Cheap Shot’s

25 Oct

Spend a bit of time taking care of other things, and what do I get.. I get Cheat Ass Shots from whatever it is that calls itself Radio, but we know it really isn’t..  And what does it spit out, nothing but made up stories and lies.. Trash in and Trash out thats all any of us can expect from radionewz. 

And just who would this radio fake think it is to discuss crime blog,  or is it talking from experience.. As I said before trash in and trash out, and thats all we can expect from a trash nasty blog that refers to itself as being knowledgeable.. Actually it truly is a lower case of trashy port site.  That has to keep punching in the letters on to the keyboard to keep the money rolling in.. Actually the only criminal that I general talk about, sports itself around using the name radionewz….  Now how many people have used the time radionewz or radio..  How many times have these posters  under this name committed criminal acts when posting information, documents, emails or photos and personal information about others..  Good question huh?

Talk about making money off of those less fortunate..  Like missing children and rape victims.   So radio, know well.. I don’t really give a shit about you.. your friends, family or anyone that lingers with you..  Birds of a feather.. For a person who acts and writes like you do,  we would have to wonder if you did have children that were raised, probably not by you.. probably taken  from you and raised by the state.. you would be to irresponsible to raise kids.  Drugs, booze, and mental health issues. Nope the state would never have left kids with  you.. trash in trash out ..   Now tell us.. Why do you snuggle up with murt on some of your other twitter trash accounts, and smack him around as radionewzblog?  Can’t tell us he doesn’t know..  Hell we all know whats going on..  Both being hypocritical aren’t You?  

Your afraid I’m up to something aren’t You?  You never know slimy serpent..  You never know, until it comes out and smacks you with reality..  So what am I doing..  I guess your just going to have to set back and wait for it. 

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