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As the Snow Turns..

Oh Yes, there was without doubt a response yesterday..

Screen Shot 02-25-15 at 08.24 AM

My response back.. you really need to be concerned with whom you defend, refer to with admiring commentaries, and hang out with..



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Dear Murt

You know, over the past few years the beatings you have taken have been immense.. The brutality unimaginable, yet not one time did anyone stand up and defend you.. Especially, one who you are constantly accused of talking to, following after..  Yet, your the only one who really stood up for yourself, but you never took action.. A number of times you had clear and ample opportunity to take the issues to Law Enforcement, you might have claimed you were talking to them.. As always there was never a resolve.. Your in and out relationship with a specific female out of florida has aways been questioned..  And the clarification out of accusations coming from your little buddy levi, that you make all kinds of efforts to be best buddies with this specific female..

Now a number of times I have directly to your internet face told you point blank that I felt you were working both sides.. Or possible you were not the person who you represented yourself as being.. It is widely known that in the past you had some very questionable females posting as you in both your blog and forum..   With your recent usage of the words powerful, wealthy, and the consistent attempt to encourage me into writing blogs on topics you knew would be very controversial.. Murt your too obvious…  So let me clarify this..  I aways say to you, or post to you the exact same statements I would be posting if you were really that friend – un-friend of yours from Florida..

Now this recent story of a person being extorted with the nude photos of this woman to be sent to her children’s teacher at school, Murt who would believe this story?  If by chance your really The Murt.. then you without doubt constitute a double spy… because you do play both sides of the game..


Now common sense tells us.. If someone was going to send nude photos of a woman to her children’s teachers.

1.  they have to obtain the nude photos.

2.  the woman had to pose for the nude photos.

3. the woman has to know who this person is, very personally like eye to eye in a room alone..

4. why would anyone want to send the photos to a teacher at the school, why punish the children for the sins of the parent.

5. it wouldn’t be the other parent, since these are his children too..

6. it would be a boyfriend, since this would destroy his character and relationship.

7. this is not Kim Kardashian, young and beautiful woman- who really encouraged the exposuare of her nude sex tapes in exchange for fame.

8. and last but not least, this is a replay of a letter sent to the school exposing something, hell if I know what, first a lady – ex-friend of the family was accused, when that didn’t work the ex-friend bounty hunter was accused, that didn’t work so it landed in a legal document I refer to as “the 300” who by the way was posted on the internet on forum, during the course of a open case, with the intent to harass and embarrass the person who was the defendant in the trial.. Not only was the defendant accused of sending the letter, another accusation was brought to light which actually melted two cases together.. A child custody and abuse case, and a domestic charged case bought out against a person the filer had never met, never been in the same room with, and also a person the filer had often made phone calls and sent emails to. odd huh.. But not domestic relationship had ever been developed between the two..

9.  For those who want to believe the bull shit being put out, and spread by Murt.. go for it.. and here’s a wooden nickel for you to have..

wooden nickle

You need a big one to buy this bs.. its just barking at a tree trying to find someone who really gives a shit..   My thoughts to the woman her spouse or ex spouse involved in this story of woe…  Your kids all ready know how messed up you are, after all they do live in the same residence and they have brains, and that alone should make you feel like shit, to know your kids already see through you and your bullshit.  And your little stories of woe are all over the web and if you don’t think they don’t see and read whats going on, then your plain ass stupid..

So, Murt.. you screwed up with me again.. not gonna fool with your friends or your bullshit.. Don’t believe your really Murt  and if you are then your really stuck in a friend relationship with a person that you deserve everything she does to you… And to use the phrase of excuse,

Screen Shot 02-24-15 at 12.27 PM

Maybe we should just refer to you as Peabody too.


And by the way,  Murt ole guy.. or who ever you are on what given day.. If you want the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office to see the accusations posted by pops and radionewz1, then I suggest you send them, call them, email them, text them.. but which ever one you do.. Have fun..  Here’s a bit of wisdom for you…….


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First day back on in awhile..

Just don’t know whats special about today.. its not valentines day, but the boys are going at it..  Now you know you’ve got pops asking for his buddies to help him rebuild his numbers.. since this is his extra account replacing his newly suspended one.. question is, why did they suspend him and at who’s request or for what major violation?  And does he as well as radionewz1 not anticipate being caught up with sooner or later.. Amazing, its not the account that is in violation.. its the fools behind the fingers typing the crap into it..  Now you have ole Levi moaning and complaining today about the weather, being snowed in, and how he can’t wait to get out  of tenn.. Well levi I can well imagine there are folks in Tenn that 1. so damn happy you live away from home, and 2. that you end up with wheels they don’t have to buy and you get to leave Tenn.. Why don’t you head south, I’m sure that wealthy attorney Murt keeps referring to, will let you move in with “she” as he stipulated, can afford to support you..

Now in the craze between the Levi and the Murt today, you find Levi throwing muck advising that Murt about a month ago was just begging this female with I want to meet you business.. when in fact he’ had questions in the close past, about his close relationship with this such referred to person.. Yet he has constantly denied..  Yet, here comes the Levi throwing it up in poor Murt’s face..  Murt’s response, hmm why does he keep bringing up that name?  Why does he want to chat with me?   Certainly no denials going on here, just a bit of vague pass it by and hope no one pays much attention to it..  So, you two chatters, gonna have to figure this one out..  All I could say to both you guys, this is one woman you two must share in your own ways, and always remember is you don’t do as your told, and when your told, and what your told to say and do.. you be in trouble and she leave you quaking in your boots..   I suggest you both get your man on, and stand up for yourselves and your brotherhood since your riding in the same boat.. Of course you both put yourselves there.  Me, I don’t really give a crap what you say to one another.. I’m use to the games now, and the manipulative manners used..   And I didn’t write anything about the pops, even after I was encouraged to do so.. Did not work boys and Gurls..  Pops you got this thing a going all buy yourself, and your gonna have to figure out how to get it finished. And by the way, a Police Report is a legal statement of what the illegal activity consisted of, and by whom.. Yep, its pretty darn accurate..  One thing you can’t change, you can only add a supplement to. Those are not accessible to the public, only the attorney who represents you. Funny, if your a victim the report is written in blood and considered absolutely accurate, when your the assailant it suddenly is faulty.. guess its all in who you talk with.. one side or the other..

.Screen Shot 02-21-15 at 06.11 PM Screen Shot 02-21-15 at 06.17 PM

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Biggest Joke of the Month..

I know if I set back and do little to nothing, maybe at the most reply to some of murt’s comments, that the woollies would come out to play..   See, it really doesn’t pay to keep quiet about certain issues,  even just watching them play out their games..  I saw the suspensions and darned if they didn’t deserve them..  Eventually Twitter will realize that as soon as they suspend, the Crazy’s pop back up as if terrified they can’t be seen online.  Oddly enough they all ready have multiple accounts, they just have to continue running accounts in their names.  Well the evil ones come back time and time again.. Haven’t yet figured out that no one really gives a crap about them, and as they disappear again and again.. eventually they won’t come back..

Well, I had been told prior that this certain one was gone.. it came back up and I wonder who’s behind it..  The guy in the photo, I doubt that very serious.. and then you have to ask yourself if its not him, then its someone pretending to be him..  And the photo think it was taken from the guys Facebook..Screen Shot 02-21-15 at 02.27 PM  What people won’t do for attention.. So, we are giving them what they want attention..  now watch them bitch and moan because they got it..

The Rocket (@Rocketman1069)   Twitter_20150221132556

As I’ve said before, think this guy has moved on.. some time ago.. and the term barbie are you kidding.. there may well be a few Barbie’s in his real life, but the one who wants you to think its referring to is only in the imagination of a certain person..  May well be some close to 50’s women who look like Barbie’s, to be factual I know of only one who lives in Plantation, Florida and she does really look and act just like a Barbie doll.. The reality is, she doesn’t use her beauty to gain attention.

Screen Shot 02-21-15 at 01.41 PM

Now the other one,

crap ”

sure as hell doesn’t look like the barbie above, actually I think it looks like the one posted below..I guess the person on that twitter account, is a really far sighted, or dreaming..

…. Screen Shot 02-21-15 at 01.40 PM

So there you go folks.. the Barbie saga has been examined and the truths revealed..  Note: just as soon as I posted  this, I went back to twitter to block the rocket account, and it was gone.. the fake accounts play hit and miss.

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It’s Valentines Day..

Valentines Day is generally for the couples who love to point out how much their relationship means to one another, and of course to the children.. visions of Cinderella bouncing in young girls heads.. Of course the Candy and Stuffed Animals for the children.  Oh the Holiday comes and go’s..

Now this past week leading up to the Holiday, was filled with speculations and commentaries.. and big interest in if I was going to get involved and write about it.. My answer was no…  Me, hell’s bells boys and gurls and goonies, I’m gonna set back and watch..  I figure sooner or later someone in that group of special people and I’m not talking about super intelligent.. talking about strange special.. you know.. like maybe odd things running around the inside of their skulls making their brain flash, is going to end up sticking their finger in a light socket and boy that hair will straighten out in a heart beat..

Now quite sure why this one person wanted to ride the bandwagon.. If this situation I’m not going to write about goes really wrong, someone is going down with them.. Although they just think their their smartest people in town, not what I’ve heard.. not to smart at all.


Anyway..  Lets go back to Valentines Day.. you know when your married, you can always anticipate a nice meal out, or a little party with friends and spouse.. But when you become unmarried and your in your mid 40’s, thats when the shock of reality shows up.. your gonna be setting home with the family, if you have family.. and be thankful for the time you have them home with you, cause once the kids are grown.. its a done deed.. They have their own lives to live and their own Valentines Day to take care of..  Now, if you have become unmarried but still hanging with the ex-spouse.. remember one thing..  you to this point have only thought about your freedoms and where you can go and what you can do.. cause your now single.. well that same your single clause, has made the spouse single too.. which means the spouse can come and go and party all they want, and you have lost any right to open your mouth,,  So, if your valentines day is setting at the computer or on your cell phone.. and your drinking cheap wine.. well thats about the story for many divorced people..

Gotta remember, if men your own age are looking for younger women, don’t look for that age group, actually the male age group you need to look for is somewhere around mid 60’s..  So, looking for younger men.. think about what in the heck does a 25 year old man have in common with a woman in her late 40’s.. if it were a 25 year old woman with a late 40’s man, well that might work,  cause he’s pretty settled, and generally has a good career and income..  Those work pretty well until he hits mid 60 and begins to look old.. Just think of the money your ex is spending on the new found world of freedom.. Its hard to make ends meet when your income is cut smack in half.. Or in some cases the spouses income was the primary to begin with, and now its not accessible..

Anyway.. Happy Valentines Day People..


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December 2011 Another World..

I was milling through articles yesterday, and came upon some very very strange commentaries made on the blog.. you know who’s blog.. and this is over the Christmas Holiday’s of 2011..    I was amazed at the people who were being beat to crap by .. none other that radio during that period of time.. by the way this was the same time period that radio or the name used, was buying up all kinds of gifts to be sent to the home of Tim Holmseth, his daughter and his son..  Anticipated that about a grand was spent.. now, rationally one would ask, if this is such a good hearted person, are there not children in Atlanta that needed a few Christmas Presents.. or even Christmas dinners, why go so overboard..  Actually this activity has been questioned by a number of professional people including law enforcement officers, who said.. why didn’t he send that stuff back.. Why, because there was an agenda present..  Think maybe it was deducted from someones taxes, but if it was deemed charity for taxes, I’m sure that the Holmseth Family would have an objection to that term.. and why would ole radio do this knowing that there had just been a case filed against Florida by the same person who called radio darling in one of these little articles..  And note that in one, there is a story told about Kim P. and Tim Holmseth going on a date.. oh yeah..  Tricia is slammed and another.. poor ole peabody catches hell.. levi is blasted by radio, and he has the nerve to direct comments toward me.. my response, now levi would you not over react if someone made a comment about your brother who is a law enforcement officer.. How would you feel bumpkin who apparently can’t hold a candle to his younger brothers abilities.. We don’t question his ability to do his job or to be an Officer.  We just question your ability to be a decent human being.  Now out of all of this crap put out.. one has to wonder.. who is this person claiming to be radio?  and why would this person as radio have had so much trouble in Putnam county with Cobra and list names and then says, he was the problem and he messed things up for all of them.. hey radio from Atlanta  or from Kansas city or from Arizona..  you were never in Putnam..  You didn’t show up for people to know you, until Art Harris’s forum in May of 2009…… Wow girl..  you sorta kinda messed up huh..  Hey girl.. Cobra was out as of April 30th, after he signed that lease in Don Knops name, then the boy left..  It was really the 27th of April that turned the tide..  And I will lay you a bet, on Saturday May 2, 2009.. The crew which at that point consisted as Cobra, that attorney, and Don Knop .. was gone from Putnam, they were in Ft. Lauderdale.. The Sheffield girls were in Baker with the Momma, Daddy Sheffield was at home with family in Georgetown, Ole Ron and Misty were home with Grandma Sykes.. Teresa was at her trailer home and so were the Croslin’s..  The question is, how can the whole thing that went wrong be Cobra’s fault? and labeled as such by whom?   The real story is what you need to hear..

Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 08.46 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 08.49 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 08.51 AM

Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 08.57 AM

Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 08.58 AM 001 Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 08.58 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.04 AM 001 Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.04 AMScreen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.05 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.06 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.08 AM 001 Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.08 AM

Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.09 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.13 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.18 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.21 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.24 AMScreen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.25 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 09.26 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 10.08 AM Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 10.11 AM 001 Screen Shot 02-07-15 at 10.11 AM

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