26 Oct

Radio impersonator.. no one gives a shit about you or what you think.  Too bad, as hard as you try to make enemies.. you can’t even find anyone to hate you.. they just ignore your sorry ass, and keep on going.  

So you keep on bashing murt, and he can keep on talking to the fake twitter account, either pretending it is someone else..  now Murt, want to talk with the real one..  he doesn’t use his real name out there in the world anymore and he doesn’t call himself rocketman..  he has  a professional name that doesn’t link him to anyone..  onenoreast..  check out his site.‎   And his written biography below..  Go check out his website.. Photos speak a thousand words.

No roots, no limits.. Im a traveling man. disapear with no fear on any givin day, a thrill seeker, an adventurer.. Theres no tomorrow, theres no worries, theres just now.. And this is our moment.
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