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Well, radio, and you note you haven’t been rodeo since she stopped posting as the radio..

Happy as a lark that you are turning all of your little spill over to the FBI to figure out, doesn’t hurt my heart a bit.. They are more than welcome to come in and check out by blog.. anytime they want,  and while they are.. they get to check out everything on radionewz, cause your not dumb enough to think they would come and check one and not the other, and not cover every site that your radionewz lands on , or who talked about little ole me, or Ace.. The Official Ace..  They even get a change to look at the drafts I’ve made and never  posted, and a few little articles and emails not shown to the world..  You know, when a name is mentioned in any form of an investigation which you are asserting that is on its way..  That name is gonna be run on their computers and lets see how many times certain names bounce around..

Hey if  you haven’t turned the shit over to the FBI yet, I’m standing here supporting it a 100 percent.. go for it lune..  I’m waiting for them  to come visit..   You can give them my email address since all of you crazy’s have used it at one time or the other..  It hasn’t changed at all.

This is mcgreggorsback..  no ace talking.. just encase you don’t have enough common sense to tell the difference..  :@)    

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And the wheels keep turning round n round

As usual, the story line on radionewz is same ole.. they comment that posters around murt have deserted him. How easily the readers of the crazy’s can be fooled. Everyone is still here watching and waiting and listening.. We all know that this is another distraction.. And what is it covering up this time.. We aren’t having a problem recognizing whats going on. And as far as the little Spanish incantation of murt being referred to as Grande.. forget it.. You never used it before, and your not about to know and think we’re fooled by it.. So, the radio of a year and a half, Judy F. S, has now gone back to do what she’s suppose to.. helping run the guest ranch.. Sure her brother appreciates her assistance, and I’m sure her attorney appreciates her back on the sale of the house. So what ever else their trying to cover up.. Forget it.. We also know that what ever is going to happen in Mn, is gonna happen.. not up to any of the crazys, murt, TH or anyone else tagged into this.. Its gonna be the Judge.. so you might just stop trying so hard. Just not working.. We’re bored of the whole mess.. as you can tell.

What was that remark made by Ace to Radiownewz about being a lesbian?? does that match the cute little photo I had used last week.. Australia BrunoScreenShot1250cc


















Other wise.. just consider us.. Bored….BORED…. BORED…




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Oh Nancy Grace has made the big time..

Now the question is, what idiot has been talking to Nancy Grace?  The same Idiot that encourage Nancy Grace to go on National TV and made the comment that Haleigh Cummings was brutally murder..   The point is only a few people set on the premise, since she wasn’t found.. she has to be dead….

Has anyone seen a poster, website or tv advertisement that says… Haleigh Cummings presumed Dead?    No, none of you have.. For those who want to believe this child is no longer alive, what in the hell do you get out of this?   I can imagine that there are some people who will benefit.. there always is..    But while the serpent with all of her slimy ego that boost..  Oh Nancy Grace said Haleigh was Dead..  Good luck on this..  I have no doubt, Nancy Grace is only going on a premise of getting a bit of attention.. Just like the Serpent does.. consistently..    Now, I would love to see the serpent and Nancy grace stand up, look Marie Griffis, Crystal Sheffield, and Teresa Neves in the eye and tell them, that Haleigh is dead!!   Want to to see this..  Serpent you think your better than those three women.. I think not..  I think your rather trashy compared to all three women.   And Nancy grace, is only in it for the numbers and the money, she doesn’t care if Haleigh is found or not..

Oddly enough, I still have faith that there will come a day, when a child by the name of Haleigh Cummings is found..  And the rest of you crazy’s  will have to stand up and explain, just how she managed to come back to life.   And while your waiting, why not contact the following agencies and explain to them how you and nancy have come to a conclusion about this child, that these agencies aren’t in agreement with..


Oddly enough, some people think they know more than Law Enforcement.. PCSO, FDLE, FBI.. Thats the crazy’s for you, and nancy grace has joined their group.

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Ted Cruz takes Dr. Seuss To Congress

As part of the Congressional Record.. we now realize that Dr. Seuss,  has finally hit the  top of the Hill..    dr, Seuss

We were sure that Dr. Seuss had reached his all time importance when he was place not only in every child’s home, nursery, day care, library, made into cartoons, and played on the big screen as well as tv.  They actually made him into a Stamp..  stamp

But as of yesterday..  Our friend and mentor of critic phrases, and the all time Green Eggs and Ham.. is now part of the Congressional Record..   Shall we thank Ted Cruz for doing this or should we look at him and wonder if he by chance gets bored easy or has little to no imagination..   Course we see alot of that on the internet..

Rep Cruz has turned to  Dr. seuse goes to congress

Of course there is no better ending than a bit of humor to add to the Green Eggs and Ham..  Thank you ..


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This has nothing to do with Politics..

This has to do with sensationalism, and misrepresentation of facts and history..   I for one think that it should be boycotted.  I’m not a Republican,  I am a Democrat.. as I said t his has nothing to do with Politics..  Its about telling the truth.  I also agree.. Jane Fonda has no business playing the part of the first lady..  I also remember her actions  from the days of Vietnam and her lack of loyalty to our men who were fighting and dying for her option of freedom and right to stand up in Vietnam and betray her own country.

This is the movie review by Ronald Reagan’s son.  No Hollywood sugar coating here…


The Butler

By Michael Reagan | Aug 22, 2013 |

There you go again, Hollywood .

You’ve taken a great story about a real person and real events and twisted it into a bunch of lies.

You took the true story of Eugene Allen, the White House butler who served eight presidents from 1952 to 1986, and turned it into a clichéd “message movie.”

“Lee Daniels’ The Butler’” stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, a fictional character supposedly based on Eugene Allen’s real life.

But let’s compare the two White House butlers.

Guess which one grew up in segregated Virginia , got a job at the White House and rose to become maître d’hôtel, the highest position in White House service?

Guess which one had a happy, quiet life and was married to the same woman for 65 years? And who had one son who served honorably in Vietnam and never made a peep of protest through the pre- and post-civil rights era?

Now guess which butler grew up on a Georgia farm, watched the boss rape his mother and then, when his father protested the rape, watched the boss put a bullet through his father’s head?

Guess which butler feels the pain of America ’s racial injustices so deeply that he quits his White House job and joins his son in a protest movement?

And guess which butler has a wife (Oprah Winfrey) who becomes an alcoholic and has a cheap affair with the guy next door? (I’m surprised it wasn’t the vice president.)

After comparing Hollywood ’s absurd version of Eugene Allen’s life story with the truth, you wonder why the producers didn’t just call it “The Butler from Another Planet.”

Screenwriter Danny Strong says he was trying to present a “backstage kind of view of the White House” that portrayed presidents and first ladies as they really were in everyday life.

Well, I was backstage at the White House — a few hundred times. I met and knew the real butler, Mr. Allen, and I knew a little about my father.

Portraying Ronald Reagan as a racist because he was in favor of lifting economic sanctions against South Africa is simplistic and dishonest.

If you knew my father, you’d know he was the last person on Earth you would call a racist.

If Strong had gotten his “facts” from the Reagan biographies, he’d have learned that when my father was playing football at Eureka College one of his best friends was a black teammate.

Strong also would have learned that my father invited black players home for dinner and once, when two players were not allowed to stay in the local hotel, he invited them to stay overnight at his house.

Screenwriter Strong also might have found out that when my father was governor of California he appointed more blacks to positions of power than any of predecessors — combined.

It’s appalling to me that someone is trying to imply my father was a racist. He and Nancy and the rest of the Reagan family treated Mr. Allen with the utmost respect.

It was Nancy Reagan who invited the butler to dinner – not to work but as guest. And it was my father who promoted Mr. Allen to maître d’hôtel.

The real story of the White House butler doesn’t imply racism at all. It’s simply Hollywood liberals wanting to believe something about my father that was never there.

My father’s position on lifting the South African sanctions in the ‘80s had nothing to do with the narrow issue of race. It had to do with the geopolitics of the Cold War.

But facts don’t matter to Hollywood ’s creative propagandists. Truth is too complicated and not dramatic enough for scriptwriters, who think in minute terms, not the big picture, when it comes to a conservative.

Despite what Hollywood ’s liberal hacks believe, my father didn’t see people in colors. He saw them as individual Americans. If the liberals in Hollywood — and Washington — ever start looking at people the way he did, the country will be a lot better off.

Jane Fonda (better known as Hanoi Jane by those my age) playing Nancy Reagan is an outrage, and an insult to all of us that served in Viet Nam !

Send this to your friends and children too young to know about this Traitor…



What a disgrace to Mrs. Nancy Reagan! Boycott this movie!

America we must not forget


This cannot go around too much. Those of us that were living
in those years will never forget that she was a traitor and did
a lot of damage to our boys.

She has now been chosen to play Nancy Reagan in her life story.
I am sending this one out because so many do not know this truth…and
also because she was on 3 times this week talking about her new book…
And how good she feels in her 70’s. She still does not know what she
did wrong. Her book just may not make the best seller list if more people knew…
Barbara Walters said:
Thank you all. Many died in Vietnam for our freedoms. I did not like
Jane Fonda then and I don’t like her now.



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Did you guys hear about that huge deep sink hole in Florida..  Some say it was in Orlando near Disney World..   Some say that executioner was talking to itself as Abbadon when it occurred. Image



They also say its lucky that the crazy executioner didn’t drive right smack off into the hole.. What it was doing down there.. no one knows,  See does it live in florida,  only its closest friends know for sure..  Of course had it driven off into the pit, it would have blamed Murt. That is if it  had ever found its way out of that deep endless pit.  Yea, but executioner is familiar with pits.. Serpents have no problems slithering in and out of holes. 



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Looks Just Like My Suit

Darn, if that suit she’s wearing looks just like the one I bought last winter at Macy’s .  They have great plus sizes don’t they.. Now, mine’s a 14, but the one in the photo on Radionewz, looks like it might be a 16.. Is it?  Isn’t it scary that people have the same taste and almost sizes in clothing..   You should see the violet dress I found there last summer.. 


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