Saturday Morning And First News..

17 Oct

Blue Voters.. you really need to start paying attention.  First article that appeared on Facebook this morning..



Now tell me again, that nothing is going to touch Teflon Hill and take her out of the Race..  

And I say to you.. You sure as hell better hope if its gonna happen, that it happens before the nomination, cause if it happens after the nomination and she’s nominated….. Guess what Folks..  We would be SCREWED.  And everyone would be doing a write in.. Bernie Sanders.   If your not concerned, then you need to have a reality check..   Lastly, if you listened to the debate.. she said she was going to testify about the emails.. Now, that means a hearing is going to be held.. Hello…  

If your voting for Hillary because you have a misconception that we have to have a woman in Office.  Bottom line, this is not the time, this is not the woman..   The First Female President…. should and hopefully will be Elizabeth Warren 2024.. 


Now yesterday I posted the information on the Forum setup by the South Carolina Democrats, to be held in Rock Hill, SC. First of all the crowd anticipation caused them to move from one location to another..  And after 5 minutes of issuing free Tickets people.. Gone.. Out.. No more room in the Auditorium.

    Tickets for Winthrop’s presidential forum go quickly, frustrating some

FILE: Winthrop University Byrnes Auditorium in Rock Hill, S.C

“Tickets were gone in less than five minutes when the event registration site opened online Friday morning. On social media, some people voiced frustration. Others were dismayed they were directed to a waiting list on the South Carolina Democratic Party website.

South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison said the change was made for MSNBC to add to its production plans. He did not disclose details on Friday butsaid MSNBC may make an announcement soon.

“We think more tickets will become available” once the design of the stage setting is finalized, Harrison said.

Though Byrnes Auditorium can hold about 3,500 people, Harrison said that number of tickets won’t be available. Fewer seats are practical, he said. The stage setting and the space needed for production crews and cameras means some auditorium seating will be removed or blocked off.”

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