I found a fantastic comment that describes the situation we have been in with the crazys for how many years now..  Its all about control..  Their greater fear is that people will start believing the truth, and they have to do everything within their power to stop the truth and to control the messenger, to throw out lies and indignities to make people think that they are the victims and being abused by others..  This is the methods they use to keep the truth hidden..  And the messengers silenced.. Threats, extortion, verbal abuse, porn graphics, lying. This is the basis right Toxic people..  People who want you to think how important they are, and the reality is.. they aren’t.. all have had issues with the law, they all have very low selfesteem.. all have emotional issues.. some basic narcassim and spend their time trying to convince everyone else how fantastic they are, and in reality – in person you wouldn’t spend 5 minutes with them..  Their demands for attention would overwhelm you in a very short time and out that door you would go.. You would also catch on real fast in telephone calls.  The toxic person is so overwhelmed and talks consistently,  calls might end up being hours of incessent talking.. not on your part but the toxic person..  Thats how they anticipate the control aspects begin.. They can out talk you, they can control you,  and oh how their superiority needs to be pushed down your throat..  Needless to say, if they can’t make phone calls to you, they can’t terrify you with threats on emails, they have no other choice but to nail you online and make others think your horrible.    Just remember, they will make attempts to use your background, your family or just plain lies to manipulate people who just might listen to what you say..   Just remember they are toxic.. and they will go to any extreem,  but also knowing they have such low personal value of themselves makes it easier to cope with, knowing the person attacking you is disturbed, and may not be able to help themselves.  And if you expose their real lives to the world on social media, oh the fight begins..  and thats why the real toxic trolls come out.. people hide behind online personalities to prove how important and wealthy they are, truth being its all a facade, and when called down and truths revealed they have to make trolls to expose their real personalities of hate and viciousness.  So now you have real look into the world of vile..CoxyHf8W8AA_5Gq

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Battle of the Witts..

Murt won one yesterday.. He surely did.  He was called on the virtual carpet on twitter by one who called itself PedophineMirana.

FireShot Screen Capture #199 - 'People following Fletcher (@Fletcher_Speaks) I Twitter' - twitter_com_Fletcher_Speaks_followers

I had posted an article this past week on the ruthlessness of this same fake.. troll poster from twitter.. Its believed to be running a twin Troll SisterFireShot Screen Capture #268 - 'The Curious Case of Kim Picazio - Attorney - Deric Lostutter' - dericlostutter_com_kim-picazioNamed @medusa_thegreat..

Both threaten legal action.. note the phrase against my clients. Now, hmm who would be on twitter, using these two identities and be involved in the legal system?   Well, lets look at the Murts win.. After all he was very smart to share comments with the state bar, if their not paying attention on twitter.. maybe its time they have a shipment of twitter comments into the office.. I’m so sure the Supreme Court Judges of the State of ??? would love to do some catch up reading…..

I wondered if the troll was really aware of the ramifications just incase someone was paying attention over there at the Fl Bar twitter site..  Because, it must have been a major oh shit moment.. because the troll went poof…..   Now its twin sister is setting over on twitter, but oddly enough and this is one for the books.. its private.. damn straight, the owner troll poster has that sucker tightened down..  Its a head shaker, here is a troll that loves to threaten and abuse people and threaten them with law suits and talks about its clients and the legal system, and makes direct comments about who its talking about, and we all know, its no secret.. And hides itself as private on twitter. That is just so smart.. I wanna be able to talk about you but don’t want you to know I’m talking about you, cause you will photo copy it..  Well, have a good one.. I’ve got these two things I’m working on and need to get back to one or the other..

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This is a message from Facebook and Twitter..  Enjoy.. For the DNC may well be coming down very soon..  Now who ever really wants trump to win. They have the DNC by the balls.

The Media, the Democrats have fought Bernie Sanders the whole way..  Everyone just die hard needs to put a clinton back in the white house.. Why she need more furniture and art work for her mansions?  Next you really believe their going to let her off on the server/emails and foundation felonies.  Its gonna come, your just stupid enough to hide your heads and pretend it just isn’t there..

So, these are your current polls…. and you better take these to heart..  This is what you’ve put your money on..  Big mistake….


This is what it really is….


We told you.. She can’t beat trump, but you people are stupid and demanding, and you don’t listen.. live in ignorance.. So bottom line someone in control out there really wants trump in office and you the on the lower decks are just filled with ignorance and stupidity..

Now have a look… Its getting worse all the time.. boys and girls.. really bad .. you did this..

you did this..  you didn’t want our Bernie ..  You forced Bernie into 2nd place. when reality is


Bernie can beat trump hands down.. oh but you in the Dnc and the democratic party and congress not to forget the Oval Office… Your screwing up.. big time..  why Because Bernie can beat Trump.. Clinton cannot..  See the numbers assholes… a month ago, Sanders was taking Trump to task.. but no you can’t have it the right way, got to cheat, steal elections all to put clinton in so she doesn’t tell all your secrets.. Shouldn’t live in glass houses people.. shouldn’t do drugs, get drunk, beat your wives, cheat on your wifes and husbands,  shoplift, cheat on your campaign funding..  Cause Clinton knows.  Right Attorney General?  Right FBI Director..  so clean only a clinton could find the dirt..


Well if you think things are bad enough.. you ain’t seen nothing yet, cause were gonna make you a promise….. And here it is..


We give you our word on this.. its a guarantee.  NEVER HILLARY CLINTON..

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Mentally Disturbed – Twitter Fake

We all know that making vile untrue comments, and cyber stalking by using a persons name on a twitter account is illegal.  But of course the person who created the account and makes every attempt to cause harm and belittle a young woman, is mentally ill.  Oddly enough we all know with the information displayed  on this account, there is only one person who feels the necessity to abuse the young Holmseth woman..  Only one.. thats exactly the reason we know this person is mentally disturbed, to the point of needing a mental hospital, and probably a straight jacket.  This type of behavior has now been going on since 2009, and the justification for it lies somewhere in the deep reaches of diseased brain.

Not one of these people who would associated with this fraud, knows this young woman, they know absolutely nothing about her life or her husband.. The only reason they want to harass,  make cruel statements to and try to make people believe the lies, and I can tell you, and I can prove to anyone who ask, this young woman was falsely accused, under went investigation by child services and was deemed perfectly innocent. The entire situation was to cause hate and problems for the young girls father.. Thats where this lies..  The insane person who has that twitter account is still after Timothy Holmseth. Absolutely obsessed with Timothy Holmseth.

Over the past 5 to 6 years this mental person has made uncounted number of accounts to harass Holmseth, some are still on twitter. When the last count stopped being kept, we were at up to 50..  Some so horrible vile its without doubt this person really needs to seek mental help..

FireShot Screen Capture #199 - 'People following Fletcher (@Fletcher_Speaks) I Twitter' - twitter_com_Fletcher_Speaks_followers      Now if you think this isn’t bad enough, ask yourselves how you would like to have a monster totally obsessed with you and your family?

This monster is the same who put this one out back in 2011 and its still there.. ask yourselves  How would the average person on the internet, know who these people are?  Who would know who the professionals mentioned on the page are, how did they find out.. And how did this monster obtain a hand written letter, written to a newborn some 10 years ago,  written by his father telling him how much he is loved and how much his father will love to hold, cuddle and kiss the baby.  This letter was broken apart and made to appear vulgar.. Only a very sick person would do that.. Totally ruthless, cruel and evil. ScreenShot184

Now, If I had no idea who Michele Johnson was since she was involved with the family years before I met Holmseth.. If I was unaware of who Zimney Foster was, also years before I met Holmseth..  Then we go to Roseau County, which was not even the county Holmseth lived in when I met him..  But  I do know who Rhonda was and is.. She’s the mother of Tim Holmseth’s son, and I as well or I should say including the court system in Minn know who buddied up with Rhonda, obtain information from her and used it online.. In fact all the data that is being used against Marina came from Rhonda to this person..  Just remember when this investigation was forced,  Marina was only 16 years of age, and you promoted having that blasted all over the internet to satisfy you revenge and hate.   So, for the monster who’s trying to create such a hell for this young woman,  I hope you rot in hell…  I so hope Karma comes round and serves you the same dish of hate served cold.

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Oh the dog got caught..

When I realized I could archive all of my tweets, and save them to my computer all at once, and I needed to set a trap for the dog..  two legged mind you.. I blocked people, I them saved all of my archived tweets,  set the account on private, started the delete program  and deleted the notice.. around 3:46pm I sent out a notice to a specific person and told them I was cleaning up my twitter and deleting.

Now mind you.. radionewzblog was and still is blocked.. all of the trash that hangs with is blocked, and is blocked from being able to pull up..

FireShot Screen Capture #134 - '' - chrome___website_blocker_content_blocked_site_html

But the dog got through anyway.. I know how, and now radio and who ever else you might be, also knows I know..  FireShot Screen Capture #135 - '(1) Twitter' - twitter_comNow lets give it just a bit of time to see what happens next.  This was photocopied about 3 minutes ago.. So radio your caught.. There was only one way for you to know what I might be doing.. and I still have the email and you’ve been advised..   I just received this little gift in an email by the same person who I told I was cleaning up my twitter..   So  what can I say  – eat shit radio ..  Your fucking caught..   That means all of those emails I been receiving for some time.. I know what to do with them.. you want to threaten me..  NOTICE: I will post online all threats received from you now, or in the past or the future, and anyone associated with you.. I’ll post them and put them on You tube.. also.. we’ll go viral.. threaten me..


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Having watched the news this past week.. Hillary and the guesses of why she went off on a tangent are really unknown, all speculation..  First they tried to lay it on the Nevada riot at their convention, that in itself turned into a whole lot of lies.. And into Voter Fraud.. Roberta lange’s  memo sent down telling her crews they could scrap anyone they wanted to..   Amazes me that these people can commit crimes and then try to cover their actions by lying and claiming they were threatened..  Lets be honest about this, since both troll cases are trump and clinton.. and posting porn on facebook.. you don’t think they would call the nevada hag and threaten her and her grandchildren.. you don’t think they aren’t threatening bernie supporters..  So here’s the week in Nevada..

MaxthonSnap20160521192515accused of everything,

Why – The Cover-up Game for of Voter Fraud…

Is it not amazing how people put their lives and careers on the line..                                                                                                                                        MaxthonSnap20160522144906


All for a BFF.. Here are people who are suppose to work for the people, elected by the people.. and what are they really.. a gang of people who have no concept of pride, dignity, honesty, or respect for authority.. They are part of the reason the DNC has been turned over to Hillary Clinton..  Did you know that 99 per cent of the voter donations to the dnc went straight to hillary..  Thats right, you thought you were helping other candidates in your area and other states.. Nope..  These are people you thought you could trust.. Now Senator Boxer, its a very good thing this one is retiring this year.. She claimed she was fearing for her life..  So, as she’s leaving the convention center surrounded by guards, fearing  for her safety, she flips the supporters off… You think I’m joking ..

13266081_1167599176607023_4391187095757659794_n yep she sure did..  75 year old acting like she doesn’t have good sense, think about it.. if you feared for your safety why would you act in such a manner.. she lied.. she’s full of shit and clinton.. and a good thing she’s not running this election, cause her ass is out..   Then we have the nevada hag that claimed she was getting phone calls..


MaxthonSnap20160522072636Now we have the New York

MaxthonSnap20160523123117they just don’t understand why rigging elections and voter fraud would upset anyone.. Now you realize these are senators promoting voter fraud.. Good thing old fart reid is retiring, I would rather see them all  prosecuted and jailed..  Just like teenagers got to run this thing

breakfast club      MaxthonSnap20160522200427

Even if this Senator has a story to tell about how her husband got his newest major contract in california and lets here it Feinstein..  Did this have anything to do with your being a Senator, maybe someone in California will take time to check this one out..  little to much of this scrubbing peoples back for fame and gain… Greed is your middle name..

This is where we are….


And its all Bernie supporters fault for all the shit that goes on.. Right.. stretching from Soros, Clinton to Trump…..

MaxthonSnap20160523134225its time to change in California.

And this is whats in store for the Hillary.. MaxthonSnap20160523114327

It appears that the deposition for lewis Lukens, did not help clinton or the adminstration one little bit.. nothing revealed yet, but I can assure you, it doesn’t look good for either one.

Now this is the law suit.. it has nothing to do with the FBI interview.. or the indictments if requested by FBI chief.. So it could well be, that clinton could be indicted prior to the convention.. then what is the dnc going to do besides throw up bull shit that doesn’t work..

If the DOJ can’t do her job and decides against an indictment, could well be an independent counsel could be called in and a grand jury setup.. what do you think they will do.. they won’t be her bff’s from congress or the political gang of juveniles from congress. Don’t you think its so nice to have a group of congressional officers who don’t give a shit about the people.. its about their friends and buddies and the favors passed back and forth..

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Back to Business.. Politics

Few articles people need to catch up with..

Forget Hillary’s Emails, Here’s Her Real Scandal That Nobody’s Talking About

Forget Hillary’s Emails, Here’s Her Real Scandal That Nobody’s Talking About

Forget about the color of the dress for a minute, forget about Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email, hell! forget about Kanye and Kim too; let’s talk about Libya. And no, I’m not talking about Benghazi.
“Hillary Rodham Clinton reacting to a customer at a signing for her new book “Hard Choices,” at Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, Mass.  Photo: Steven Senne/AP

(ANTIMEDIA) OMFG!!! DID YOU HEAR ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON’S EMAILS?!?!?! Yeah I did, but frankly, I don’t give a damn about her email server, and you shouldn’t either. You see, the media won’t talk about the real scandals going on, so they feed us this mindless shit so we can all drone on and argue about it all day on Facebook, even though it won’t affect a fucking thing.

Forget about the color of the dress for a minute, forget about Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email, hell! forget about Kanye and Kim too; let’s talk about Libya. And no, I’m not talking about Benghazi. However, that kind of ties into this too.

Maybe you don’t know the story, so I will quickly try to paint a picture of Libya for you.

official MintPress sponsor

Libya was once the most stable country in Africa, it also had the highest standard of living as of 2011 —HAD. Enter military-industrial-complex and corporate imperialism. Oh Hillary, I though you were a progressive that loved peace? Damn, has the media been lying to us again? Yes, Obama and Hillary took Libya from a stable, prosperous country to a completely failed state in 4 short years. Here’s how:

Muammar Gaddafi, now deceased former Prime Minister of Libya, ran a dictatorship very much as our allies in Saudi Arabia do. He wasn’t a great guy by any means, but he wasn’t nearly as bad as the Saudis when it comes to human rights. While human rights were used as the excuse given by Hillary Clinton to overthrow his country and assassinate him, this is far from the truth. Gaddafi was an economic threat to the American Empire; and CFR member, Hillary Clinton, knew that intimately. You see, Gaddafi was working on a way to get out from under the Petrodollar hegemony, and the powers that be didn’t like that. He was on the verge of implementing an Africa-wide gold backed currency called the Dinar.

That’s when they decided to overthrow this peaceful country, literally destroying it. While the media lavished attention on the wrongdoings of Gaddafi in 2011 prior to our “liberation” of Libya, little has been made of what has happened since. This is where the scandal takes a turn for the worst. The US backed known Al-Qeada factions in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi, and now the country has fallen into a literal failed state.

This is all part of the plan that was laid out during the Bush regime, and Hillary — as it turns out — has been a key player for this geopolitical chess match to materialize. Cue General Welsey Clarke’s stunning revelations first mentioned in his 2003 book, Winning Modern Wars:”

Seems to be the best warning you could possible have, if your not smart enough to heed the warning and help to stop her now.. don’t know what to tell you..


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