Bernie Sanders

21 Oct

We are Mid Week.. The hill has sent the trusted attackers out to nip at the heels of Bernie.. Suddenly people who ignored him in the past.. Know who he is..  Well, he currently has a rather large amount of endorsements and I hope they continue to grow in numbers.  If you note he doesn’t make it a point to have any of his supporters go out and troll or attack other Candidates..  I doubt seriously that he even knows that some of us are very direct and nip a bit on other candidates..

So this leads me to the little bit of research I did yesterday.. Going over old bits and pieces of news..  I immediately found the newest interview of Linda Tripp.. remember her, she was without doubt a major issue for Bill Clinton back in the day, of course she was at that time and certainly not now, or at least thats what comes out of the story.. a friend of The Monica.. What I didn’t know and was shocked to the point of my jaw dropping open, there was suppose to be another female victim in the White House.  Oh yea.. That one was shot down so fast and the surprise as to who was shutting her down.. Needless to say, victims don’t have rights to speak up.. All of these issues have come back for a visit.. And the stories all still seem to remain the same, noting new..Untitled20151020115642

and of course no new flip flops except for what the Hill is pitching.. yes she’s gonna get wall street.. “Hey Yous guys, you gonna knock it off”.. “Well at least a little bit huh”.   Her concepts of war with Iran, sounds very conservative..  The issues of oil, fracking, that hasn’t change.. Nothing new with stopping Monsanto or GMO’s , just a crack she had a fellow senator throw out, that Bernie is just too Liberal.. Damn, thats not new news.. we knew that from the start.. Heck thats one of the reason’s we really like him..

The one aspect that is of concern.. Why is the Hill running for office.. To help the American People, or is it her personal need for power and control.  Is it really the Clinton machine. Now how many First Ladies had planned an election after their husbands had served their 8 years? Oddly enough this is a point brought out by Linda Tripp, that Bill would do his 8 and then Hill would serve her 8.. So it seems from that comment, the Hill had been planning on running for president since Bill’s election, of course at that point, she didn’t have the background to even put her in a campaign.. Tripp seems to think the scored wife issue is what promoted hill into the senate.. and of course President Obama offering Joe Biden his choice of VP or Secretary of State, gave the opening for Hillary to be offered the position after the nomination in 2007.

Now, from what the media is throwing out and it is one of those, well maybe its somewhat true..  Seems like in media releases today Joe Biden corrected some of Hillary’s statements..  Seems the White House has dealt with that issue last week over the trade deal.. wondering how did Hillary had seen that document she decided was in gold standard, and it didn’t meet her standards..  It hadn’t been released to the public.. You know when you get called down by People in the White House in a very Public Media report,  for comments you made, and it looks like you were making them up as you go along.. You might have a problem growing..

Enjoy the Bernie Photos …  Untitled20151021203337








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