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Long Winded and Idiotic

Radio has this long winded pile of crap, and demo of a fake accounts, which of course is either one she photo-shopped herself,  or its a remake of one of the 50 from several years ago..  Now we know that the radio spare account was made back in 2013, we have a date on that..  So, radio crew that are creating the fake accounts, trust me we are getting real close..  As far as the Lynda Lubner, who’s to say she’s real.. seems to be another version of the creature on radionewz.. could be the twin or could be the same person.. Split personality..



Come on People, we’ve seen this thing before.. why do you think the creature with the snakes for hair was created, each snake represented a fake account on twitter.



So this isn’t new.. its still going on, and to boot, it was going on back in 2009, 2010.. people with multi accounts.


Now, lets cover another issue, it really doesn’t make sense, since you and your twin sister sorcerer aka executioner both claim to be real people, you have very little faith in your own appearances and persons, all of you have come up with the same line over and over and over.. You people post,  any and all male persons on twitter who are in conflict,  all have the hots for Kim Picazio.. Doesn’t matter what male it is, you all make the same claim..  never do you post, oh Murt has the hots for Radio or for holly or for anyone else.. Therefore, you seem to  have a terrible opinion of yourselves that your not attractive enough or alluring enough.. It all has to be for one person alone, Kim Picazio.. Hey you guys are the ones who say it, I’m just pointing it out, so she needs to have your ass.. Hey I got proof.


Oh by the way, I have pointed this out to the men in question used in these comments over the last 3 to 4 years..

1. cobra

2. tim holmseth

3. Murt

4. Don

5. who else was it that laughed and said you girls wish..

Out of all 5, it was a Big No…. So the guys have it..  So, you girls need to drop that line, it isn’t working.



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Poor Radio..

Amazing, that it sets back and claims the poor me ticket..  In the last few years it has been more responsible for fake accounts, blasting of names and reputations and then has the gall to say.. oh just filing complaints over nothing..

Bottom line, thats a ball face lie…. hypocrite – criminal – liar..  that is the best description I can honest come up with.. and get this.. I will file a complaint with Twitter, everytime you mention my name, my nickname, my real name, my mcgreggorsback.. don’t you get it..  you take the chance and put it out and then think its okay.. Lying dog you are..  of course we’ve known that for a long time..

You’ve been had by twitter, and you will be in their cross hairs for a long time to come.. and yes.. I promise, I guarantee . you mention me on twitter, your friends mention me.. I will take it straight to the complaint factory..  Do I give a shit what you think or you think your buddies should believe. No, I look at them and wonder what the hell is wrong with these people backing up the lying criminal dog that you are.

Don’t believe me.. try it.. also note, I have given others permission to file a complaint the next time your trashy sorcerer pops up, with my photos..  And ask me again if I think your involved.. hell yes by the skin of your nasty yellow teeth, and greenish hair.

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Hey Don’t Tell Twitter.. Right

Well, radionewz came back.. not as radionewzblog but as radionewz1.. Snuck back, threw a couple of comments around, mentioned my nickname..  like its got good sense and a few little threats at Murt.. And lastly threw up a scene of a video showing its ass..  What more could anyone expect of radionewz.. ScreenShot176


Well, I’ll tell you the truth.. the celebration was great.. best fourth of July in September I ever had.

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We can make song on this.. anyone have a tune to set for .. “Radio’s having a Hissy Fit”..  And she had to search out another photo and come up with a new one..  You know,  the reactions shown tell the tale…   That was an “Oh My God Reaction”,   “Oh darn, tell me she didn’t post that !!”

wide eye

Wonder how long it took her to come up with this to try to cover the tracks.  Duh….


Just remember ..  Hey Gurl.. I hate to tell you, but the general peep does not use the word very often, and you just shouldn’t have had such an oh shit moment.. I can hear your other voices now..  Oh yea man, we believe you.. oh yea, your right.. You say that word all the time..  And then in DM the real one’s ask.. “Whatcha say that word means again? yea I got your back.”


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Hey.. complaints in..

As usual, the Crazy’s don’t learn and just don’t believe that eventually Twitter will do one of two things.. They will get tired of the squeaky wheel and the complaints. although each complaint does have validity.   So, they will eventually cancel radionewzblog and Holly Folly, or they will cancel me..   Since I’m reporting violations do you really think they will cancel my account.  Someone in their customer service is going to start figuring it out.  By the way Folly,  with as many complaints they have received mentioning the negative commentaries on they don’t care if I call  you holly folly somewhere else.  As far as their concerned I could be doing that to your face.. Now, lets recoup for the week..   A few sly remarks have come up on twitter.. of course anytime you mention my name, nickname etc.. your going to be reported.. We already know that my photos.. lets see my old profile photo and now we find out they got a copy of my pond..  (Made with my own little hands and fingers..)  So the executioner with of course is radio wearing a disguise, wants people to think that I am her.. not likely for anyone to believe, I can assure you of that.. Then we had the discussion over Catholic values, which of course in the crazy group.. there are none..   We haven’t had the medical talk in awhile, which is advising.. if your still smoking and drinking the way you were in the past.. I suggest you go get your lungs and liver checked.. cause if you don’t stop doing those nasty things, the lungs are already black.. and the liver is coming up hard as a rock..  Lord only knows what its already done to your heart.. lungs      alcohol-liverwhere the heart is   Now, lets cover this.. healthy lungs and heart on the left, and smokers lungs and heart on the right.. So, if your smart you would knock off the drinking and the smoking cause its not doing you any good, looked in the mirror lately,  smoking yellows your hair and your face has a strange orangy tint to it..   Now with the liver, you turn yellow, your skin begins to look like a lemon drop.. and you can’t scrub it off.   Does your heart skip beats yet?  Ever have pain between your shoulder blades in the middle of your back? Don’t listen to me.. just keep smoking and drinking..   “Veniet Tempus, veniet tuus ”  Oh yes, we have a little bit more for show and tell.. and no Holly Folly you can’t steal the name that I have nicknamed U.   Now if you wish to use and label the names I have heard you referred to, such as thief and stalker, you might try to make those your own, but think you have to share these with you bestest  friends.  You know how it is.. Birds of a feather flock together And so will pigs and swine Rats and mice shall have their choices And so shall I have mine. A comment put out on radionewzblog twitter.. which is something that we’ve learned to watch for, its the signal.. the little thing,  to show ..  I know you know..  And your right I know.. Not one bit of doubt..


So this is to make you think they are beating up on Murt.. Slapping that man around.. and in the midst trying to make people think he is just all imagination..   And throwing that  KIM word around..   Now, as you read this little story put out it builds in crescendo,

 to the point where it ends with just one word..  

that word is the most important in the whole conversation.. Most people would look at it, and probably not think too much of it.. but the value of the word is not within everyday usage.. few times in your life will you ever use it..  much like Latin, unless your a Catholic and attending Ole mass where the entire Mass is in Latin, a few coined phrases you might run across..

Or unless your work in the world of legal.. primarily  as a prosecutor, and of course generalized attorneys who like to make deals rather than battle a case out in court.  Now the last time this word came out associated with anything radio, was back in 2010 in a forum discussion on Ronald Cummings, and the proffer he might be making to exchange information for time to serve.. in short to cut his sentence.. and it wasn’t radio using the term Proffer…. Yea I still have a photo copy of that conversation too..     So as you read radionewzblog, yes I did report the violation of her and folly using my name in their conversation.. and yes.. watch for the clues left..   CHESS tall tale signs left to follow just like cookie crumbs.

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The Evil Within

We still have issues with a new fake attack twitter.. we have discussed it prior, Murt wrote an article and brought out the point that this fake twitter took such a legal stance and even openly voiced a name to attach to the “thing”. It comes and goes hoping that it can get a swipe in before its reported to twitter again, and I assure you.. if the poster is stupid enough to pull this trick and think they can get away with it, hey there comes a time..

You know it crossed my mind, that the creature behind this executioner @_TheSocerer_ if I ever got within sight of the beast, should I offer it a bottle of Holy Water, you never know it might do it some good. Most people believe that anything that is evil can’t enter a Church, well we know that’s not true don’t we..

Talking about Holy Water.. maybe we should cover the issue.. How many virtues do you think the creature behind the executioner has..
1. Prudencenope.. also called “wisdom,” the ability to judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions at a given time.

2. Justiceno – equal justice with this beast, uses the sword as a weapon against those it should defend..

3. Temperanceare you kidding None at all– also called “restraint,” the practice of self-control, abstention, and moderation; tempering the appetition.

4. Courageno, only cowardice, complete hypocrite. It hides under a guise, lies and strikes again like a serpent. also called “fortitude,” forbearance, strength, endurance, and the ability to confront fear, uncertainty, and intimidation towards others whom it should defend, has no soul.

Well there is no virtues found in the executioner, or the person whos fingers are on the keyboard.

But you also realize the need to avoid the 7 deadly sins.. Can you imagine anyone containing and actively being all 7 on a constant basis.. For those who like to play with Latin.. here’s both.. Latin and English..


1.Gula (gluttony)
2.fornicatio (fornication, lust)
3.Avaritia (avarice / Greed)
4.Superbia (hubris, Pride)
5.Tristitia (sorrow/despair/despondency)
6.Ira (wrath)
7.Vanagloria (vain glory)

As you can tell.. the 7 deadly sins describes the executioner aka TheSocerer completely..  You do know that there is a belief that each deadly sin is attached to a specific demon..

It’s important to realize exactly what your dealing with..  Can these elements be proven.. every-time it pops it serpent head up and begins to type words on a key board.

You know its funny, I ran across something today, and I remembered how many times fake people and fake accounts, fake emails have been sent my way to collect information, the evil one thought it might need.. So it must have become a game… It still doesn’t know how to quit..

There’s also something to remember.. When an 18 year old post someone holding a can of beer on twitter and makes a remark about it, versus a 16 year old being charged with possession of an open container in its vehicle.. I think that’s a world of difference.

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An old villain I found today

I was milling back through ole records today, and I found an old villain.. The person who chose to play the villain isn’t too difficult to figure out. The impact came from those who posted comments, egging the villain on.. Those will eventually be posted, hope they remember how desperate they all sounded. The impact came with the woman who didn’t accept the matter as a joke, in fact it really up set her, in fact she really objected to those who were making fun of her, sad isn’t it when those who were responsible for these actions, though they were big time, and I didn’t think they at that point were going to be too happy, for time to pass and their bad behavior to be brought back out. So, keep an eye out, because the posting will come.. just a matter of time.. Maybe in October or November.. Maybe a nice Christmas Present to hand out to show people who really believe others are of kind and considerate heart, they weren’t nor are they now.. The point being, there was no heart being shown, just vile and cruel gang mentality.

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Oh my my its mid September 2014

I wanted to drop in and remind all that its mid September 2014 and the days are flying by so fast..  Lookie its already  the 13th..  But to keep you up to day.. we are leaving you calendars to keep an eye on, and coloring pages for the children who seems to love to continue on the path of wanting to start a few things, you know the best laid plans of mice and women.. Plotting, Plotting, plotting.. and then people figure it out and it just doesn’t work anymore..

So, September.. what days should we remember in September? hmm…  Are there any important earth shattering days we need to mark?



A pretty little plant to color.. takes your mind off of things..


tinker bell




Just where to put that huge tree this year..  You know that tree….

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Hey Murt..

Yep, I picked up on the fruitcakes..  Got the photo copies and already made the complaints..  I think people need to start worrying about their real lives and stop playing around on twitter.. Not gonna get any better for them, I can assure you, its going to get a great deal worse than they can even begin to imagine..  The real people behind the twitter accounts, which are few and limited.. Are already stretched, and bolster their own egos by creating fake accounts.  I’m not impressed, don’t know anyone else who is..  Folly Holly, will go back to the same ole crap only with another group.. how many groups has she been thrown out of?  Big question..  Her whole life like the pretend radio, astro and many of the rest.. are all one person.. One miserable person, who uses the web like holly to have some form of friendship and show people how much control that can exerted..  Yep, lots of bullshit..  And Murt.. If you hated him as much as you say, you wouldn’t have anything to do with him.. whats wrong he doesn’t show any of you plain, dumpy women any attention..  Thats about the jest of it.. Got to keep beating up on the Murt.. Now, this time they made him into a puppet.. Well folly holly thats what you’ve been now for what 3 years, nothing but a used rag doll..  Of course you don’t want them to know how fast you went running to the attorney that was after Pop, naw you don’t want them to know the info you turned over..  

So, here’s the scoop for the day..  Holly after Murt, stupid enough to add my name to the list.. of course I filed a complaint on you stupid, and will continue.. you mention my name and it goes straight to twitter. And how many will it take radio.. you got one too.  By the way, I see you signed up for 4 more years.. where do you get your money girl..   We could only hope you would let it expire and go the hell away, not as popular as you think you are.. 

Expiration Date: 2018-09-09T22:54:27Z

You know what I just figured out. its not just panama that has the full name, address, phone number and email address of the owner, and required by contract to keep it updated.. The company that owns the Web Server.. rules and regulations..

"g. Lawsuit. If we are sued or threatened with lawsuit in connection with Services provided to you, you
agree to indemnify us and to hold us harmless from all claims and expenses (including attorney's fees
and court costs) pertaining to such lawsuit. Under such circumstances, you agree that you will, upon
demand, obtain a performance bond with a reputable bonding company or, if you are unable to obtain a
performance bond, that you will deposit money with us to pay for our reasonably anticipated expenses
in relation to the matter. Such deposit will be drawn down as expenses are incurred. We shall not be
obliged to extend you any credit in relation to such expenses and we may terminate your Services for a
failure to make or renew such a deposit. We will return any unused deposit upon the conclusion of the

"c. Failure to Provide Proper Information. You acknowledge that if you provide any inaccurate information, or fail to update information promptly, you will be in material breach of this Agreement, which will be sufficient cause for termination of your Registration. You further agree that your failure to respond to inquiries made by us to the e-mail address of your administrative, billing, or technical contact then appearing in the Whois directory concerning the accuracy of any information related to your Registration will constitute a material breach of this Agreement, which will be sufficient cause for immediate termination of your Registration."

Darn, and they really believe I'm such a bad researcher.. catch your breath dumb ass, I'm not through..

By the way Crazies, anyone heard of a Robert A. Wipff?

Okay so they started again tonight.. not enough for them to do at home on a monday night..

ScreenShot046 ScreenShot043

Now, the next two shots are to remind you.. my little program works on twitter too..... but it also shows info when I'm on your
twitter radionewz.. recognize the two images? Let see what I can come up with.. you never know, since many of the browsers are open source.. Do you know what that means...... Oh yes, and to lie about people just visiting the account on Facebook.. to land on my Facebook, to even see my account you have to create a fake account, because I have all of you past and present
Blocked, not even allowing you to see my page. So again.. you had to create a fake page to see the front page only, and if I
connect anyone from my page with any of you.. they will be blocked too..


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