Trump’s Wild Follower’s.

10 Dec

In the past few months the Trump aka the Donald has been deemed by psychiatrist as being an extreme narcissist. His truth level is about a minus 3 and thats on bad days most days it could reap up to a minus 10.

The man is ruthless, and has no filter on what comes out of his mouth.. For some reason he draws in people who seem to just love his radical stance. His major endorsement has actually come from white supremacist, and the KKK.. makes you wonder if he wasn’t part to begin with, and someone opened the door and said.. Now Trump-ie  its time for you to stand for us..  One seemed to attract the other in vast numbers, as if those where his revolutionaries.  The more radical he spoke the more they were drawn out into the public eye..  Now, the aspect that the comparison of Trump to Hitler..  No wonder the varies Nations of the world and Mayors of cities have begun to ban the trump..   So we can start with

  • Saint Petersburg, florida, banned the trump..
  • A petition calling for Donald Trump to be barred from entering the UK has become the most popular ever campaign on the Government’s website. It is currently approaching half a million signatures.
  • A Dubai real estate firm building a $6 billion golf complex with Trump stripped the property of his name and image earlier today.
  • Donald Trump stripped of business ambassador for Scotland
  • Donald Trump kicked off the Scottish green
  • Donald Trump has honorary degree revoked by Robert Gordon University

I know they have all turned mad like wild animals, they are doing everything but foaming at the mouth!!!




At least he’s give Hispanics a break for a short period of time..




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