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DNC Lawsuit.

This was found posted on twitter this date..  The image links will not work, but I will list all links so their active.DCz7R6gUQAMOc-u

The active links:


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DNC Law Suit

DNC lawsuit: “you’re morons to believe us” — PART 1 of 3

DNC lawsuit: DNC won’t answer court’s basic question about state primary deals — Part 2 of 3

Screen Shot 06-18-17 at 08.24 PM.PNG

“On Tuesday, six plaintiffs filed requests for special protection. Carol Wilding of Dassel, MN, a plaintiff in the case, filed a motion for special protection services. She stated in court documents someone tampered with her laptop. The computer had been moved from the mud room to the living room and placed on an end table, something she says she wouldn’t have done since she has special needs.

After picking up the laptop, the bottom of it fell open, because 10 screws had been removed. At about the same time, she noticed the doors leading into her home through her screen porch were open, and the sliding door to the home was ajar. She called the police and filed a report.”Screen Shot 06-18-17 at 08.18 PM

Screen Shot 06-18-17 at 08.21 PM


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