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Bernie Sanders

We are Mid Week.. The hill has sent the trusted attackers out to nip at the heels of Bernie.. Suddenly people who ignored him in the past.. Know who he is..  Well, he currently has a rather large amount of endorsements and I hope they continue to grow in numbers.  If you note he doesn’t make it a point to have any of his supporters go out and troll or attack other Candidates..  I doubt seriously that he even knows that some of us are very direct and nip a bit on other candidates..

So this leads me to the little bit of research I did yesterday.. Going over old bits and pieces of news..  I immediately found the newest interview of Linda Tripp.. remember her, she was without doubt a major issue for Bill Clinton back in the day, of course she was at that time and certainly not now, or at least thats what comes out of the story.. a friend of The Monica.. What I didn’t know and was shocked to the point of my jaw dropping open, there was suppose to be another female victim in the White House.  Oh yea.. That one was shot down so fast and the surprise as to who was shutting her down.. Needless to say, victims don’t have rights to speak up.. All of these issues have come back for a visit.. And the stories all still seem to remain the same, noting new..Untitled20151020115642

and of course no new flip flops except for what the Hill is pitching.. yes she’s gonna get wall street.. “Hey Yous guys, you gonna knock it off”.. “Well at least a little bit huh”.   Her concepts of war with Iran, sounds very conservative..  The issues of oil, fracking, that hasn’t change.. Nothing new with stopping Monsanto or GMO’s , just a crack she had a fellow senator throw out, that Bernie is just too Liberal.. Damn, thats not new news.. we knew that from the start.. Heck thats one of the reason’s we really like him..

The one aspect that is of concern.. Why is the Hill running for office.. To help the American People, or is it her personal need for power and control.  Is it really the Clinton machine. Now how many First Ladies had planned an election after their husbands had served their 8 years? Oddly enough this is a point brought out by Linda Tripp, that Bill would do his 8 and then Hill would serve her 8.. So it seems from that comment, the Hill had been planning on running for president since Bill’s election, of course at that point, she didn’t have the background to even put her in a campaign.. Tripp seems to think the scored wife issue is what promoted hill into the senate.. and of course President Obama offering Joe Biden his choice of VP or Secretary of State, gave the opening for Hillary to be offered the position after the nomination in 2007.

Now, from what the media is throwing out and it is one of those, well maybe its somewhat true..  Seems like in media releases today Joe Biden corrected some of Hillary’s statements..  Seems the White House has dealt with that issue last week over the trade deal.. wondering how did Hillary had seen that document she decided was in gold standard, and it didn’t meet her standards..  It hadn’t been released to the public.. You know when you get called down by People in the White House in a very Public Media report,  for comments you made, and it looks like you were making them up as you go along.. You might have a problem growing..

Enjoy the Bernie Photos …  Untitled20151021203337








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Now I can understand voters not wanting to admit to absolute stupidity when they voted for Chris Christy as Governor of New Jersey, and if no one voted for  his sorry butt.. Then how the hell did he get into the governors office.. Take about one of biggest blunders of this century. I just can’t believe why you people would do something so stupid..  So, whats bubble boy done now you ask?

Well bubble boy supporters this is what he’s done……>

Chris Christie Just Terminated Disabled Housing Program; Gives Corporations $6 Billion Tax Cut.

Now you think he’s in office for the people of the state of New Jersey?  Hell no he’s not.. and if he thinks he should be President, he’s out of his mind.. that is if he had one to use..  Hell no.. for any chance of him ever being the President..




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Saturday Morning And First News..

Blue Voters.. you really need to start paying attention.  First article that appeared on Facebook this morning..



Now tell me again, that nothing is going to touch Teflon Hill and take her out of the Race..  

And I say to you.. You sure as hell better hope if its gonna happen, that it happens before the nomination, cause if it happens after the nomination and she’s nominated….. Guess what Folks..  We would be SCREWED.  And everyone would be doing a write in.. Bernie Sanders.   If your not concerned, then you need to have a reality check..   Lastly, if you listened to the debate.. she said she was going to testify about the emails.. Now, that means a hearing is going to be held.. Hello…  

If your voting for Hillary because you have a misconception that we have to have a woman in Office.  Bottom line, this is not the time, this is not the woman..   The First Female President…. should and hopefully will be Elizabeth Warren 2024.. 


Now yesterday I posted the information on the Forum setup by the South Carolina Democrats, to be held in Rock Hill, SC. First of all the crowd anticipation caused them to move from one location to another..  And after 5 minutes of issuing free Tickets people.. Gone.. Out.. No more room in the Auditorium.

    Tickets for Winthrop’s presidential forum go quickly, frustrating some

FILE: Winthrop University Byrnes Auditorium in Rock Hill, S.C

“Tickets were gone in less than five minutes when the event registration site opened online Friday morning. On social media, some people voiced frustration. Others were dismayed they were directed to a waiting list on the South Carolina Democratic Party website.

South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison said the change was made for MSNBC to add to its production plans. He did not disclose details on Friday butsaid MSNBC may make an announcement soon.

“We think more tickets will become available” once the design of the stage setting is finalized, Harrison said.

Though Byrnes Auditorium can hold about 3,500 people, Harrison said that number of tickets won’t be available. Fewer seats are practical, he said. The stage setting and the space needed for production crews and cameras means some auditorium seating will be removed or blocked off.”

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DNC .. Cleaning House…




“Says the Democrat with close ties to the committee: “The next chair is going to have to burn the place down and rebuild it.”

Wasserman Schultz and her staff, sensing a brewing insurrection at the DNC, are busily circling the wagons.”

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OOPS: The White House Just Called Hillary Out….

Well, it seems Hillary rather confused the story..  From Reality to Debate..  Wow.. Is this or is this not SHOCKING..

                      “And Now She’s Caught In A Lie”

To break it down.. it had to do with a comment The Hill made during the debate.. seems she has chosen to take the stand that she doesn’t support the Pacific Trade Deal, she stated it met the gold standard, she claimed it didn’t meet her standards after she had read it last week…..

Well.. this is what happened the next day at the White House……


“Those comments were called into question the next day by the same White House Clinton used to serve.

Apparently, they’re patently false. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday that no one in the public has seen the agreement because it has not been yet made available for review.

At a White House news briefing, Earnest was asked point-blank by a reporter: “Is it possible that [Clinton]’s actually looked at it? because I thought it hasn’t been made public?”


“Wow, that’s a reversal,” O’Malley said.

Business Insider’s Colin Campbell reported that, “When Clinton served in President Barack Obama’s administration, she used to extensively praise the Pacific trade deal. Indeed, CNN once counted up 45 times she pushed the agreement.”

So she was for the trade deal before she was against it.

Can Hillary Clinton be trusted when she changes her mind so often?Untitled20151016174157

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Voting Blue

Were all concerned with a division in the Democrats between Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton.. This has really become an issue when it appeared that the DNC being ran by Chairman Debbie W. Schultz, absolutely refused to co-operate in changing the number of debates.  When approached by Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a vice chairwoman of the DNC,   Schultz dis invited the Representative..  This action within itself made it very clean that Schultz has an Agenda asper the Debates..  The issue on who won the First Debate, along with major issues with CNN, which of course we already know is owned by Time Warner Cable company, and a supporter fund Donator of the Hillary Clinton campaign.. Which you would think would be a conflict of interest in not only promoting the debate but to judge the debate..

Now, I’m going to give you a list of words that describe issues that are promoted by organizations and or corporations that are promoting one of our Candidates.

Banking, Wall Street, Oil companies, Fracking, Oil Pipeline, Monsanto, GMO’s, Time Warner,

Below is the list of corporations, which this candidate is responsible to.. Special interest..  In short supported by corporations.. needless to say the amount of donations to the Private Foundation from the Oil Companies..  And look at what you feed your children everyday.. and ask yourself.. If my selection for President, would prefer to promote these products and monsanto knowing that GMO is being banned and crops across the world are being burned.. Why would you be want your selection for President not caring what you feed your family??  Things you really need to ask yourself.. And lastly, will the DNC Nomination process be honest or will it be rigged?


Meet the Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Raising Money for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ties to agribusiness giant Monsanto, and her advocacy for the industry’s genetically modified crops, have environmentalists in Iowa calling her “Bride of Frankenfood” — putting yet another wrinkle in her presidential campaign’s courtship of liberal activists who are crucial to winning the state’s Democratic caucuses.

The backlash against Mrs. Clinton for her support of genetically modified organisms (GMO), which dominate the corn and soybean crops at the heart of Iowa’s economy, manifested itself at a recent meeting of the Tri-County Democrats, where members gauged support for the former secretary of state.”



And this is the list of varying types of supporters for the other candidate.

Retired, Technical, in college, nurses, doctors, waitress’s, cooks, Lawyers, cashiers, home makers.. etc.

Not showing up on the report are the 97,800 donations worth a total of $3.2 million that Sanders’ campaign said have come in since Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas.

Sanders has now received donations from 650,000 people — only 270 of whom have given the maximum allowed $2,700. The average donation was $30.


What does he offer.. The same topics every time. never changes.. already working in the Senate promoting the same ideas.

Medicare for all, Free College, NO War. Environmental. No Fracking, No Oil Pipeline.. No drilling in the Atlantic. GMO out and gone, Break up big Banks, taxing Wall Street, tax on stocks, Repair the Infrastructure, means bridges, roads etc. What more could you want?  And his obligation is to the People.. To the Voters.. He doesn’t say, I will do this or do that… He says… We will do this or do that.  So ask yourselves.. what are your priorities?





The need to change the system, to stop the republicans or democrats from rigging any or all voting systems in any or all states is a must at this point.. After Alabama’s latest activity, requiring drivers licenses for voting, then closing drivers licenses Offices in primarily black communities, these issues can no longer be tolerated.. We need a mandatory registration and voting system.. Everybody votes.. votes their choice in all elections.. If you feel its too difficult to leave your house, then have your voting info brought to you, just like the census would be.


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There’s A New Rule In Town…


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How to be Dis-Invited to The DNC Debates..

#1 You must be The Senator From Hawaii – aka .. Tulsi Gabbard

#2 You must be the vice-Chairman of the Democratic National Committee..

#3. You must publicly ask why the Number of Debates cannot be extended.

#4. You must forget that your Civil Rights to Freedom of Speech is contingent on the will of the Chairman.

#5. The chairman of the DNC Revokes your right to Free Speech and Dis-Invites you to the Debates.

Wow.. This is the Democratic National Committee?  Ran with an Iron Fist by none other than Debbie W. Shultz of Florida.. what a surprise for her to come out of florida..


Now its widely been discussed that the reason for the lack of debates was to fit Hillary Clinton’s Schedule? Right down to the comment, the NOMINATION IS BEING RIGGED …..


Someone needs to remind Debbie W. Schultz this is the Democratic National Committee.. not the Republican!!

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Just walk on by….

That in itself is a famous song.. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to homeless people daily, watching people walking past them on the street without even considering they might be desperate for help.. Its funny its become a crime in this country for homeless people to sleep in many locations. Its become a crime to offer food to homeless.. Yep, good Samaritans are actually being arrested..  You know for those of us who are blessed by having a warm or cool temperature home to live in, a bed to sleep and clothing to wear, including winter wear so that we can go out into the cold and not suffer, food in the cabinets and refrigerator..

Many are not that lucky.. they go hungry, they sleep in the cold, some actually freeze to death in winter weather.. Do we care..  How many Christians out there talk about their faith.. ask for prayers for themselves and their families.. but seldom do you ever see one of them on social media that says.. Please pray for the homeless and come help me share food and warm clothing with them. For those who talk about the return of Jesus, have you  ever stopped and wondered.. what clothing would he wear, a wrap and sandals .. would he have long hair and a beard?  Would you know him? Would he be dark skinned?  If he walked up to you and said,  My name is Jesus, can you help me..  What would your first reaction be, other than dialing 911 and telling the dispatcher that a crazy man is calling himself Jesus.  Now is this not the truth.. most of your friends would be encouraging you to get a tin hat to wear when you tell them.. I saw Jesus today..

Well, what would you do if you were walking down the street and saw a man that look a little like a famous man? Would you .. just walk on by..  Many people in New York City did..  The same people who would chase this same man for miles, just to get a photo with him.. Just to hear his voice..  See sometimes people are sure pieces of shit.


Boys and Gurls……. Mr. Richard Gere…..

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In all of my years on this earth, I have heard some pretty strange things that people believe.. and a some were way off the charts..  Like the guy who thinks that if you have solar panels on your property that you can have this dangerous spill of solar energy..  Of course we could go back a few years where the woman wrote a note to be published in a newspaper about people hunting for food, how ridiculous that was because they could buy all the meat they need from a grocery store, and no animals would be harmed.. So, your head still spinning from those two.. You haven’t seen anything yet..  Just remember this idiot woman on the image below was an elected republican official in congress.. She’s a lot like Sarah Palin.. just not sure how they managed to get on the dumb as shit train, but they both ride it..


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