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Peanut The Flying Squirrel

After lots of research and photo study, its been determined that little Peanut is really a flying squirrel..  He finally took to the formula and not only growing in leaps and bounds.. He’s beginning to really move around.. His eyes and ears are still closed, but he boy has a sniffer.. he puts that nose down and sniffs  for feeding time. and seems to know the smell of my hand, and he crawls onto my fingers looking for his formula . We have gone from his wicker carrier to a box with a lid.  Peanut has decided he cannot be contained in the carrier, so he crawled right out.. I looked over on the carrier after seeing movement, and saw that little tiny head peeking up and over the side.. He was ready to go..   So the changes began.. Got the box.. make a warm plastic bag of water in a sock.. and his covers and a lid.. He had a good dinner and boy he’s out cold.. IMAG0566 IMAG0595 IMAG0593 IMAG0594 his little chest is still transparent, and you can see the formula in his tummy..  I watched him earlier on his back scooting across his blanket,  he seemed to be scratching his little head and back..  He’s a silly baby..   We still don’t know how old he really is..  tomorrow is his 10 day with the family and we know that his eyes won’t open until he’s 4 weeks old. 

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7 Days in and we are still at it..

Cricket is a week older in the care.. Still too small to regulate his body heat so, we are keeping bags of warm water in his bed to help out.. He’s eating, lots of activity, moving around and fussing with he’s hungry.. The further we go, the more convinced I am that he really was just a new-born when he arrived in the laundry room on the floor.  The photo is 2 days  IMAG0560


old.. not much has changed in his appearance.. His eyes are still closed and so are the tiny ears.. He’s a Sweety..

Research on several items ..  The Native tribes and members of Northern Florida.. Families were known as “Dominickers”, and they did come out of the tribes of the Carolinas..  If your interested, here’s the info on the book.. By Pony Boy Hill



Next were several odd things that came about..  one was a posting on Facebook and I followed the link, and its two comedians who are showing the gifts of the Cayman’s .  How to hide a corporation with all the other hidden corporations, and how to hide your money..  Makes you wonder who has money hidden off shore..


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Day 3

And he is snuggled down on his warm water bed.. That was a great solution.. filling sandwich bags with hot water, and putting his bedding over-top . he sleeps well.. He’s still eating well and all of the other little things seem to function well.. Beginning to fill out a bit.. Found out he’s a flying squirrel.. And I was also advised not to give him human milk, nor evaporated milk, to only feed him kitten milk.. So, we are switching.. And he is nursing from the syringe holding it with his precious little hands.. 


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Long 18 hours

Every two hours? That was suggested, but I found with this one its called demand feeding..  In short when he’s ready to eat, it better be ready for him to eat, and  yes it certainly is a baby boy.. 

Oh its been a learn in progress.. I have a small needle-less syringe I use for giving the pets meds,  was initially afraid of using it, fear of feeding too much milk at a time..  So, I started out with a new fine line paint brush for him to suck on.. Forget that.. 

Keeping him warm.. solution warm water in a plastic bag under his washcloths, and he is warm as toast and sleeping like a baby, but only after he had a full warm tummy, and that required the syringe and he has a mouth to fit it..  Never seen anything so small that could move so fast and turn in so many directions at one time, and I’m afraid of accidentally dropping him.. All the while he’s fussing up a storm and demanding his feeding.. 

So, we still have a baby squirrel alive and well, warm, full and sleeping..  


And oddly enough.. the cat hasn’t bothered the baby at all.

Now the rest of my well spent time, has been working on the Murals in the new Great grandbaby’s room..  Yes, this is the first great.. a little boy and he is due within the next 4 weeks..  I’m sure you understand the getting ready for a baby in the house.. My goodness, everything a new little human needs is overwhelming..  My Oldest Granddaughter and her hubby are having a little boy and chosen the name Nolan.  I rather like the name, its a family surname from years past. 

Anyway, we have everything washed and ready for Nolan, diapers and one’sies and swaddle blankets folded and waiting, and the mural’s are almost complete.. a few more things to add on Noah’s Ark.. like another monkey and a bit up touch up on the one who’s there.. fishes in the ocean, sun for the sky and a rainbow and one or two more clouds.. Thats the weekend chore..  And there is a major touch up needed on the vines and butterfly above the window.. 

IMAG0547 IMAG0548(1) IMAG0550

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What the Cat Brought In..

For those of you who own cats, you know well that cats bring home gifts..  Sometimes its a cricket, a mouse, very seldom an adult squirrel,  once they grab hold of an adult squirrel they have their paws full..  Well, after a new breakfast treat, Mejia went for an outside tour, and upon returning, she left a gift on the floor..  Unharmed if you can believe that.. I was shocked..Photo0870_001_001

She brought home a very tiny infant squirrel..  I’m standing there wondering.. what am I going to do now.. very seldom do you see them this small and it had to come out of the nest, or in transit..  And Momma Squirrels do have a habit of bringing them down, putting them under a bush and going back up for the others until she gets them all down, and then she transfers them from the bush..  Problem is.. I don’t know which bush.. or what tree and no mommas in sight.. 

So, here in a small brown box on the desk, wrapped in washcloths, is a tiny little person.. and its drinking carnation milk half with water.. from a tiny paintbrush..  It has a squeakily little voice, and gets around quite well.. lets hope it continues to do so.. 

Oh My..   a new born to care for.. IMAG0546 IMAG0545 We will keep you updated on how it does,  guess I’ll just call it “Cricket”

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This is Hate…


From the Facebook Page of Karim Metwaly.

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10362849_282860858581826_7919114233084671211_n(2)     1919177_100456473314103_7771935_n


In February 2009,  a small child was reported missing from her bed.. Its difficult to say it occurred on a cold winters night, since Florida is generally not that cold..  

Now, over the past 5 years there has been great controversy as to the well being of Haleigh Marie Cummings.  I still stand as I have over the past 5 years, with an absolute belief that Haleigh is alive and well, and growing up so fast. 

There is no doubt in my mind that she bright and intelligent,  more beautiful today then she was at the age of 5.. I believe she is charming and very delightful.. Having overcome the difficulties her life has provided for her.  Will we see Haleigh this year, the 11th year of her life.  Probably Not..  As she progress’s into her teen years, I think she will eventually come into the public eye..   At her current age, I do anticipate that she is active on the computer, and she is aware of all of the controversy that has been thrown back and forth over the years.  So, on HaLeigh’s 11th Birthday, I would certainly suggest that people begin to be a bit more cautious, in their zest to cause harm..  I’m sure saying adverse comments about HaLeigh will eventually come back to haunt people..

My suggestion;  wish Our Sweet Girl a very Happy 11th Birthday,  August 17, 2014 is HaLeigh’s Birthday, and I wish her Joy and Fun on Her special Day.. 


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