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Where do they find them?

The crazy’s where are they found, and who is doing the search to acquire them?  As many have seen and know, I’m not on twitter much.. usually just in response to commentaries, and only communicating with a select few.. the blog s have slowed down, and I pretty much have stayed away from the trolls and crazy’s.   But , here they go again..

I’ve always though of YancyFaith as a sock puppet, because those who think her real user name is LFlorida have forgotten,  that the real LFlorida would block you in a   heartbeat if she though you were associated with a certain person that rambles back and forth on twitter. In fact if she thought there was any connection between a poster and a certain person, she would block U in a heartbeat.. I know, she blocked me.. Now do not confuse El Florida, with LaLoLFlorida, that was also a sock-puppet, problem the same person who is YancyFaith.   So, who ever YancyFaith really is, she doesn’t live in Putnam County folks..   Next,  just using a specific phrase.. seems to throw someone into crazy land accusing me of thinking, that I was talking about her .

Yep, the thinking you were thinking person.  In the last 4 years I have heard of all kinds of psychic’s,  and long distance readers, and drawers who reveal their ability through the notes they make..  And of course this one who is can think you are thinking something, and if it thinks you are thinking, then you are in trouble for thinking what it  thinks you are thinking, and even if your not thinking, it knows you were thinking because it has determined you were thinking. And if it determines you were thinking then you must have been thinking, cause it knows you were thinking because it was thinking..    We can just refer to that person as the thinker ..

402px-The_Thinker,_Auguste_Rodin                                                                                   Now, This  photo is the image of little Maggie as a puppy, the little thinker..    997995_402505456536665_2063554605_n

So lets go back to ole NancyYancyFaith, the sock puppet who was suppose to original remind everyone of nancy grace..  and puts on this act you wouldn’t believe even telling the story of how her husband cheated on her and whom it was with..  Now, folks  how many women do you know would come smack out on twitter and a blog and wash all of their dirty laundry all over the web??   I know of a few who will wash your dirty laundry for you all over the web.. but this one.. well this one loves to pretend to be other people..  and doesn’t do it very well..  The only impressed audience is the one it looks at in the mirror.  And must have heard the story from sleepers in Putnam, and threw that info out as a hit..    So, why does ole yancyfaith come in to the picture.. Well after the time I have been away from blogging,  and lets be honest..  not even mentioning certain names on the web at all, the sock puppet yancyfaith, or the thinker or stormy or  a few of the others.. but certainly not these mentioned.  In fact to have a sentence mentioning those three is pretty amazing for me, since I stay away from all three.. but suddenly my name appears in the midst of these trolls?   Ole sock puppet itself makes the announcement that I have her email address Addy..   my response.. wow when and  how was I suppose to have acquired that?

Lets be direct and honest about this.. you have to give a shit about certain people before you would want to acquire anything on them.. And just where and when would I have had the access to acquire this info??   See, I’m not a hacker, never have been.. never intend to be.. I don’t have access to peoples email information..  that’s not my game..  and I don’t try  nor would I every attempt in any manner to manipulate anyone referred to as anonymous to do such dirty work for me..

So, I was ready to ask, does anyone have any suggestions on why this crazy troll might think I have her email Addy?        Then it hit me.. The spam..  do you remember the spam articles..     Now, I want you to stop and think for just a moment.. Anyone who would have both TH and I in their email Addy, is a person who communicates with TH and I.  Right?   Well, I can’t answer for TH cause I don’t have a copy of his Addy, and could never claim on knowing who all he might talk to.. but its obvious that who ever has him in their Addy talks to Th, and to me.  Which means I have them in my Addy.   And I know who I have in my Addy and know who I communicate with, and who I have keep placed in a specific folder..

The spam,  received by both th and I at the same time.. and both spam had two individual email Addy’s listed on them.   To my knowledge, I had no idea who’s Addy’s these belong to, and no idea who sent them.. But, if YancyFaith is claiming I have her email Addy and it would have to have come from one of these two spam emails, how did she know that I had them.. I didn’t know they were hers to put out the word, but she knew?  How did she know?

Come on People lets do some hard core thinking here..  If  YancyFaith knows that I have her email Addy,  then it  had to come from the Spam.. How did she know??   Only way is if this sock puppet sent  the spam !!

And oddly enough, I was spammed on Twitter the other day..  Now this was a  really the odd one to be spammed from..

Now the first spam with an email Addy, I’m sure its wayanne Kruger’s email Addy.  And not gonna put that out.. but there was a second one  and I questioned some of the people on it, but did not post nor send anything out.. so how did Yancy Faith know I have a second Addie and question if  this particular email Addy is the one  that she’s claiming is hers?  Thats all I can think of.. other than, YancyFaith the sock puppet is just plain losing it, and what comes out of its mouth is vile and crawls..  Not happening..   You nor your other buddy Wendy / stormy is on my radar..  Couldn’t care less about either one of you..    Some needs to take time to explain to you, the benefits of telling the truth YancyFaith versus just plain lying..   And for those who listen and believe her tripe.. well I guess it puts you in the troll bucket also..   YancyFaith, I’m a weirdo?  and look at U.. a sock-puppet who doesn’t  really exist?  A phony, fake, imaginary person gone haywire, with intent to impersonator?   How weird are U?


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Scary Movies

I’m not one to watch scary movies..  Never have been, and can’t see that changing anytime soon.  I did manage to go to the theater with my Great Nieces last weekend, and the choice that was made was to see the new Brad Pitt movie,  yes, the zombies..   Not, your  normal strolling zombie that’s looking for dinner, they are zombies on steroids or bath salts which ever one.. and just want a bite..

Of course the form changing formula is only about 10 seconds and the development of a jet pack on their backs which immediately goes into warp speed.   Hey these guys are not only fast but can build mountains out of mole hills in seconds and leap over walls and buildings.   Now, how did this turn people into zombies, was it in the water?  Maybe a virus or germ released,  hell no, I have it figured out.. It was developed right there on Twitter..  It’s that Twitter Koolaide that turned the tide and sent the crazy’s out as Brad Pitt zombies.   Now where else could they have gotten that many extras and had them automatically acting out and attacking people?  I check carefully to see if there were any anonymous mask still on, someone forgetting to take it off.  I was fascinated as to how fast the Zombie makeup developed, that was also in warp speed.  You know, once bitten that ten seconds for your eyes to change and dark circles to develop, your mouth to turn back along with the teeth, and start smacking those suckers ..   They kept saying it was a form of rabies, but I didn’t see anyone foaming at the mouth..  A lot of growling and hissing..  Now one point we have to bring out.. they seem to be attracted by noise..   If you made a lot of noise, boy those zombies came running..  Another amazing thing was the ability to mask yourself with disease and the zombies couldn’t see you at all.   That’s a lot like Twitter too U know..  Cause if your attached to LE, The Fed’s,  Twitter Security, or Attorneys like Dennis Roberts, you become invisible and no one can see u at all!!  Am I comparing Le, Feds, or Attorney Roberts to a disease factor.. NO..  I am referring to the fact that the crazy’s or Zombies on Twitter know who to stay clear of,  so they pretend they’re not there..

As well you already know, we have Tom Cruise on Twitter flying around in a Jet,  being called Ace,  mixing cocktails..  Now, we need to bring Brad Pitt in, between the two we might end up with a quiet and peaceful Twitter,  together they can get the crazy zombies run off,  long enough to have a serum developed to save the rest of us from becoming like the crazy’s..   One sad fact,  once U become one of those zombies..  Ur stuck !! no coming back..  Once a crazy zombie, always a crazy zombie.   They resorted in the movie to either blow those suckers up or nuke them..   Well nuking.. develops parking lots..  And it does eventually get rid of the scattered pieces of zombies..  Now, getting rid of the internet crazy zombies isn’t that easy..  I guess this is what people just don’t get..  now it use to be when you had a website and it was deleted, everything went down.. nothing left on the web.. why well they didn’t have all of these cute little grabber websites that keep everything alive.. no ill will intended.. it was just a good idea when the person who wrote the program thought it Up..   Now, anything you put out, lingers .. for how long.. forever..

So, clean those suckers up, delete all the files,  but in the end there are those little websites who have grabbed up all of the things you want destroyed before they bite someone soundly in the ass..  But, reality is.. U can’t.. and everything put on twitter, a copy goes into the National Archives..   Can any of you imagine,  that everything the @executionerreal puts out on twitter is going into the National Archives, and someday..  when its identity is discovered that will also end up in the National Archives too.  That one is really gonna be a biter in the Ass..  Me, I’m gonna laugh like hell when it happens.

You know what all of this reminds me of..  A bunch of teenagers having a party in the house while mom and dad are out of town.  Just tearing that house apart and the mess they made.  When reality sets in and time is short, boy people are scattered around cleaning like fools,  so mom and dad will never know.. But in the midst they forgot,  mom and dad had put a camera in the living room, and recorded every thing that went on.   And the teens can’t destroy all of that evidence.

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4th of July 2013

I want to remind those who may well have forgotten, or never realized.. Why we celebrate the 4th of July.  Its the Holiday we celebrate our Freedom as a Nation.. not just as individuals.. but as a Nation..  A Unity controlled by a Chosen and developed Government, by the citizens of one Nation.   We chose our Government,  We choose our Government Officials.  We elected those Officials into Office.  And the Office these Officials hold is known to be respected, and to be  honored.



So, as U look forward to celebrating this Holiday with family and friends, remember this established government has only changed faces but not structure, since 1776.  And as U mockingly place words in some of the forefathers mouths in your concepts of cartoons.  Maybe its time to take your idealistic concepts and ideas and compare them with researching and learning who those forefathers were.  They were also individuals, family men, respected and nominated men from the areas they lived..  and in 1776  idealism was not too popular, they needed real solutions, and solvers.. not dreamers.    My solution for the day.. choose a forefather and spend a little time searching out his life.   Me, I prefer John Adams.



If you do nothing more important with your life than to seek the Absolute Truth, then U will have value to pass onto the next generations.  Always remember  that Truth and Wisdom  compliment one another..    Therefore,  accept only the Absolute Truth, and not falsehoods passed off as truths.   The generations to come, deserve to know only the Truth and not a  twisted concept that causes harm instead of value.   If you do not know the difference between a Hero and a Criminal, then apparently U  teachers need to be fired.  Any Adult who is an idealist who teaches concept of idealism only, fails the student. 


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