Just walk on by….

10 Oct

That in itself is a famous song.. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to homeless people daily, watching people walking past them on the street without even considering they might be desperate for help.. Its funny its become a crime in this country for homeless people to sleep in many locations. Its become a crime to offer food to homeless.. Yep, good Samaritans are actually being arrested..  You know for those of us who are blessed by having a warm or cool temperature home to live in, a bed to sleep and clothing to wear, including winter wear so that we can go out into the cold and not suffer, food in the cabinets and refrigerator..

Many are not that lucky.. they go hungry, they sleep in the cold, some actually freeze to death in winter weather.. Do we care..  How many Christians out there talk about their faith.. ask for prayers for themselves and their families.. but seldom do you ever see one of them on social media that says.. Please pray for the homeless and come help me share food and warm clothing with them. For those who talk about the return of Jesus, have you  ever stopped and wondered.. what clothing would he wear, a wrap and sandals .. would he have long hair and a beard?  Would you know him? Would he be dark skinned?  If he walked up to you and said,  My name is Jesus, can you help me..  What would your first reaction be, other than dialing 911 and telling the dispatcher that a crazy man is calling himself Jesus.  Now is this not the truth.. most of your friends would be encouraging you to get a tin hat to wear when you tell them.. I saw Jesus today..

Well, what would you do if you were walking down the street and saw a man that look a little like a famous man? Would you .. just walk on by..  Many people in New York City did..  The same people who would chase this same man for miles, just to get a photo with him.. Just to hear his voice..  See sometimes people are sure pieces of shit.


Boys and Gurls……. Mr. Richard Gere…..

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