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This amazing tad of information ran across my desktop on Facebook this morning,  and I have to ask..  Do you Christians realize these people think your stupid.. They actually think you would believe this bull shit..

God can only talk to them, when they are flying around in a private jet.. That God cannot talk to them if they are flying in coach on a commercial plane…..   Anyone who believes that bit of shit is crazy as a loon.. These people are grabbing your money and putting it in their pocket, not the churches, don’t pay taxes on it, and think your stupid as shit, not only  for giving, but for believing everything they tell you..  If you think you get any closer to God through one of these bozo’s.. sorry, its not happening..  You would be better off going down to a local homeless shelter donating your money to them and setting at a table with the homeless, saying a daily prayer for the meal, and going home with a full stomach and the hand of God on your forehead thanking you..  But, if your setting in your house throwing your money away on trash on the tv, and feeling sorry for yourselves.. you can forget it..  Get up and go out and be productive..

So, lets see where are your problems with religion..



These people con.. yep I said the word CON.. people out of billions of dollars a year, making them believe that if they pray for them, that God will listen, cause God only talks to them.. Thats a big pile of Bull Shit, why would God only talk to them.. why wouldn’t he answer your prayers directly?  If you believe this bullshit these criminals put out, then you have very little faith in God.. your grasping..  If your faith was so intense you would turn that damn tv off and head down to your local church.. and when they ask, pass the plate.. you ask.. what are you spending the money for?  Remember, they can come up with all kinds of reasons to take your cash flow and make you feel pretty darn bad if you don’t hand it off.. sounds like high way robbery doesn’t it.. Pay up or you can’t keep your soul..

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Corruption of the DNC?

DNC Vice Chair Rybak: Wasserman Schultz “Went On Television And Repeated A Knowing Untruth About Tulsi Gabbard” Untitled20151220184802“Friday evening on MSNBC’s MTP Daily Democratic National Committee vice chair R.J. Rybak, the former mayor of Minneapolis, defended his leadership colleague Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), also a vice chair at the DNC, from attacks launched on her by the party chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). ”

It seems the DNC is running in a direction only to defend and support one candidate in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and in doing so has set up is own defense to protect and shield herself. But of course in doing so she attacks the Vice Chairs who are standing up against her.

During this past week, an issue erupted where DWS from the DNC immediately shut off the access to the Bernie Sanders Database..

#1. by doing so she, Debbie W. Schultz violated the DNC policy.

But the action was done so anyway and accusations thrown out by members of the IT Tech team, claiming a major violation, when in reality it wasn’t and a statement by the Tech company placed online as an apology advised that it occurred while a patch was being added to the program, thus the firewall was down..  They lead the world to believe that while this innocent action was occurring that a lone wolf from the Sanders camp was waiting just for that short moment of time to jump into the Clinton database, as if they knew this small window of time was going to occur.. Or was there by chance a re-direct added in the software that automatically took the sanders IT to the clinton file?  Hey guys, computers only do what you tell it to, and you tell it what to do by writing elements into the program..  as simple as a simple instruction <Go to>. Well we all know the best defense is an offense, which of course means, if you want to get into their file you accuse them of being into yours first, shut the thing down, and then play like your innocent as a lamb, and the realty your really the damn wolf in the hen house. and you have 24 hours to play.  Lets see what the Judge has to say in the hearing.. The lawsuit was filed.


Now, the hill put out an email today, telling her younger supporters how all might be lost for the primary.. with her losing the 3rd Debate, thats an admission folks.. 12376825_10206329792057508_4714553891599893939_n

So, whats the response .. to all of this, well suddenly people are receiving emails and wondering, “How the hell did the clinton team get my email address.


Defense .. Offense .. DNC Involvement??


And finally the groups are now filled with questions and forms.. all geared to manipulate people in signing an agreement on who they will vote for..


I went over to the hill site and dropped the copy of and told them their puppy had gotten lost and wandered into the Bernie Groups and I was returning it and hoping they would keep it at home. Not welcome on my page.  Got news for the hill… Its Bernie for the Primary.. and Bernie for the General.. and no one else..  So..  When this happens.. Untitled20151218141132

This happens:




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Response to clinton voters..

This was written specifically for the voters who think she has the election in a bag.. yeah her handbag..

“An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton Supporters

Dear friends,

When you ask

“Will you vote for Hillary Clinton if Bernie doesn’t win?”

It shows you don’t get what this is about.

We aren’t Democrats.

We’re revolutionaries.

We want to change the world.

We want to save our country.

This isn’t something we take lightly.

We usually vote for Democrats because the Republican party is ludicrous and the Democrat is usually closer to what we are trying to attain.

This isn’t about one candidate being a little better than the other.

This is a revolution.

This is about THE REAL PEOPLE versus The 1%.

A candidate funded By The People will be For The People.

One funded by banks, big oil and our corrupt prison system does not represent us.

We don’t like Hillary.

She’s dishonest.

She’s polarizing.

She’s opportunistic.

She’s not a good person and she would make an awful POTUS.

We tried to ignore her, but she attacked our leader so we make it known that she is not to be trusted.

Don’t ask us if we would vote for her.

It’s like asking someone who is dying of thirst to drink sand.

We don’t respect her.

She is not an option.

She is not on our radar.

She doesn’t represent us.

Don’t expect us to be excited about one corporate shill over another.

They are two cheeks on the same swollen, varicose ass.

We’re not interested in being lied to anymore.

We are done being nice.

We are done being patient.

Our environment is wrecked.

Our middle-class is gone.

Our citizens are murdering one another.

We don’t want another pacifier.

This is a zero sum game.

Bernie wins or we write him in.

Understand that.

Bernie wins or we write him in.


That’s our insurance policy against a candidate who has lost our trust…

And our way of tributing a man who earned our respect.

Don’t talk to me about The Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party lied to us.

We no longer care about The Democratic Party.

You dare use the word unelectable when the only constant thing about your candidate is her vagina…

And she mentions that 9,000 times in four months!?!

We’ve looked at the numbers.

The REAL numbers!!

And it is Hillary who cannot win.

She tried to cheat us and now she has lost our charity.

She’s GOP-Lite.

She’s part of the problem.

If you vote for her, YOU are part of the problem.

Your choices for President are Bernie Sanders or whatever joke comes out of that Tea Party/Trump mess.

Don’t talk to us about how we have to vote for Hillary to avoid Trump being President.

You can’t ask us to vote for the lesser of two evils.

If you throw your vote away on HRC it will be YOU who is to blame for the Republican President.

The Republicans know they can beat her.

This is why they have started to say that she would make a great President.

Republicans hate her and Democrats are divided against her.

Two times she has tried this and both times she ran into candidates of destiny.

Fifty years from now people will be talking about Bernie’s legendary campaign and Presidency.

Will you be the one who keeps quiet because you know you voted for the wrong side of history?

It is Hillary who is unelectable.

She was unelectable in 2008 and nothing has changed except we have a better candidate this time.

If she couldn’t beat Obama who Republicans hate…

Then she can’t beat Sanders who unites both parties.

HRC cannot win.

And by the last day of February..

This will be abundantly clear “

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Democracy for America

Democracy for America – Endorses Bernie Sanders..   Total of 271,527 votesUntitled20151217130147

were cast, amazing thing about it.. you pull it up to vote, if you had already voted.. it went straight to the totals..  Seems like a pretty good estimate to me of how many people really prefer Bernie Sanders for President.. And a given endorsement..

So the next time you deal with the media and they say, Bernie who? when Ask, remind them he has a huge revolution of people online voting only for Bernie Sanders….


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What A Week.

We began the week with a major report out of CBSNews.. showing the results of  The Harvard Poll.  Pretty important poll and the numbers are very important..

Well, oddly enough what CBSNews was reporting.. was not what Harvard was reporting..  Anyone like to explain to me why CBS would screw it up so badly, or was it just an employee.. which ever.. it was screwed up royally.


Well it came out on facebook… and the way it appeared like all the others, that the clinton was shining star.. with the big numbers.. All fine and good, but as I said.. its not what Harvard had to say..




Now isn’t it amazing how crooked people really are.. We raised hell when the republicans stole the 2000 race.. and now we have democrats trying to rig the 2016 race..  Damn people..

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Trump’s Wild Follower’s.

In the past few months the Trump aka the Donald has been deemed by psychiatrist as being an extreme narcissist. His truth level is about a minus 3 and thats on bad days most days it could reap up to a minus 10.

The man is ruthless, and has no filter on what comes out of his mouth.. For some reason he draws in people who seem to just love his radical stance. His major endorsement has actually come from white supremacist, and the KKK.. makes you wonder if he wasn’t part to begin with, and someone opened the door and said.. Now Trump-ie  its time for you to stand for us..  One seemed to attract the other in vast numbers, as if those where his revolutionaries.  The more radical he spoke the more they were drawn out into the public eye..  Now, the aspect that the comparison of Trump to Hitler..  No wonder the varies Nations of the world and Mayors of cities have begun to ban the trump..   So we can start with

  • Saint Petersburg, florida, banned the trump..
  • A petition calling for Donald Trump to be barred from entering the UK has become the most popular ever campaign on the Government’s website. It is currently approaching half a million signatures.
  • A Dubai real estate firm building a $6 billion golf complex with Trump stripped the property of his name and image earlier today.
  • Donald Trump stripped of business ambassador for Scotland
  • Donald Trump kicked off the Scottish green
  • Donald Trump has honorary degree revoked by Robert Gordon University

I know they have all turned mad like wild animals, they are doing everything but foaming at the mouth!!!




At least he’s give Hispanics a break for a short period of time..




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