4th of July 2013

04 Jul

I want to remind those who may well have forgotten, or never realized.. Why we celebrate the 4th of July.  Its the Holiday we celebrate our Freedom as a Nation.. not just as individuals.. but as a Nation..  A Unity controlled by a Chosen and developed Government, by the citizens of one Nation.   We chose our Government,  We choose our Government Officials.  We elected those Officials into Office.  And the Office these Officials hold is known to be respected, and to be  honored.



So, as U look forward to celebrating this Holiday with family and friends, remember this established government has only changed faces but not structure, since 1776.  And as U mockingly place words in some of the forefathers mouths in your concepts of cartoons.  Maybe its time to take your idealistic concepts and ideas and compare them with researching and learning who those forefathers were.  They were also individuals, family men, respected and nominated men from the areas they lived..  and in 1776  idealism was not too popular, they needed real solutions, and solvers.. not dreamers.    My solution for the day.. choose a forefather and spend a little time searching out his life.   Me, I prefer John Adams.



If you do nothing more important with your life than to seek the Absolute Truth, then U will have value to pass onto the next generations.  Always remember  that Truth and Wisdom  compliment one another..    Therefore,  accept only the Absolute Truth, and not falsehoods passed off as truths.   The generations to come, deserve to know only the Truth and not a  twisted concept that causes harm instead of value.   If you do not know the difference between a Hero and a Criminal, then apparently U  teachers need to be fired.  Any Adult who is an idealist who teaches concept of idealism only, fails the student. 


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