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Something to Remember…..


We’ve been just too busy hanging out on Facebook and twitter.. talking to our friends and and sharing receipts..

Well while folks were moaning.. it won’t make a difference.. Congress was completely taken over by the republicans, and headed for its second shutdown scheduled by Cruz next month.. Then look at your State Governments.. the republicans took over there too. So, you gonna pull the same crap in the next election..  There are too many of you playing the I don’t care button.. Get off your butts.. and figure it out….

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Posted on Facebook by FBI

Usernames and Email address’s used by what the FBI refer to as a Sextortionist..  Online attempts to create the illusion that he was a 15 year old boy..   Lucas Michael Chansler.


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Could not resist……..

Haven’t posted anything on the blog in awhile.. but this I just couldn’t resist..  I noted this was reported on Facebook today..  and went in search for the Twitter posting,  posting by none other that ” The Trump ” .  I have seen idiotic people on Twitter for years, but Trump really does Trump some of the biggest Crazy’s..   Now, this comment he made and did a real fast delete on, is gonna cost him big time.. and I wonder, is it possible that Trump is going to get an invitation to visit the Bush Ranch in Texas?  LMAO..  Talk about rude, crude and no one wants a racist president Trump..


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