Over the Hump Day.. It’s Thursday

10 Oct

Oh My, Oh My  such a busy day already.. Crazy’s going to down.. some claiming their have decided to go their own way, and some stand back again, as usual, again and acting passive.. Oh I’ve decided to go my own way again, and leave people alone..  Heard that one before..    Ever get the feeling that the crazys are acting out on some secret issue and motive?  They only tell you want they want you to know.. Problem is, I know most of what their trying to hide, so it does make it a pleasant Journey around them..  The ones they need to convince of their BS is their good buddies and friends, which we aren’t too sure there are many left..  Think most of them  had “Oh Shit Moments” and took off for higher ground, maybe even changed their phone numbers, email addies, and went totally private to keep a safe distance from a couple of the crazys..

So, Michelle McKee announced she was heading for Scottsdale, AZ for a met up with the one and only radio..  I left her a brief twitter redirecting her on to Tucson,  and leaving a couple of facebook links, you know maybe Michelle wants to study up a bit on the area and the things to see and visit while she’s there..   Oddly enough, she’s also heading for Kansas for the Holidays,  maybe Altha might be heading home for Kansas too for  the Holidays.. never know the girls might run into each other while their visiting kin folk in Kansas..

Today, is also the 5th day..    The Big Five..   What happens on the Big Five,   5th day.. so many things can occur..     Its the Day after Hump Day..  Its the 5th day after you begin a count down and leave out the weekend..   Its Day number 5..

Just what would this day mean to you??   Some people get birthday cakes,  some people celebrate anniversaries, some people are looking at it as 10/10/2013, some are thinking its just Thursday, the day after Hump Day..    Or it could just be Karma Day…

A funny thought entered my mind yesterday.. with the crazy acting out so badly, why wasn’t it worried about its own problems and Karma Day coming at it so fast..   Maybe that’s the way the crazy soothes itself I was reminded..  Well lets just  take some time to look at funnies, cause I’m sure the crazy is waiting with baited breathe to see what I post today, and I so wanted to get it up and out early to give the crazy something to do for the rest of the 5th Day…



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