Corruption of the DNC?

20 Dec

DNC Vice Chair Rybak: Wasserman Schultz “Went On Television And Repeated A Knowing Untruth About Tulsi Gabbard” Untitled20151220184802“Friday evening on MSNBC’s MTP Daily Democratic National Committee vice chair R.J. Rybak, the former mayor of Minneapolis, defended his leadership colleague Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), also a vice chair at the DNC, from attacks launched on her by the party chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). ”

It seems the DNC is running in a direction only to defend and support one candidate in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and in doing so has set up is own defense to protect and shield herself. But of course in doing so she attacks the Vice Chairs who are standing up against her.

During this past week, an issue erupted where DWS from the DNC immediately shut off the access to the Bernie Sanders Database..

#1. by doing so she, Debbie W. Schultz violated the DNC policy.

But the action was done so anyway and accusations thrown out by members of the IT Tech team, claiming a major violation, when in reality it wasn’t and a statement by the Tech company placed online as an apology advised that it occurred while a patch was being added to the program, thus the firewall was down..  They lead the world to believe that while this innocent action was occurring that a lone wolf from the Sanders camp was waiting just for that short moment of time to jump into the Clinton database, as if they knew this small window of time was going to occur.. Or was there by chance a re-direct added in the software that automatically took the sanders IT to the clinton file?  Hey guys, computers only do what you tell it to, and you tell it what to do by writing elements into the program..  as simple as a simple instruction <Go to>. Well we all know the best defense is an offense, which of course means, if you want to get into their file you accuse them of being into yours first, shut the thing down, and then play like your innocent as a lamb, and the realty your really the damn wolf in the hen house. and you have 24 hours to play.  Lets see what the Judge has to say in the hearing.. The lawsuit was filed.


Now, the hill put out an email today, telling her younger supporters how all might be lost for the primary.. with her losing the 3rd Debate, thats an admission folks.. 12376825_10206329792057508_4714553891599893939_n

So, whats the response .. to all of this, well suddenly people are receiving emails and wondering, “How the hell did the clinton team get my email address.


Defense .. Offense .. DNC Involvement??


And finally the groups are now filled with questions and forms.. all geared to manipulate people in signing an agreement on who they will vote for..


I went over to the hill site and dropped the copy of and told them their puppy had gotten lost and wandered into the Bernie Groups and I was returning it and hoping they would keep it at home. Not welcome on my page.  Got news for the hill… Its Bernie for the Primary.. and Bernie for the General.. and no one else..  So..  When this happens.. Untitled20151218141132

This happens:




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