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Standing Rock

The Army Corp of Engineers has made a determination.. Fair.. No.. just a way to get around the issues. So, This is where you can stand and protest peacefully, and this is where you can’t because its federal land and you would be trespassing, and you will be arrested. And the pipeline goes on..  Now for any of you who set back and think, gosh those Indians just making a fuss over nothing..  So, lets talk about this.. There is a treaty, there are burial grounds which are deemed Sacred..  And then we find the real issue.. Called: Clean, drinkable water. We in NC have to worry about those issues to.. Duke coal ash in streams and rivers and they want the customers of duke power to pay for the cleanup.. Fracking thanks to our do nothing governor but screw voters over, cause I’m owned by and loyal to Duke Power..  He’s had a few laws made up so his pockets will be filled, even to the point of making the voters responsible for the bills for drilling fracking holes.. But, just in case, you as a private citizen of NC find out what the chemicals used in fracking are, if you tell anyone, including your dog.. you can be arrested. There you go.. and McCrory wants to be our Governor.. why, so he can screw up the state a bit more?  I think he needs to be locked up with rambling Chris Christie at a Pig Farm feeding the hogs.. So back to Stone Mountain… You have the county Sheriff in Morton County, South Dakota, who has a problem with the truth.. Apparently, that oil company pays rather well, because this sheriff has a major problem with the Protestors.. And it not just a Native Problem.. Seems anyone who shows up there to protest.. Fame is not relative..  Reporters are not relative.. Hell, he would even have Presidential Candidate arrested for spray painting a bull dozier,  faster than the FBI would go after Clinton.. In fact guys, if you get into trouble with the Law you instead of pleading guilty or not guilty.. you need to plead .. Clinton..  By all rights all charges should be dropped and the cops should turn around, walk away  and not even see you.. Here’s the county sheriff of Morton County, SD and he has something to say……

Now, oddly enough his stories of the horrors going on at Standing Rock are a rather bit different than those of the Protestors.. and the Reporters on Scene. Now one of the controversies, has to do with the grenade that hit of the women protestors in the arm, and literally tore the arm apart, had to be removed..  Horror stories people.. real life, in action, horror stories..

But if you listed to this Sheriff or his people.. oh they don’t do anything wrong.. By the time the UN, the ACLU, and many other lawyers get through with this form of domestic terrorism.. that sheriff will end his career in a the muck of shame..  And any officer who is participating, should loose their badges..  If you know what your doing is wrong, morally or legally, you should stop and walk away..  You never follow an illegal order.. Thats what Cops are trained to do.. Walk Away.  

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