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Now Lets Get Angry..

Lets talk about another member of our Federal law enforcement…  Who is he and what did he do…




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Seems there is a great deal of talk about members of the Government involved in Child abduction, molesting.. Is it a case of tin hat, arm chair investigations needed, with lots of conspiracy theories.. Or is there a great deal of reality?


Now, this photo comparison was not put out by anyone in our country, it was put together in the UK.. and apparenly by law enforcement..


It seems the boys were in portugal the night Madeleine disappeared, in fact they were at a residence of a known pedephyle  1/3 of a mile from the apartment Madeleine disappeared from.

My question, why haven’t they yanked them both up and taken to the UK..


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Drumbeats heard at Standing Rock


“Pipeline easement denied. Construction will stop. BREAKING NEWS”

After a number of Senator’s and Representatives stood up against the Pipeline, and our Veterans chose to fly, drive and march to Standing Rock to stand vigil between the Domestic Terrorist, past known as Law Enforcment, and the protestors.

Law Enforcment chose to back down, and now the Army Corp of Engineers have chosen to deny the easement, and stop the pipeline.

Yes, there is celebration..


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