31 Dec

This amazing tad of information ran across my desktop on Facebook this morning,  and I have to ask..  Do you Christians realize these people think your stupid.. They actually think you would believe this bull shit..

God can only talk to them, when they are flying around in a private jet.. That God cannot talk to them if they are flying in coach on a commercial plane…..   Anyone who believes that bit of shit is crazy as a loon.. These people are grabbing your money and putting it in their pocket, not the churches, don’t pay taxes on it, and think your stupid as shit, not only  for giving, but for believing everything they tell you..  If you think you get any closer to God through one of these bozo’s.. sorry, its not happening..  You would be better off going down to a local homeless shelter donating your money to them and setting at a table with the homeless, saying a daily prayer for the meal, and going home with a full stomach and the hand of God on your forehead thanking you..  But, if your setting in your house throwing your money away on trash on the tv, and feeling sorry for yourselves.. you can forget it..  Get up and go out and be productive..

So, lets see where are your problems with religion..



These people con.. yep I said the word CON.. people out of billions of dollars a year, making them believe that if they pray for them, that God will listen, cause God only talks to them.. Thats a big pile of Bull Shit, why would God only talk to them.. why wouldn’t he answer your prayers directly?  If you believe this bullshit these criminals put out, then you have very little faith in God.. your grasping..  If your faith was so intense you would turn that damn tv off and head down to your local church.. and when they ask, pass the plate.. you ask.. what are you spending the money for?  Remember, they can come up with all kinds of reasons to take your cash flow and make you feel pretty darn bad if you don’t hand it off.. sounds like high way robbery doesn’t it.. Pay up or you can’t keep your soul..

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