“It Shattered My Life”

31 Mar

STORY  MARCH 31, 2020

This story has been trying to be published and not to be hidden since 1993.  Amazing isn’t it.. The young woman working in the US Senate,  is called into a Senators Officer, and she says that she has slammed up against the wall and he penetrated her with his finger..

She reported the assault, and they fired her.. thats right they fired her.. and since that time she has tried to tell her story and being pushed aside..  This incidence is not the only horror story there are more.-

Screen Shot 03-31-20 at 02.04 PM
1. She was a staff member of the US Senate..
2. Joe Biden was a US Senator..
3. She was assaulted..
4. She reported it..
5. She was fired.. Who fired her?  What was the justification for firing.. There are documents housed in Archives..
6. And she is not the only woman to come forward and tell of Biden’s touching, assault..  Yet, Women cannot be believed?
                                                                                                                                                                    Joe Biden called  Anita hill a liar when she spoke up against Clarence Thomas..  got quite a track record of being dishonest, plagiarism is equal to stealing.. stealing of another persons words, comments, articles.. And there is even another issue biden doesn’t like to talk about..  A Truck driver, who was cleared of all charges against him.. but Biden wouldn’t leave that, he had to tell the world the truck driver was a drunk, and that the day of a horrible crash involving a young wife and daughter and two sons.  The truck driver was not drunk and had not been drinking.. the vehicle carrying the woman, infant daughter and two sons, pulled out in front of the truck, causing a broadside collision..  The impact cause the death of the Mother and infant daughter..  The truck driver was haunted by the crash and deaths for many many years.. After the truck drivers death, Biden went into a tirade of accusations against the dead man.. The family finally had to take biden to court to have him ordered to stop.. and he ignored the court and continued with his stories.. One has to ask, was biden still greaving although his was remarried and had another child, or was he soaking up the attention.
Screen Shot 03-31-20 at 02.25 PM
Screen Shot 03-31-20 at 02.28 PM
Screen Shot 03-31-20 at 02.28 PM 001
Screen Shot 03-31-20 at 02.29 PM
And this is the man being promoted for president, by the dnc to the point of destruction of the dnc for rigging, flipping of votes and stuffing ballots..  The sins of 2020 are coming out..
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