.
They are impulsive and do not plan for the future.
They are easily irritated and become aggressive, which is indicated by their involvement in physical fights and assault cases.
They have little or no regard for the safety of others and even their own.
They are irresponsible people, who cannot sustain themselves with consistent work behavior and cannot honor financial obligations.

These indications are highly accurate and valid by the DSM-IV. They are applicable to both sociopath and psychopath. But these indications clearly fail to give a more clear distinguishing factor between the two antisocial behavior and many times may lead to unfortunate treatment conclusions.

Difference Between Sociopath and Psychopath
There are very few differentiations between sociopaths and psychopaths. There are many medical dictionaries that consider them synonymous. Both, sociopaths and psychopaths are involved in antisocial behavior that is related to extreme violence. Though psychiatrists group sociopaths and psychopaths together, criminologists have given some difference between sociopaths and psychopaths.
Read more at Buzzle:

What is the Difference Between Harassment and Stalking Under North Carolina Law?

It is vital to understand how “harassment” and “stalking” are defined in North Carolina law when discussing stalking charges.

Harassment is conduct that is directed at another person that torments, terrorizes or terrifies them and serves no legitimate purpose. This conduct can be written or printed, over the telephone, internet, pager, voice mail, answering machine, or any other similar methods.

Stalking is willfully following, being in the presence of, or otherwise harassing another person without purpose on more than one occasion and with the intent to do one of the following:

1)      Place them in fear of their safety or safety of their family or associates,

2)      Cause them to suffer emotional distress by putting them in fear of death, injury, or continued harassment that puts them in distress.

Stalking / Harassment Penalties

Typically, for a first offense, you will be charged with a Class A1 misdemeanor, the most serious of all misdemeanors. Class A1 misdemeanors are punishable by up to one year in prison and substantial fines.

However, if there is a protection order in place when the offense is committed, the charge is elevated to a Class H felony. Class H felonies are punishable by 4-8 months in a state prison for someone with no criminal history. If there is a protective order in place though, chances are your criminal record is not spotless and the sentence could be elevated to as much as 25 months in the most extreme cases.

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