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Could not resist..

radionewz, put up on the blog yesterday, information pertaining to a lawsuit in south florida.  Now, for well over a year,  I have refused to be part of the information on this lawsuit..  This was done to counter attack the article that Tim Holmseth put out..

I have kept quiet, posting nothing about any lawsuit or individuals in South Florida..  not having information to be accused of sharing with Tim H. blew a few corks out of their balloons, couldn’t throw those darts out..

By all rights,  no information  should have been available that is =  pertaining to this lawsuit, and who is and isn’t involved.  Search the web.. there is nothing out there..   And no.. no one is using no one.  See we have dealt with this issue before, where information pertaining to legal cases have been thrown up and thrown around. Actually, activity that occurred in a court room, where only the parties in that court room should have known the circumstances, or been in direct communication with the plaintive, defendant, judge, detectives or attorneys.  Oh shoot,  the documents radionewz posted online,  over the Doctor, boy did that one cause a bunch of trouble, even as far up to the Judge..  Removed the Doctor from anywhere near that case.  Yes, the Doctor knows who posted them and so does the Judge and the Attorney..

Now, how did you obtain to publish ” Whit of Bodily Attachment”  or the ” Holmseth Gal Order”, which was the order from the Judge to the “Guardian Ad litein”  involving the child of Holmseth, how did you get that order and why would you publish it?

Do you wish to deny both of these documents?  Where did I get them, you posted them on Google fool and I found them.. see…….. rolling my eyes….. I also have a copy of the original 300 page complaint that was posted on radionewz forum.  Yes, fool I got it off the forum..








By the way, the comment about still having an active “Writ of bodily attachment”

Sorry to have to tell you this.. that Writ expired on December 31, 2011.  And how did you a get a True Copy of that Writ?  There should only have been 3 copies made, one for the Sheriff, one for the Plaintiff and one for the Defendant….  The original went into the files in the Court House.  And no, the Judge was not going to give a stranger over the internet a true copy of this Writ..

See, there again is  one of the particular questions that I would have..  Is during any part of this lawsuit, that radio is referring to, where did she- it.. get the information.  Its  no- where on the internet.. only someone directly involved with the case would have that info.. not me, not th.. The other parties have put nothing out, so how would anyone on radionewz have any information at all?    See, thats how quiet info can be kept when people refuse to be involved.. so who put it out.. and look at  the name that radio threw around..

I have seen that name thrown around twitter, and accused of more things between murt, levi and radionewz than you can imagine, and I don’t understand why his spouse hasn’t been up in arms over these issues and defending him.   But I have not seen that anywhere, nor have I heard of it..

Bottom line.. the only way radio could have the info is personal knowledge..  So who could it be?    Has to be someone who is close to the case.. either by friendship, relationship or representation..  And if its friendship, by sharing info with radio.. thats not a friend, friends don’t do that to one another.. relationship..  the question I would as is why? put your life or others in your life out on a limb for people to know about?  And if it involves any form of representation, thats not good..  There is this privacy thing about not sharing information on any case you do or have represented a client.

So, radionewz you have done far more harm to this situation that you can even imagine..  And photocopies of your comments have been sent..

So you didn’t resolve what you wanted, you only made matters worse… and who’s fault is this?  Now  you do realize, the three ghost writers you had as radio are gone, but not too far.. And levi and Holly are always close at hand.

We have a  CHECKMATE !!  








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Oh I have a Trophy List..

Oh this a Pleasure ..  I have a Trophy List for the Blog.. and I want to Thank Everyone who Liked My  Articles.


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Absolutely So Stupid !!

As though you don’t have enough in this world to do, but to post your stupidity on Radionewz.  Always brawling for a fight, as if you have good sense.   Your mouth jeez somebody needs to wash it out with heavy salt water, filth is all that comes out of it..

And what do you do.. you bring my name into it.. Can’t stop yourself can you..  Figures..  Now, are you so f’ing drunk already on a Friday, that you  could not stop yourself from the stupidity that you have begun?

Now, think about it.. how long have you been harassing this man?  Are you so ignorant that you don’t know whats going to be crossing that Judges Desk?  Are you so ignorant that you don’t realize this is a Federal Judge.. And this Federal Judge is going to ask..  Who is this person..   Why is this person calling itself  “executioner” harassing you? And why would this person be referring to these children in Florida as being Murdered?

I can’t believe you are this stupid.. you have put yourself right smack in the middle of a mess..  and you honestly can’t see how this might well play out?  Well, idiot for sure..  you apparently are the one who wants to be intimate with Holmseth, thats what you use, sex to control men..  Unfortunately, Holmseth never would get anywhere close to your nasty ass…. and any female who is friends or communicates with him, you are so jealous you can’t stand it..  He’s the man you couldn’t have and hes the man you could never control..  Deep shit bitch..  He  He Snort.  As the executioner bitch hits the bottle again..  Just pure gold baby..

So. you know that what you posted, and its too late.. its all photocopied and on its way, will end up on that Judges desk..   And since this case is completely about violating his rights.. Damn your stupid !! ROFLAUSA..

‘But, Yourrrrr Honnor”   U can forget that shit this is a Federal Judge.. not a city, county, or State.. this is Federal.. NO holds barred..   Oh so they need to find out who you are?  Oh thats no problem,  there are at least 2 or 3 people who could be called into court, across country.. ROFLAUSA..  and it won’t be by phone.. Its called Federal Marshall’s.. and they will find you and can escort you..  This is Federal Dumb Ass.

And I promise.. the minute the Federal Marshall’s grab hold of your ass, and drag it across country to appear in that Judges Court and answer for your damn postings on the internet..  I will post everything everything the judge says and does to you.. all over the damn web…. I promise.. and what ya gonna do..

And the Judge is not going to be impressed by the sexual vulgar comments..  Your dumbass days are numbered and you did it yourself..

I so hope E Boyle takes time to read that shit.. he’s gonna be rolling down in Florida laughing at your stupid ass.


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For those who are posting on the issues involved..  Do your research..

The Lakȟóta people (pronounced [laˈkˣota]; also known as Teton, Thítȟuŋwaŋ (“prairie dwellers”), Teton Sioux (“snake, or enemy”) are an indigenous people

First of all these issues are not new… go back and find issues on the taking of children from the Reservation by NDakota Dept. Of Children’s Services.

“Peter Lengkeek is one of 14 members of the Crow Creek Tribal Council. He said he is enraged by the number of children that the Department of Social Services has removed from his reservation. The Tribal Council recently passed a resolution saying that the state cannot remove children without the council’s approval.”

Peter Lengkeek is one of 14 members of the Crow Creek Tribal Council. He said he is enraged by the number of children that the Department of Social Services has removed from his reservation. The Tribal Council recently passed a resolution saying that the state cannot remove children without the council's approval.

Now, its not just that these children  are being abused in foster homes that has fueled these issues, there is another mandate one must consider before going off on a tangent..  As I said none of these issues are new.. So, whats really going on.. first of all this is the way.. as you read below.. its suppose to be.. but due to the extreme poverty and issues on the Reservation.. things changed..


So.. start reading and clarify in your own mind the way its suppose to be.

Tribal sovereignty in the United States is the inherent authority of indigenous tribes to govern themselves within the borders of the United States of America. The federal government recognizes tribal nations as “domestic dependent nations” and has established a number of laws attempting to clarify the relationship between the federal, state, and tribal governments. The Constitution[1] and later federal laws grant local sovereignty to tribal nations, but do not grant full sovereignty equivalent to that of foreign nations, hence the term “domestic dependent nations”.

Tribal Sovereignty

Federally recognized tribes are considered domestic dependent nations. Tribal sovereignty refers to tribes’ right to govern themselves, define their own membership, manage tribal property, and regulate tribal business and domestic relations; it further recognizes the existence of a government-to-government relationship between such tribes and the federal government.

Each tribal government operates according to its own constitutional rules. Most tribes have written constitutions. Many of these are modeled after form constitutions prepared by the United States Department of the Interior pursuant to the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, a New Deal initiative designed to strengthen tribal government. Tribes that operate under these
constitutions are called “IRA” tribes. By electing, according to the terms of the Indian Reorganization Act, not to opt out of the Act’s coverage, these tribes were empowered by Congress to borrow funds for economic development and form tribal corporations. Some tribes, most notably the Navajo, voted to opt out of the IRA’s coverage.  The Oklahoma tribes were not covered by the Act; instead, they were made were subject to a similar statute, the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act. IRA tribes ordinarily have strong executives, although constitutional amendment has replaced many of these with balanced executives, legislatures and judiciaries.

Child Abuse Concerns Spur Federal Takeover at North Dakota Indian Reservation


“The Bureau of Indian Affairs said Monday that it will take control of social services on a North Dakota reservation, amid concerns from federal officials that the tribe’s mismanagement of the agency led to the abuse of children on the reservation.

The reservation, home to the Spirit Lake tribe, a group of roughly 6,600 people living in a remote area of the northern United States, has been under scrutiny since August 2011, when federal officials from the bureau began working with tribal authorities to improve child safety after the local BIA office reported “serious deficiencies” at the agency.

The tribe requested federal intervention last week, the BIA said in a statement (pdf) announcing the move on Monday. Tribal officials told the BIA that the move would be in the “best interest of the Tribe, its children, and its families.””

“A Primer on Tribal Court Civil Practice*

B.J. Jones(1)

This article will examine the current state of the law governing tribal court practice in North Dakota with an emphasis on the ever-changing civil jurisdiction rules governing tribal courts, an examination of full faith and credit between tribal and state courts as well as between tribal courts, and finally a review of recent federal legislative proposals which undoubtedly will impact tribal court civil practice. With four tribal courts in

“Prepared by the North Dakota Legislative Council
staff for the Budget Committee on Human Services
June 2004








“The National Congress of American Indians, founded in 1944, is the oldest, largest and most representative American Indian and Alaska Native organization serving the broad interests of tribal governments and communities”

You want to help out.. well use the link above and encourage the  Tribal Leaders, straighten out their problems and take back their responsibilities .  Find a petition and sign it..  But your ranting and raving on social networking is going to fall on deaf ears.

Laws must be changed in North Dakota..   As I pointed out earlier.. NONE of this is New, the issues with N Dakota and the Foster Care system and abuses against the Lokota Children have been going on since the first child was removed from the Reservations both in the United States and Canada. They took the children, put them in private schools, cut their hair, made them wear White man’s clothing, and refused to allow them near their parents or families, nor allowed them to worship in their own manner nor were they allowed to practice any Lokota ways of life.  It was and is the white mans way of making the new generations civilized.. Which is one hell of a big joke..  What does a white man know about being civilized..


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Boy oh Boy

Now, lets really take a poll..  How many of you out in the internet world know anyone from southern Florida, an how many people from southern Florida post comments on Radionewz..  Well I just found something so odd,

Radio had posted several images under my name.. bottle opener, a glass if wine and a handle for a beer can..

This is where its really gone off the deep end..  I don’t drink beer, it has always given me a severe headache, so thats two wrong..  I occasional drink a glass of wine, but never over two glasses.. See I learned about drinking some 40 years ago.. it makes me sick to my stomach.. So Surprise.. I don’t drink very much ..  Apparently, radio hasn’t learned that lesson yet.  And you can knock off the cougar business..  or maybe you could start referring to yourself as Cheeta?  We know that the finger pointing is your manner of casting blame off on others for your own  Indiscretion ..   But of course this isn’t the primary point for the blog.. its the comments that were made and you didn’t get rid of them in time..  Oh my…

So, lets ask questions…  Class are you ready….

1.  How many of you out there know who “U Know Who” is?

Anyone have any guesses??    Unless you were privy to private information on people  and know what U KNOW WHO is referring to..   And to whom?  Then you might might make a good guess.  But, other than that how many of you out there,  were left in the dark?

2.  How does executioner know who  “U Know Who”  they claim that radio newz is in GA . where do they claim Executioner is from?    Executioner, do you want to explain to us how you know this person??

3.  Does this look like a conversation between two people know who know each other well, and talking to the person who posted the comment about me?  So,  Are  All three of us are aware of each other?  And how would you know if this man was overweight or not?

4.  Executioner you not only know this person but, you know information about this person in his personal financial and Legal World?   How do you know this information?

5.  This person you called Fatty and attempted to disclose personal and legal financial information on apparently you both know each other well..

6.  Yes.. Boys and Girls  the answer to the question.. Who is “U Know Who”,  his name is Mr. E. B, and he was a guest poster on the blog about 2 years ago..   And due to threats against the blog he had to leave the position..






Defamation Law falls under Tort Law. It refers to false statements about a person, communicated as fact to one or more other persons by an individual or entity (such as a person, newspaper, magazine, or political organization), which causes damage and does harm to the target’s reputation and/or standing in the community. Defamation is addressed primarily by state legislation. However, Constitutional Law may also apply, as the right of freedom of speech also extends to certain defamation claims. Defamation is categorized as either Slander or Libel.

The general harm caused by defamation is identified as being ridiculed, shamed, hated, scorned, belittled or held in contempt by others, and lowers him/her in esteem of a reasonably prudent person, due to the communication of the false statement. This tort can result in a lawsuit for damages. Many states have statutes requiring that the allegedly damaged party must first demand a printed retraction of the defamatory statement, before they may proceed to court. If the plaintiff proceeds with a lawsuit without first seeking the retraction or if he/she receives a retraction but proceeds anyway, most states will limit the damages they may pursue to the actual or special damages they experienced, such as loss of employment or wages.


The point being..  For libel to be  in existence, it must be false statements made against another person.

Which means someone has to be making up lies.. Radio are you paying attention..  Posting, untrue statements.

Then something came up on radionewz, where comments were made against a young woman, oh aka Cobras little girl when she went onto the comments at radios and expressed her legal freedom of speech opinion, and she was verbally abused… And here came big sis.. attorney, and she lite into those crazys and threats galore..  And then.. someone showed up who explained to the young miss how illegal it was to throw threats around and threaten lawsuits.   Darn.. if it was illegal for that young woman.. hows come I got threatened .  I still have those you know.. in fact somewhere on this blog is a compiled Post with the threats  still in the context of that post..  Every drop of them..  In fact, thats right I have two…  not just post from threats…

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We should take a poll

Amazingly,  one of the crazys..  seems to think that harassment in any and every form is apparently acceptable, but their choices in who they use for the harassment is rather odd.   Now this isn’t the first time this has come by banging on my door.. but hopefully after pointing this out.. it might stop..

First of all.. how many of you are aware of who Lonnie Quinn is?   Okay 98 percent of us know him as a man who’s on the news, and thats about it..    Now, how many of you know he use to live in Florida?   Yep, sure enough and thats where he got his first Divorce..   I’m sure his ex-wife still lives there..   Me, I know all about Lonnie Quinn.. gosh I think it might have been an old friend of mine who lives down there,  Think it was, oh gosh his name has slipped my mind..

Anyway,  I have this fake account who has decided they are in love with Lonnie Quinn and keep knocking on my door.. This is the second attempt..  Like what do I have to do with Lonnie Quinn other than I have him on my twitter account as someone I follow..

Anyway the question is, why would anyone that I might know,  be concerned with Lonnie Quinn?  Who of the Crazy’s  chose me  to harass and prove it by listing other peoples twitters on there as favorites listing my name..  Amazing of all the people on twitter this one claims a major crush on Lonnie Quinn and uses it to Harass me..  Mental.. yea.. Mental case is certainly the word..

So, for those of you who read my blog, do you remember who that is in the crazy group that has this thing for Lonnie Quinn.. I’m sure its not Murt, doubt if Holly has ever taken time to know anything about Lonnie Quinn, not Michelle, or Prinnie  and certainly  not levi.. but we can ask..  Levi do you have a crush on Lonnie Quinn?  if  you do You should contact him yourself and let him know..     So, if anyone out there in twitter world or on the web that loves to read.. and has info on who this crazy might be thats so in love with Lonnie Quinn.. give me a shout out, and we will post it on the blog, and also contact Mr. Quinn and send him copies of the friends request.. Let him and twitter figure it out…..  I’m sure he has had to deal with his share of crazys in the past….

By the way crazy who’s knocking on my door.. you need to with draw it, cause its never coming in..



ScreenShot1169 ScreenShot1172



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Another big night for Radionewz..

There it is, look at the time of  night and you can tell radionewz was  drunk again..  Never fails.. when the radio is putting away that cheap ass wine, it always has to post about it.. yet, it never points the finger inward where it belongs it points at others..   Now realize Radio there is something missing here.. its your link to the hateful comment.. oh, this doesn’t encourage others to go to your site and read.. only back to twitter.. And the question is..  What did I tell you the other day?  what was my direct comment?  You apparently failed to listen.  Apparently you got your ego blown up with that bottle of wine, and stuck yourself in the eye.. Fool that you are this morning.. fool that you were at 10:30 last night..    You know Twitter has the capacity to determine who people really are, they do this with real famous people, not wanna bee’s..  And it might well be time that Twitter is encourage into being used by identified people and no longer allowing fake accounts.  I’m sure you guys have slipped a few into Facebook  oh so cautious, but always lacking just enough that others can tell.. you messed up again.. your little games of wild wild internet west are coming to a close..


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