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Yea Right..

Oddly enough, some people are so blooming stupid, they really don’t get it..  I know the truth already, known it for a long long time.. yet the white trash woman keeps coming back as another fake account..  Now its trying to feed me shit.. Think its really smart.. Damn woman, I have forgotten more about life than you’ve even known.. Problem you have.. you live in the moment, not even thinking about what is to come in your future..   Now, be real smart and try to remember, I’m not associated with either one of the other two you have addressed this to..  First of all, I hear of husbands and wives attend strip clubs together, kind of kinkie..   Second you have to be a criminal  breaking the law, arrested, charged and convicted to go to prison..  Know anything about of those elements?  Lets see, harassment, stalking, harassment against a person over 60 in Florida is a Felony, that would put someones sorry ass in prison.. Perjury, fraud, malicious prosecution, threatening people online, slander, libel, Drug Abuse.. Stealing, Assault, murder, threatening to murder people.. Lots of things can put people in prison.. which takes their voter rights away, all state licenses, firearm registration, concealed weapons.. Oh, are you by chance the same one that was afraid of having their finger prints taken?  always wondered why that would be such an issue for some people.. Only justification for that problem, I figure someone is afraid of their fingerprints matching something thats on file..  Did you by chance leave your finger prints somewhere your afraid they have found and tagged..  I guarantee you, if someone is afraid of being finger printed, that someone sure has a reason..

I hear that gas prices are dropping, and the price on homes and vehicles for sale. OH by the way.. the white trash monster person removed its fake account, knowing I was going to post about.. isn’t this one heck of a game to play.. always needing attention..


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Returning to world of twitter freaks

And without doubt, returning to Twitter after several weeks of being too busy to deal with any of the crazy posting there.. I find the White Trash has returned to Twitter and knocking on the Twitter Door.. Some think its male, I think they go in that direction sheerly because its difficult to think of a female that is this ruthless, mean, nasty, vile, sexual deviant. But the bottom line, look at who its screaming about again.. only the few people in this world it constitutes as an enemy, and it goes after Roger Curry.. Why Roger Curry.. Because Roger Curry speaks his mind, and Roger Curry is the Man who paid for investigations of finding Haleigh Cummings. So, there are very few people who would ever consider Roger as an enemy, and a only one person who would scream stalker or harassment..  Of course thats all that person ever has on its mind, yet you must remember, that same screaming banshee will harass, stalker and abuse anyone it so chooses, even people you wouldn’t believe, have stood up and cautioned others on twitter because of the ruthlessness of certain people..  Isn’t it amazing, other people go on with their lives, yet a certain few continue living in this small strange vulgar world of abusing others.  Also amazing that it thinks its so impressive that it can run so many twitter accounts at the same time..   Guess what.. NO ONE CARES.. Evil troll woman, go away.. no one likes you, everyone I know thinks you need psychiatric help..  Look in the mirror long enough and you’ll see what we see.. a very sick individual..


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Christmas Day 2014


Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

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In Between – Thanksgiving and Christmas

Generally this is the time of year that the Crazy’s get a bit out of hand..   And of course there is specific people we have anticipated would try to pull another setup and apparently it tried but as usual, its not going to work..

I’ve been ask to pull off what I think most people would refer to as an impossible task. I need to find a location on the web, which has been described as.. (now when you read this, think of someone talking through their nose…)   ” It’s just all over the internet, it is.. just spread all over the internet, your honnerr”.  Now, one would think if this were the case, that it would be so easy to find.. apparently not, cause it doesn’t seem to be all over the internet.. in fact.. I’m having to search.. after others have already done the search..  In fact it seems, that it might well only be located in sites on the web where you can’t even sign up or sign in unless you have a law degree.. If thats the case.. then its only available to judges and attorneys .. right?  That wouldn’t constitute all over the web, thats isolated viewing..  And if the info is involved in legal cases, and used for legal case.. that sure means it can’t be referred to as stalking or harassment..  “Oh My God, your honnnerrr, your harassing me by having a court case with my  name in it..”  Yeah right..   Thats my little added participation, now if I only knew what it was that I was looking for, that might help.. just have a brief description.. emails, emails from one party to the other.. damn..

Well, if I wanted to find Dominic Casey emails from 2009, all I have to do is pull a Google search, and up they come..  If I want emails from a missing child’s case, up they come.. including a word-press I hadn’t seen before with a blogger known as “Citizenkim”, odd postings but seems to have been on our block before..  I did find a background there I really like, so thanks to “Citizenkim” for the background idea, looks great on my word-press .  But, nothing else pops up.. even tried current reported legal cases and nothing found there.. or at least nothing relating to the specific documents I’m searching for..

And yes, I did pull up all of the word-press pages and websites of Tim Holmseth.. and nothing is on those sites.. Is this impossible and hidden or what.. or bottom line.. there ain’t nothing there.. and if there ain’t nothing there.. then there is a whole bunch of untruth running around .. right?

I was also told that my name came up in a conversation of a specific website last weekend.. and comments made were rather rude, nasty, liable in every sense.. I will say, who ever lives and plays as radionewz has some serious sexual issues.. In fact I would certainly suggest that person visit a head doctor.. Cause normal people don’t live and act that way, which means bottom line.. Bitch you aren’t normal, your sick in the head.. And if you really did live in Georgia, and you don’t know certain people personally in Florida.. How do you know anything about their financial or business, or who they are legally involved with on a first name basis.. Seems to me, someone sure does step close to the flame when they get to drinking and blogging.. right radio.. humm.. Maybe the truth is being revealed and we just have to watch for it..

So, does anyone have any suggestions on where those phantom emails can be located.. if you do.. give me a shout bottle email email 2 email 3 email 4 after all, hell I’d like to read them too. And then if they are all over the web already, hell’s bell’s maybe, I’ll even post them here !!!

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