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You find these creatures on both parties..  And their description is a elected official in The President, Vice President, Senators, Representatives, current and past.. You get the idea.. anyway any candidate who has the majority of super delegates supporting him and her, will end up as the chosen one by the party or parties.  In short chosen as the Candidate tor run against the other party.

For sometime the DNC has had major problems with their Chairperson.. lots of articles, seems she has her own agenda and it people are not happy with her..  Right now.. the issue on how many Super Delegates does Hillary have, already claiming a majority of them, also the limitation of debates to be held, and the current chairperson having a rather stubborn attitude has limited the amount of debates to be held.

This past week they held the summer Convention, and the current Candidates attended and all spoke to the attending Delegates, oddly enough a commentary by one of the Delegates stated, we came to hear Hillary speak, but we stayed to hear Bernie.. And upon his opening statement, the room broke out in cheers.  It does seem that Bernie Sanders is an amazing man, he draws people.

Anyway.. the race is on, the issues with the chairperson continue.. The Candidates are covering the US drawing crowds.. Bernie’s to date have been overwhelming, and one of the amazing factors, which he is so proud of.. The average donation he has received to date, is $33.51 and 99% of donations were under $250. raising about 15 million.  No donations from oil or coal companies.. no donations from wealthy people, no donations from corporations.  All Grassroots voters, supporters.  Amazing man..  If you haven’t heard of Bernie Sanders, and I can’t imagine any of you haven’t..  For those of you who feel its necessary to put a female in office, I only wish to remind you.. The republicans are at war with women, a war I believe was based on their projecting that Hillary would run, and might possible win..  My opinion.. I don’t think she is strong enough to handle the problems with the current Gop in office, and I do know that who ever is put into the White House, needs to be very strong, very determined..  Hillary has already been swayed in her opinion on the Iran issues..  She has also made the comment, that she can’t answer any question about the oil pipeline, that she would need to wait until elected to make a decision.. thats a little odd.. think Hillary is pro pipeline, pro fracking.. pro war in Iran.. scary thing about it.. her pro’s sound too republican versus democrat.. Sort a kind a..   Anyway…….




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The Book Club

The question is:  Have you ever joined a book club, where you meet with other members, discuss the book chosen to read, and of course enjoy one another’s company?   What about a quilt club? or any club that women can spend time with others enjoying their company, talking and relaxing?  Well, we are going to have a discussion about a club but rather than describing this particular club and incidence verbally, we will use media.  You know they say a photo is worth a thousand words..

A group of black women were escorted off of a train taking them on a wine tour after a white woman complained they were laughing loudly. After the women, who are all members of a book club, exited the train they were met by a group of police officers.”






And the Complaining Woman.. By the By.. I made her photo small because it takes a small person to be so selfish and cruel. So just in case you ever have to run into this small person.. remember “don’t laugh” ..


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Seattle Rally

Excitement was racing all over social media this past week, in the anticipation of the Bernie Sanders rally.. A very large volume of people were expected to attend the rally.  Well, the excitement was short lived, when what is being described on social media as a pair of radical women, one was has been deemed as an internet troll.. jumped up onto the platform and confronted Bernie Sanders, making demands, standing directly in front of him so the crowd could not see him, nor with their loud and obnoxious verbal demands, Bernie couldn’t say anything..

Now, this event has been televised now by all major networks, I can assure you, what ever strategy these women had, they have caused themselves far more trouble than their worth..  One of the women is self described as a Nanny for an organization, whereas the other describes herself on social media as a disabled person.. Oddly enough, she had little problem climbing upon that stage and raising her voice, also the website they are both dedicated to request donations..  So, question for this lady.. You don’t receive a Disability pension do you.. rather young for that..

Bernie Sanders, released a statement as per the even, that caused him to just quietly leave the stage while the two women continued with their demands..


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Now, Since the radicals claimed to be associated with BLM movement.  Thats going to end up being either confirmed or denied by the organization..  First they say these people aren’t associated, and then the information and declaration is removed to make it appear there is a change of heart.. Now the question is was there any involvement in the planning? The radicals work from their own page.. and they posted a media release..  shows their intent to disrupt.

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Another association has appeared.. and one that appears to be ..Untitled201508090909422 radical group in process.

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Now this is the sad part of this entire situation.. Bernie Sanders was the only candidate who follows the problems involving Law Enforcment, the brutality, the deaths.. He is the only candidate who would stand up and fight the problem, He’s the only one who has taken time to talk to anyone from the BLM..  If they think that anyone else in the Democratic Party is willing, sadly mistaken.. and if they believe that anyone in the republican party is interested.. thats a joke.. and the deaths will continue.. You have to ask, why choose Bernie?  Why try to hold him responsible for any of this?  Thats where there is one more question to ask.. Are these paid blogger, demonstrators?  How low can they go..

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You have to admit.. Boy Michigan Voters.. you sure can pick em.. Good job.. now ask them what they spent your money on.. vacations, hotels, flowers, gifts? And you just thought their spouse’s were a bit stupid..

“State Rep. Todd Courser planned the distribution of a fictional email alleging he had sex with a male prostitute in a bid to conceal his relationship with Rep. Cindy Gamrat, according to audio recordings obtained by The Detroit News.
Courser, a Lapeer Republican, said on one recording the email was designed to create “a complete smear campaign” of exaggerated, false claims about him and Gamrat so a public revelation about the legislators’ relationship would seem “mild by comparison.””

I read this and I though, what was he thinking?

It would be okay for him to have an affair and having sex with another man, but not a woman..

Is his wife that blooming stupid?

Now, we know they spent tax payers money to cover their tracks.. So lets see what the female. tea bagger told her hubby.. nothing is listed..

but your not going to believe this part.. Head shaking time, eye rolling begins now..

Like most of these tea party grifters, both ran on heavily religious themes, complaining about religious liberty, leading a fight to defund Planned Parenthood, and, of course, railing against marriage equality:”

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Elementary Students.

Lawsuit: Kenton County deputy sheriff shackled two elementary students who had disabilities

This is whats going on in the real world, involving police and children..  Now, what if it were your child?

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Raising Minimum Wage..

“In 2012, 75.3 million workers in the United States age 16 and over were paid at hourly rates, representing 59.0 percent of all wage and salary workers. Among those paid by the hour, 1.6 million earned exactly the prevailing federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.Feb 26, 2013

There has been so much back and forth commentary on raising the minimum wage.. in the midst they have posted the overwhelming salaries of the CEO’s of major corporations..  Now, Walmart seems to have gotten the message and they have raised their salaries, and asking for surveys when you go through line..  McDonald’s, well they decided to get rid of their people for the most part and put in robotic systems.. Well, lets be honest about this, when people finally wake up and figure out what their eating at mcD’s.. then they will need a robotic system, because their won’t be any business.  Isn’t it amazing how much money Ronald McDonald the clown and the play ground brought in.. Now.. this is a thought.. maybe it could be a challenge.. We are all aware of the hourly wage people in stores all over this Country.. From Grocery Stores,  Food Service, Retail, Medical, Discount, Pharmacy, Alarms, law enforcement, fire department, services such as garbage pickup, lawn care, babysitting, day cares, City, State and Governments jobs, etc.  The reality is, this country survives on hourly waged workers.  Without these workers, nothing in the business world would be done.. Nothing would open in the morning, to be there for all your needs..  Think about it..  All of these corporations who want to control our Government, who want to keep the wage earners down and in a controllable position..  All corporations, business’s wealth, along with man of the 1percent, non tax paying citizens, all earn their vast wealth on the backs of  hourly wage earners.  I offered a concept that it would take a week of strike to taken everyone of the corporations or business’s to their knees..  No earners working, no open stores, and voters who stand behind these workers, boycott each and every one of them..  See salaried personnel such as assistant and mangers would be forced to keep the stores open.. Even without workers inside.. From 6am until 12pm at night. Wage earners support this entire Nation, and these are the workers who Congress has deemed as not worthy enough to wage their income? Even to the point of claiming well McDonald workers can’t get an order right, so they don’t deserve a raise..  Point being, these people are standing in hot kitchens 8 to 10 hours a day, not always allowed breaks, which are suppose to be mandatory by OSHA..

So, lets pull a few comments.. Stick to the Subject ..  If your trolling, be advised it will be thrown into spam .. will not appear .. don’t waste your time ..

Now my opinion is, it would take no more than one week, for a Nation Wide Strike and Boycott, to change their minds. As to the importance of the increasing the hourly wages and determining just how important these workers are.. 



On a Political Note.. “Feel the Bern” 

This is one.. just one.. of Bernie Sanders intents on changing, he has promoted the raise of wages..


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