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What Now?

I read a clip on Twitter just now.. “Missouri Bill Would Mandate That First Graders Take Gun Training Course

Wow, such a genius to come up with this.. So, bottom line, we keep the guns and teach the first graders to go through gun training, will they be carrying weapons to school under this mandate? Like first graders don’t truely have enough to be concerned with.. Second year of learning to read and write and enter a social structure in how to get along with others.

This brought back an old memory, in years past on our department we were required to go through a weapons training on a yearly basis, and one inclusion to the training was a video. Called “Shoot or don’t Shoot”. In this video we are given senerios on choosing when to shoot in a given situation or not to shoot. One the senerios involved a small child in a narrow alley way, of course this little one probably 5 to 6 years of age, holding a weapon pointed at the officer which would be me. Now, my choice would be to decide to shoot this child to protect myself. A choice that would tear at the very soul of any police officer. And should at any parent who would even consider placing a weapon in a child’s hands. Training or no training, what are they thinking?

In my opinion, these adults are putting themselves as the priority and using children as a scapegoat. The issues over gun control versus constitional rights is a never ending situation.

With my children, my girls were much older when they were trained in weapons. Oh yes, my children were trained to use weapons and even went through Hunter Safety courses. Why, how do I explain this to a layman, very simple. We had weapons in the house!! We had loaded handguns in the house!! Loaded handguns that were kept in our holsters in our belts, part of our uniforms. As a police officer who returns home each night in full uniform, this includes your weapon. Mine was .38, my husbands was a .357 until he upgraded to a .45. We wanted the children to know and understand how dangerous a weapon is. Now one of the training methods, you never pickup or point a weapon at another human being, unless you intend to shoot that person. Which takes the games away from playing with weapons.

So, now you have a 5 year old running around the house already with a play gun, shooting up everything from the bird, dog, mom, dad and grandparents, plus the siblings. Playing cops and robbers, cowboy and indian.. Now they want you to give this same 5 year old a real weapon with a real bullet in the chamber, and they are going to teach or train them to shoot people, but how do they untrain on them from shooting the family, neighbors, friends? After all it was okay to do it with play guns, so why isn’t it okay to do it with real guns, they are teaching them to shoot people.

You can walk your own paths, as I have mine. My children were never allowed to have play guns, second, my grandchildren have never been allowed to have play guns in my house. And if they did in their parents home, the first time they pointed the play gun, I took it away. The second time I destroyed it. So, does it sound like I have issues with children and weapons? Yes, I do.. You see at the age of 8 I received a gift from my 4 year old sister. We were playing with BBGuns out on the front porch of our Aunts home, we were shooting each other. My bbgun was empty, but my sister had one lodged inside, and after shaking that rifle around a bit, and pointing it at me and firing. I received a life long bb embedded just above my left eye into my forehead. And these people want to give 5 and 6 year olds weapons, real ones. Good luck with that, don’t call me to babysit. I’m retired.

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Questions – Questions – Questions

I noted on Lee Stranahan’s blog that he had posted a link to one man and a photo of another, advising these two men had either been doxed or fake doxed in the conclusion they might be kyanonymous. Well, after looking at both men, I have my own conclusions, it just doesn’t seem to match with either one. In the photo of ky with the gurls, and no I didn’t misspell the gurls. The height variation of Ky and the gurls shows the basic height of ky. Now although he was leaning towards the sign which means he wasn’t standing straight, he is going to top out somewhere between 6’0″ to 6’2″. Now, it is quite obvious that neither one of the young men that Lee has shown one way or the other meet that criteria.

For ky to be between 5″4′ to lets say 5’9″, each one of the females in the photo shot would have to be at least 8 to 12 inches shorter, which would put all of them well under 5’0″. Even if ky is 10 inches taller, that puts all of the girls between 5’4″ to 5’6″. Look at the photo of both men, lee has shown. Neither one will top out over 5’8″ at the very most. Although one is thin, he does not meet the lingering tall lanky look of ky in the single photo of him. Look at the arm reach, his pants show his thin frame, and he has a very long neck including the goatee under the chin. So, these are my comparisons and you can make your own. I just hate to see anyone accused of something they really didn’t do. Doesn’t matter if in the same group or associated, its just unjust to single them out, when they don’t match the basic criteria of description. I’ve also blanked out all of the faces.. Thought it might well be a point of courtesy.


As for the jokes of the day…
the serpent

I was working on an image.. and had two ideas, one for a serpent and the other for a medusa, which one would you choose?


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Truth and Lions

I ran across a very wise person, who returned a vision of light.

“Walk away from from them. Focus on truth and justice. Don’t let the pointless chase detour you. The only one that gains is people like Michelle and her friends.”

I realized exactly what the meaning of the comment made, the crazies feed on anger, and rebuttal. If ignored they have nothing to do. Immediately after I received that message, I stumbled across the face of a Lion, and realized that the image title was the absolute meaning.


I don’t have to defend the Truth, the Truth reveals and stands on its own. I only seek for Truth and Justice.

“Error fucatus nuda veritate in multis, est probabilior; et saepenumero rationibus vincit veriiatem error.Error artfully disguised is, in many instances, more probable than naked truth; and frequently error overwhelms truth by argumentation.

Veritas nimium allercando amittitur. Truth is lost by too much altercation.

Sacramentum habet in se tres comites,-veritatem, justitiam, et judicium; veritus habenda est in jurato; justitia et justicium in judice. An oath has in it three components,-truth, justice, and judgment; truth in the party swearing; justice and judgment in the judge addinistering the oath.

Fictio cedit veritati. fictio juris non est ubi veritas. Fiction yields to truth. where truth is, ficcion of law does not exist.

Qui non libere veritatem proounciat proditor est veritatis. He who does not freely speak the truth is a betrayer of the truth.

Veritas, quae minime defensatur opprimitur; et qui non improbat, approbat. Truth which is not sufficiently defended is overrowered; and he who does not disapprove, approves.

Veritas nihil veretur nisi abscondi. Truth fears nothing but concealment.”

Much like those who now stand up for Steubenville and have taken their town back, who will stand and protect their children from those online who so selfishly tried to destroy the very essence of the community and those within. The truth about those involved in creating and causing harm to this community, is going viral. All will know, all will link those who were involved. They cannot hide, and we all know the hunt by the Authorities has not been halted. And they will seek far and wide.

Truth about the Casey Anthony Video, leaked out this past week. So, where does this leave that issue? Leaves posters remembering the past year and the created harassment against people online, and the names thrown, along with images that only a mad person would seek out, knowing that they were only seeking to cover up lies and injustice.

This was symbolic in the situation of Simon Barrett. A Truth-seeker he is, a Reporter in article and on Blog Radio. And when those who attempted to manipulate this man found he could not be manipulated and he would expose the truth. And he would stand for Truth and Justice, the attacks were on. Threats were made.

The same With Timothy Holmseth, the same with Lee Stranahan. I’ve seen the lies of comparison attack. One from Texas – a radioman himself, claimed that there is an investigation in Texas against Lee. Well, those of you who have good common sense must realize, Family Services do not release information on their investigation, especially to a man who lies behind a radio microphone that lives in another state.

Again, one has to ask themselves.. if these people continue putting out information pertaining to investigations.. How do they obtain this information. Its not online, law enforcement does not reveal their strategy and what they are investigating. And especially one Branch, the FBI tells NOTHING.. You don’t know their coming until they bang on your door, and your friends and fellow bedfellows in crime don’t know they’ve been there, nor where you’ve gone.

Its time for those on the internet to look about and ask themselves, do I really know this person next to you, who is not telling the truth and creating abuse and harm to others? Do I really want to be part of this. In each group in society, you will find those who enter into the group who has the intent of creating harm, controlling others, seeking fame and fortune at any other persons expense. Yet, the members of these groups are lead like sheet and cattle into situations that they themselves must fear that dreaded knock at the door.

It does little good later when the knocks have begun to stand and swear it wasn’t me, it was her / him. I didn’t do anything wrong!! The truth and reality is, you did something wrong and you did so willingly. You willingly allowed yourselves to be drawn into these issues. Therefore the fault also lands with you. You did nothing to stop those who’s only intent was to cause harm. You failed to draw away, you ran into the abyss with them. That is the true abyss, that others in the past few years have lingered on, too blind to face the truth, too blind to want to see the truth and allowed themselves to become part of a band of vendetta that they themselves had no reason to cause such harm.

Even the vast group of anonymous who’s intents originally were to stand for truth and justice, to defend those who were being violated and harmed by the system and by others. This vast group only to be infiltrated by those who’s hearts are dark and shameless, to manipulate the very being of this group. To claim factions of this group to protect the essence of evil, to harm innocence. To act as a destructive force against truth and justice.

We all live in a society of struggle in life and income, yet we all must do the very best we can. I’ve seen in the past years, families who have lost their homes due to lack of work, having to take jobs of lesser income, yet still unable to pay for a mortgage that was created by the ballooning of our economy. I’ve seen the vastness of empty homes, many where the families packed only their clothes and children’s toys and left the homes, leaving everything they had worked so hard to obtain. No city or town is exempt. Many of these families became and still are homeless. Yet they still struggle to live. Many are living on subsistence from the state. Yet, I’ve also seen those employed by the same agency’s, steal the subsistence for themselves.

Which there again shows, that you will always have a criminal activity within any situation. I feel its one thing to loose your home because you have no money to pay the bills, and another to have the money yet refuse or fail to pay the bills. Does this exist, yes it does. My heart goes out to families who have lost everything at no fault of their own, but not a drop of concern who feel they are exempt from the very moral fibers they are suppose to contain.

I’ve lived in the world of law enforcement, i’ve known many officers in many different agency’s, i’ve known many people in the court systems, employees, elected officials, lawyers and Judges. And i’ve always wanted to believe that each and everyone of them also took the oaths required, as a belief in how one should live and treat others. I’ve been disappointed many times by watching those within falter and slip into the dark side, yet the reality is many were already in the dark side, yet used the position they acquired as method to obtain, to harm, to destroy others.

I’ve felt it unjust when an attorney would require a million dollar fee for representation, yet as time would pass and truth and justice prevail, that attorney would show its true side and suddenly an attorney no more. You ask whom? F Lee Bailey..
A true powerful and wide spread media Attorney, one who covered cases nationally. One who’s very name would strike fear in other attorneys hearts. Yet, he faltered and an Attorney no more. Why? The misuse of money.

So, does justice and truth prevail? In time it always does. No criminal in our society can ever admit, my day will come. They live in a vacuum of denial, conceived with the thoughts; “I’m above the law”.

I look at Mark Fuhrman, a prior detective with LAPD, one who testified against OJ Simpson. For whatever reason, the path he choose in an instant to walk on the dark side.. He found himself paying a life destroying price, which seems to linger with him even after so many years. OJ walked free, but Fuhrman didn’t. One for murder, the other for a racial remark and not being honest. Amazing isn’t it? A major high profile case in California, that so many years later I find 3 people involved in the Haleigh and Caylee case’s, that were actually involved in this Simpson case. Isn’t it so very odd? To find 3 old friends from the Simpson case in 1994-95, involved in a missing child’s case in 2008 and 2009.

Someday, I hope to have the opportunity to ask Mark Fuhrman if he knew these three people.

So, you must stop and ask yourselves, why are so many people within a group involved in each and every missing child, murdered child, murdered victim cases? why are they so intent to continue following all of them, even to a rape case in Steubenville. What are the benefits? What are the agenda’s. Does it involve money? Does it involve notoriety? Or has each time in each case effected the outcome of the case? One has to ask, if the Casey Anthony trial had not been so effected by the media, by the arm chair detectives pushing and promoting their opinions, could the result of the trial have been different? We know that the reactions and behavior in the steubenville trial has been effected by these very actions, but this time the reality brought forth was the armchair detective, to anonymous who then brought the media. Stop and think about this.. The media is the answer for coverage, and the anonymous was the means to attract the media, especially trying to resolve and throw attention away from the civil lawsuit brought forth finally against the arm chair blogger. Are their methods changing? Or was it the choice of case that caused the problem, bad choices bring different reactions.

Lets be honest here, I’ve heard the Aruba stories.. probably you know many of those involved you are not aware of. These people in a specific grouping were involved. Look at who the posters were on Anna Nicole Smith.. Maybe we should title them, “The Followers”. Ask yourself again, why do they go from case to case.. and leave destruction and distraction in the wake? What are the agenda’s? Is it Money and Notoriety? All seem to follow behind Tim Miller, you find Tim’s name on a case.. look for “The Followers”. Are they searchers? Or are they there with the intent to cause disruption? The division of Scared Monkeys and those who were banned over Aruba. Thats a story within itself. Who and why were so many banned from Red’s house of monkeys. Oh didn’t you know, the co-owner of Scared Monkeys is called Red and he lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

By the way, Google is a great place to start looking for information.

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Words of Wisdom

The truth just keeps slipping out, as hard as the crazies have tried to keep it hidden in that black plastic bag.. Its just not working. And now they are openly posing as Anon’s. Is this smart, I don’t think so.. Somebody’s just not playing with a full deck it seems. And as usual its going to be one of the crazy’s, why would I say that. well check out the fake name they used.. and then check out the tweets below. Oddly enough they tried to combine both Nikki and Stranahan, hmm is there a message in this?




Now, lets see what Stranahan has to tell us…





Since the Prinnie wants to claim the fame nationwide for what was reported out of Steubenville, then by all rights she must hold the legal blame for what occurred that caused harm to the other citizens of Steubenville. And face the consequences along with the other trolls who walk the same path she does.

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I just went to the site and read the petition, and have no doubt who was the fool who set it up. Now, the questions begin.
1. Did you use your real name when you set it up Serpent?
2. Did you use your address they can contact you at?
3. How about your phone number and your email address?

So, lets look at this skilled petitioners ability to write a petition to stop this man from benefiting, from a missing child.. Oh yes, all that sign the petition have to give their real names and address’s and phone numbers. You see its required on all petitions, and the 5 signatures, oh by the way, they fall under the issues of being public. Ready for the biggest laugh of the year? I’ll explain it to you in a minute, I’m still laughing at this.

“we petition the obama administration to:

Stop people like Timothy Charles Holmseth from scamming/ profiteering off of murdered children such as Haleigh Cummmings

Timothy Charles Holmseth is running a scam on his website, he is claiming that Haleigh Cummings, a 5-year-old girl from Satsuma, FL that was murdered in 2009, is alive, despite law enforcement stating she was the victim of a homicide.

The motive for Holmseth wanting people to think she is alive is because he wants them to donate to his website, and wants to fool the uneducated fringe followers of this case that he is searching for her.

Basically he is running a scam off the back of a murdered child. He wrote a book, and is now displaying a “donate” button on his website.

Legislation needs to be passed that makes it a felony for scammers such as Holmseth to profit or attempt to off a murdered child.

Created: Jan 25, 2013

Issues: Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement”

Now, anyone who wants to rush over and sign this petition, oh please do. We want the world to become part of this petition, and we want this issue brought out to light and to be investigated. We want the President to read this and say, well we really need to call the FBI and tell them, you need to investigate this entire issue before we decide to send it to Congress. We want the FBI to pull up the name Timothy Holmseth, and all of its cross links of names, locations, places, involvements as per Haleigh Cummings. And we want the FBI to contact PCSO and FDLE and ask them, hey if yous guys think this child is dead, why do you have an active Amber Alert out for her, and why is she listed as Missing and Endangered? Cause we got this petition from ________ of _________ and their telling us you think she’s dead.. Oh please go over and sign that petition.. it has alot of signatures to go before this lands into the Governments hands. So, rush right over..

Now, if this petition was accepted, it might cause;
1. an investigation into the donations and funds obtained out of the Haleighbug Center, Haleighbug Foundation and least of all the little paypal button that was on the site. And any other donation issues that came up leading from the Haleigh Cummings case.. Donations and funds for Misty and Tommy and their bond?? Also their canteen and phone money, and then of course the Lisa donations.. Radio remembers those well, how about you Executioner? This was before Hollys ride on the wild side, but not Prinnies.. How about you Mcnutt?
2. a final determination, that no one from the internet, staff involved in the case or others involved directly or indirectly would be able to benefit on any missing / dead child, or any other cases like the one in Ohio.. where donations began for Attorney Fees. Will put a stop to anyone benefiting financially from any case such as this.
3. might well initiate a law against interference in cases, such as the Haleigh case, or the Casey Anthony case, or the case in Ohio that could predudice the citizens in a community, and cause issues in any defendant having a fair trial, or the state being able to prosecute without interference.

So, you think you got ole Timmy huh.. would seem to me you played right into it.. and me, I’m loving it. Somebody, wasn’t thinking very clearly when they did this.. its gonna come right back and bite you in the ASS.. I love it.. You idiots just made my day. Put your own necks in the noose and no one ask you to. Thanks alot Executioner, now you can go back and start sipping that box wine, your gonna need to be good and drunk when reality sets in!! By the way what was that amount of money that DJay1031 aka Donna was bragging that you guys had collected? (quote) ” A Million was it? And what was that about Kim Picazios Green Fried Tomatoes took it over the Top.”(unquote) Damn girl, if I had made those comments on twitter, she’d be threatening to sue me.. Did you guys report any of this to the IRS, or was it just for reporting on Twitter?

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Time to look at Reality

There is an old childrens rhyme; “Birds of a Feather flock together, so do Pigs and Swine, Rats and Mice have their choice, and so shall I have mine”.

Quite simple, you are judged by your choice of person you associate with. That people who are alike tend to mingle together. This is what your currently watching on the internet. On certain Blogs and on Twitter. I’ve been blasted, bullied, harassed, threatened and stalked over my choice of belief in not only a missing child’s case, but also the friends and associates I have chosen to trust. Many terrible comments have been thrown out against not only me, but those I associate with. Why? Fear!! Fear of the truth being revealed.

Now, people can either be honest in life and do the right things, or they can choose the other path and do things that cause harm to others. They will go to no extent to shut the truth up!! This is what we see right now going on. Those that flock with them are of equal charecter. All of them live in glass houses just like everyone else does, and they fear above all, the truth about their lives being revealed. So, use threats to stop others from revealing these sorted truths. Some take action and make attempts to destroy others lives. There is no extent they wouldn’t attempt to cover their own privacy and hidden problems and agenda’s. Yet, without doubt they attack others trying to expose anything and everything they can about them. Even to the point of using pawns to attack others. The question is, if we do not have intigrity within our lives, what do we have?

Life now is difficult for many people, earning an income or acquiring some form of legal income is difficult. We all have living expenses to pay, many with children to support. Some live on small incomes and learn to adapt and live within that rhelm taking care of the themselves, yet never abuse others. Whereas others have high incomes and can affort to live in a highter bracket of life. There are some who are never satisified with what they have, and want more only to impress their neighbors and friends. There was a time when people cared about one another, and helped each other out during the bad times. Such as the depression, even further back after the Civil War. They carried food and clothing to their neighbors knowing that this effort would be returned if needed. So, why have we come to this point where its destroy your neighbor? The internet has brought people together as neighbors from very far distances.

Yet, what do we have? We have groups who deliberately cause harm and tell untruths to harm others, others that are their internet neighbors. We now have a group of young people who wear mask and use the name anonymous, their banter is to protect those who are being violated by others and the government and countries around the world. Yet, when one who is being violated by others already, is singled out by this group of Anon to be attacked and shut up. In plain language, why would a group of young people allow themselves to be so manipulated and lied to, and they cannot see the truth? And would use their forces they believe behind them to attack someone. What is the purpose of their defense of freedom of speech, if they violate anothers freedom of speech, only because they themselves have been lied to and manipulated into believing something that isn’t true.

These young people seem to have a major issue with authority, yet they are taking the action of authority to use against others and even against authority. How do you separate this? You are either there for the purpose of good to protect others and cause no harm, or you are harm coming at anyone who disagrees with you, or your sorted friends. One must look within themselves and ask the question, is this what I want to be in life?
A danger to society as a whole, a controlling group of anarchist!!

I separate myself from the crazy’s on many issues. I feel that losing faith that a child is still alive and can be found, that I would be failing that child. I look into her heart and know that she wants people to remember her and look for her. Yet I battle an evil force that demands that all believe she is dead. Why? Why do they demand that she is dead? There is an agenda here that others don’t see or don’t want to see. What if it was your child? Would you want people to just cave in to the demands of a group of crazy’s who demand the child is dead? Would you not ask why they want her to be believed a dead child? To what benefit does this acquire in this belief. Does it protect someone who might know the truth, and they don’t want the exposure.. These questions everyone should ask. Why do you demand that this child is dead? What evidence is there to promote this belief. There is no evidence. If these people know this child is dead, do they have evidence? Have they gone to the LE and presented this evidence? The answer is NO, they just want this child to be presumed dead. Why? Ask yourselves Why?

Another issue, that I separate myself from, is knowing exactly what has occurred in the last two years in the constant attacks and harassment of Tim Holmseth. No one comes to any of you and says you have to like this man. But, I have been there and know everything that has occurred in his life, and with his children. And there have been issues that have occurred this past year and a half that make me absolutely furious with those who attack not only him but his children. What kind of a monster is there that calls a young girl a pedofile? With no evidence of such a crime? And puts it all over the internet? An innocent 16 year old child labeled as such, to who’s benefit was this? To who’s benefit was a 6 year old child pushed to the breaking point and put into a psych ward? Who was involved in this? How would any of you like to have your lives so intensly invaded that it would effect your children’s well being? I’ve seen the accusations of child abuse in a court document, yet with a audio tape of the incidence proving the accusation was a lie. I’ve seen the document, I’ve got a copy of the tape. And that tape is far more widespread in the legal community than anyone can imagine.

One would think that people in general would be raised with the concept of cause no harm, thats not reality. People I have found will cause as much harm to others as they possible can, and on the internet live in the falsehood that they cannot be found, cannot be uncovered, cannot be discovered, and cannot be held responsible for their actions. I find this appalling. What is amazing, people want to believe lies. People believe, Oh I read it on the internet, by other bloggers so it must be true. If the pit of your stomach tells you, something isn’t right here.. Then stop, and start seeking the truth. Don’t repeat gossip or blatent lies. Look at the harm that has been done.. With families, with a case in Ohio.. When I read articles put up on radio and by the execution and other twitter creatures, the one thought that comes to mind, “The Devil is a Liar”. And by believing the lies, they have planted a seed within those who follow and promote and protect. Maybe you should ask yourself when you think of Tim Holmseth, why do they want you to think he’s bad? why do they want you to think he’s crazy? Why do they insist he is a conspiracy theorist? Why would they tell you such tales about his homelife and family, did you ever ask yourself.. How do they know this information? Why would they seek this information? To what benefit is there for you to believe these tales of woe? If this man was so bad why did people want him to write articles for them about them? How did Holmseth come into the Haleigh case, is it because Cobra found his songs he wrote and sang on youtube? Or was it the articles he was writing in the BIOFUELS MAGAZINES? Why does he have hundreds of audio tapes of conversations? Enough to fill a book? Why would he have written a section in the beginning of his book, telling you the public that at one time he was an alcholic, and that he had actually died from his condition and he honestly told about his experiences in hell. Generally this is deemed, a near death experience, and his was awful. No bright light, no comfort, no wanting to stay in this place of comfort and love. His experience was so horrifing, that when he was revived, he never drank again. He changed his life entirely. If someone else had told you this story about someone else, all would be impressed and believers that a person can survive these ordeals.. But, you people have been so conditioned by the crazies, that you look a this and say its Tims crazy shit. The reality here is YOU are conditioned to believe bad things about him are the truth, versus seeking the real truth. It Means YOU people have been manipulated, conned, lied to, and dragged down a sorted path by the nose. Have you checked to see where you left your soul lately? He told the story at the beginning of his book, because the crazy’s were all ready after him. Anyone mention the harassing phone calls he received, from Biaz law office, the Huddlehouse, the FBI.. all spoofed, did anyone tell you how his family was so harassed and threatened, his daughter was terrified. Did anyone tell you about the death threats? Shooting through his front door? Sound familiar? How would you like to live under those conditions? How would you like to have your children live under those conditions.. How about comments such as if you don’t stop and take that shit off the web, we’re gonna have your kids taken away from you..

Do you know, that when his son was a tiny infant, Tim wrote a letter for his son. He didn’t live with the child, but he wrote this infant a letter to be read to the baby. In reading the letter, you imagine yourselves with your own tiny people, tickling their toes, and playing with their little fingers and tickling their little tummies, kissing their necks. Yet, the crazy’s took this innocent letter and posted it in fragments and made it look like Tim was being crazy with this child. Do you see the point of how far they would go to abuse. Do any of you know who Rhonda is? or how this poster would have this information from Rhonda? Seek it out, now read..




What it boils down to.. The next time something is written on about Holmseth or me.. why don't you people stop long enough to ask one question. "To What purpose does this article serve?" "Who hates either Holmseth or I enough to have this vile published?" "To whom does it satisfy to have these comments posted?" Ask enough questions and the truth will reveal itself. If you cannot seek the truth, go back to putting your heads in the sand and being used and manipulated. Someday, you will all look back on this, and those who have been used and manipulated will suffer the shame of your involvement. Its your face you look into daily in the mirror. Anyone of you want to put yourselves in Tims shoes, or mine? SEEK THE TRUTH !!

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The Executioner’s Self-Made Fool.

Yep, someone told me there was another little segment posted over at the crazy site.. And of course its the executioner making a fool of itself again. Just can’t help itself, the silly serpent.

I guess you forgot, or you just didn’t read well enough, but about a month ago, I posted a photo of me in Uniform. And since the photo was quite old, it rather goes along with the truth doesn’t it? Another, one of your, “I just have to make a fool of myself today”. Second, I don’t have to prove a damn thing to you, you can think as you please.. Just remember, I know your biggest fears.

You accuse others of being liars, as well as call anyone telling the truth as crazy thats your gimic for trying to cover up the truth. You’ve lied so much over the last year, I really don’t know how you manage to keep up with them. And there are times you forgot where you put them, and they will in time catch up with you. Why should anyone believe what you say? Because you tell them to? That says a great deal for the people who hang near you does it not? Either they are just plain stupid, niave or they have the same basic charecter you have. Evil right to the bone.

And by the way. The accusation of my boy friend, well I would say the one your directing that at, he’s probably your age, and I’m not a cougar. Thats your job not mine. Of course a man your age you wouldn’t be attracted to, now would you? What is your preference? A man in his early to mid 20’s? And one already in a relationship with a young attractive woman his own age? So what makes a woman hitting 40 or closing in on 50 think that a young 20 ish year old man would even look at them? Oh the experienced woman? Right, experienced at what? I’ve heard tales of this before, and later on the 20 ish year old male, would swear before Jesus it only happened because she got me drunk. Yep.. Isn’t that scary? Why does this sound so much like an older male getting a younger female drunk just to have his way with her? Is there a difference? Is it Sordid? Oh Yes.. And does the world around see it as such? Oh Yes.. The fear of growing old, and not being attractive any longer sets and waits for all. And I can set back and smile and say, your day will come. And you won’t even realize how soon that will be.

So, the conclusion to this tale, is the executioner has again made a fool of itself once again. It just can’t stay away, even though all it has left is to make up another tale to impress its friends. Sounds alot like a juvenile in middle school. Maybe thats your problem, you didn’t grow emotional after middle school, have a stunt in growing up did you? Still acting like a bully, harassing people? What was it 14 forever? I can hear you now, “oh your such a liar”, Mom, they lied about me? Mom, why is everybody crazy and liars but me? Bet you had a heck of a time in middle school, just hating everybody. And the truth is, you don’t like yourself and you think everyone else can see you for the person you really are. Do you try to sweet talk people? Manipulate? That one only goes so far. Bet when you pull stunts like that and after you walk away, people are rolling all over the floor laughing at you. So, next time stop and turn around and look. If they haven’t hit the floor yet its going to be in their eyes.

Best thing for you to do executioner, you silly serpent.. take your toys and go home. You and your friends can play another day. 🙂

preferences, early to mid 20’s? preferrable in a relationship with a younger woman? Too bad so sad. ——

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