OOPS: The White House Just Called Hillary Out….

16 Oct

Well, it seems Hillary rather confused the story..  From Reality to Debate..  Wow.. Is this or is this not SHOCKING..

                      “And Now She’s Caught In A Lie”

To break it down.. it had to do with a comment The Hill made during the debate.. seems she has chosen to take the stand that she doesn’t support the Pacific Trade Deal, she stated it met the gold standard, she claimed it didn’t meet her standards after she had read it last week…..

Well.. this is what happened the next day at the White House……


“Those comments were called into question the next day by the same White House Clinton used to serve.

Apparently, they’re patently false. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday that no one in the public has seen the agreement because it has not been yet made available for review.

At a White House news briefing, Earnest was asked point-blank by a reporter: “Is it possible that [Clinton]’s actually looked at it? because I thought it hasn’t been made public?”


“Wow, that’s a reversal,” O’Malley said.

Business Insider’s Colin Campbell reported that, “When Clinton served in President Barack Obama’s administration, she used to extensively praise the Pacific trade deal. Indeed, CNN once counted up 45 times she pushed the agreement.”

So she was for the trade deal before she was against it.

Can Hillary Clinton be trusted when she changes her mind so often?Untitled20151016174157

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