My World.. At 72

19 Sep

The last 5 years I’ve spent as Great-Grandma, Nana, Care-giver, baby sitter, head cook and bottle washer with the home I share with my Grand-daughter.. Mother of my Great Grandson, Nolan.. I of course call him Noli.   Noli is phase 2 Autistic..

He was 18 months old, a wee man with but a few words to say, would ignore you in a heartbeat.. Would rock back and forth setting up and on his hands and knees..  Still eating Baby Food, issues trying to eat adult food, one of those issues was my granddaughter, terrified he might choke.. although his Dad didn’t have a problem feeding the little one hot dogs while we were shopping..  Yes, a complex problem..


So in September of 2016 they diagnosed the wee two year old as phase 2 Autism.. It was not what I wanted to hear.. I hated the thought of his being labeled.. I remembered all the tales of Autism and was horrified that this was going to be his life.. After all, I might well be Great Grandma, but I was also with him every day, every night since he arrived home from the hospital..

So, you stop and you try to determine.. what are the priorities here.  What does Noli need?

  1. To communicate
  2. How to play
  3. How and what to eat
  4. Protecting him from his rocking, hitting his head, melt downs.
  5. Helping him learn to adapt to family members without fear.
  6. Playing with other children.. but he’s the only child in the house.

And everything is about training his brain. Thats it folks.. Autism, training the brain. That is where Therapy comes in.. So.. We had Therapist..

  1. Eating Therapist
  2. Speech Therapist
  3. Play Therapist.

And the children, well that came in and a miracle in itself.. Head Start..  We had hope for more education aspects since, we had began teaching Noli to sign.. Giving him the ability to gain our attention..  To tell us what he needed by signing eat..Screen Shot 09-19-19 at 10.52 AM.PNG drink..

Screen Shot 09-19-19 at 10.53 AM

signing..  and giving him a way of expressing himself such as please,

Screen Shot 09-19-19 at 10.54 AM

thank you,

Screen Shot 09-19-19 at 10.53 AM 001.PNG

love you..

Screen Shot 09-19-19 at 11.03 AM

your welcome, and showing him how to sign his name, showing him who he was..

Screen Shot 09-19-19 at 10.58 AM

So many more..

Screen Shot 09-19-19 at 10.59 AM

Why sign, you might say.. No, its very easy for the child to learn and mimic.. and the door opens. The amazing ability of a little one to learn is truly overwhelming.. And the first time he said Please, my heart melted..  it still does today when he walks in and starts signing and says please or thank you..  So, let us continue.. By the end of 2017 there really wasn’t a lot of progress with his speech, signing yes.. but he was still throwing balls at everyone, rocking, meltdowns, and throwing tables chairs, large toys.. anything and everything..  And the answer came as swiftly as a wish on the wind.. We said what and where can we go.. And the answer was, “There is a school here in our county, that works with children.. We can try to get him in, but there’s a huge waiting list.. Nightmare????

Screen Shot 09-19-19 at 11.18 AM.PNG

But we did it anyway… And he was accepted.. immediately!!!   HAPPY!!!

Screen Shot 09-19-19 at 11.20 AM

September of 2017 – he was in..  The Children’s Center – Pre-School.. by the spring of 2018 Noli was talking.


He is currently as of September of 2019, Amazing.. His sentence structure you wouldn’t believe.. He can set with you and go through his Dinosaur encyclopedia and explain to you what each dinosaur does and how to tell who they are, and give you their technical name..  He knows all of the different Thomas train engines.. who the different cars are in the different movies of cars.. The characters in the children’s movies. Yes, he has very close to a photographic memory.. Once learned he remembers, everything.. he can count to 100, knows his alphabet, learning to read.. writing is still a struggle, but he can write his own name.. he is ambidextrous. He paints with both hands..  The rocking is gone, the throwing tables and chairs is gone.. Thank Goodness.. He’s an amazing child.. And i do believe that many many other children who are deemed Autistic would be just as advanced as Noli is.. the key word.. please remember and encourage, is Therapy..

I must mention this for if you run across a parent who is seeking a miracle cure  and using chemicals on their child such as drinking bleach.. For Goodness sake tell them to stop that will harm the child, even fatal.. There is a light at the end of the autism tunnel and its called Time.. Patience.. Therapy..

And there is another issue to think of.. its called Genetics..  Autism runs in family lines.. not  caused by vaccines, cyst, stress during delivery..  It’s caused through Genetics.. DNA.. 

Screen Shot 08-03-19 at 01.25 PM

My Darling, My Darling, My Boo..

September 2019 in Pre-Kindergarten..   Preparing for entry into Regular School Kindergarten in 2020.   And at the end of this page, if it pops into your head, what medication has he been taking all of this time.. The answer is quite simple.. NONE. NONE.

Therapy trains the center Brain.. Trains his Fight or Flight Responses.. 

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