Response to clinton voters..

18 Dec

This was written specifically for the voters who think she has the election in a bag.. yeah her handbag..

“An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton Supporters

Dear friends,

When you ask

“Will you vote for Hillary Clinton if Bernie doesn’t win?”

It shows you don’t get what this is about.

We aren’t Democrats.

We’re revolutionaries.

We want to change the world.

We want to save our country.

This isn’t something we take lightly.

We usually vote for Democrats because the Republican party is ludicrous and the Democrat is usually closer to what we are trying to attain.

This isn’t about one candidate being a little better than the other.

This is a revolution.

This is about THE REAL PEOPLE versus The 1%.

A candidate funded By The People will be For The People.

One funded by banks, big oil and our corrupt prison system does not represent us.

We don’t like Hillary.

She’s dishonest.

She’s polarizing.

She’s opportunistic.

She’s not a good person and she would make an awful POTUS.

We tried to ignore her, but she attacked our leader so we make it known that she is not to be trusted.

Don’t ask us if we would vote for her.

It’s like asking someone who is dying of thirst to drink sand.

We don’t respect her.

She is not an option.

She is not on our radar.

She doesn’t represent us.

Don’t expect us to be excited about one corporate shill over another.

They are two cheeks on the same swollen, varicose ass.

We’re not interested in being lied to anymore.

We are done being nice.

We are done being patient.

Our environment is wrecked.

Our middle-class is gone.

Our citizens are murdering one another.

We don’t want another pacifier.

This is a zero sum game.

Bernie wins or we write him in.

Understand that.

Bernie wins or we write him in.


That’s our insurance policy against a candidate who has lost our trust…

And our way of tributing a man who earned our respect.

Don’t talk to me about The Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party lied to us.

We no longer care about The Democratic Party.

You dare use the word unelectable when the only constant thing about your candidate is her vagina…

And she mentions that 9,000 times in four months!?!

We’ve looked at the numbers.

The REAL numbers!!

And it is Hillary who cannot win.

She tried to cheat us and now she has lost our charity.

She’s GOP-Lite.

She’s part of the problem.

If you vote for her, YOU are part of the problem.

Your choices for President are Bernie Sanders or whatever joke comes out of that Tea Party/Trump mess.

Don’t talk to us about how we have to vote for Hillary to avoid Trump being President.

You can’t ask us to vote for the lesser of two evils.

If you throw your vote away on HRC it will be YOU who is to blame for the Republican President.

The Republicans know they can beat her.

This is why they have started to say that she would make a great President.

Republicans hate her and Democrats are divided against her.

Two times she has tried this and both times she ran into candidates of destiny.

Fifty years from now people will be talking about Bernie’s legendary campaign and Presidency.

Will you be the one who keeps quiet because you know you voted for the wrong side of history?

It is Hillary who is unelectable.

She was unelectable in 2008 and nothing has changed except we have a better candidate this time.

If she couldn’t beat Obama who Republicans hate…

Then she can’t beat Sanders who unites both parties.

HRC cannot win.

And by the last day of February..

This will be abundantly clear “

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