Levi Page !! FYI

11 Sep

Levi, this is probably the only way contact can or will be made.. I’m not looking for friendship.. only a temporary truce to make information available to you.. And then we go back to our ignoring one another.. Thank you..

Screen Shot 09-11-19 at 01.58 PM

I’m receiving prank phone calls, and the person doing so, which I’m sure who the person is, using the AP that allows them to call under the cover of someone else’s phone number. I wasn’t aware that they could also use face-time, but apparently they can.. This is where you come in..

I received a Face-time call yesterday, while I was on the phone with my sister.. I didn’t not answer it, and after the call I was on ended, I pulled up the number, didn’t recognize, and wondered who in the world would be Face-timing me. So I responded and the call went unanswered.  So I googled the phone number, and when I did.. I realized.

  1. someone was harassing me.
  2. the phone number was probably a landline that had been so since 1993.
  3. some inexperienced person was checking me out and found your name.. now I say inexperienced person since the phone number they harassed me with, does not go to you, it goes to the residence in Dover.
  4. I wanted to assure you, I am not doing anything in that direction.. I am not involved in any situation that is currently going on if anything..
  5. we  have had our issues in the past, but not trying to provoke you into anything.. those days are passed.. and not up for renewal.
  6.  I think I know who the person is that used the phone number in question, and will make the name available to you, if you so wish..  So, here is the info on the call I received.

Screen Shot 09-11-19 at 01.26 PM

contact me at, I will send you the info on who I think this person is..   Its not the first prank within the last few months.. probably won’t be the last..  I am sorry for the involvement of those in Dover.. I would never bother them, nor encourage anyone else to.

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One response to “Levi Page !! FYI

  1. The Time Has Come (@Astro__x)

    May 18, 2020 at 8:43 am

    Mlee – I don’t own a Domino’s. An innocent business owner has been targeted because people like Alexandria Goddard and Holly Briley read about it here & went with it. The woman isn’t even active online but that didn’t keep people like Alexandria from finding pics of her and using them thinking it is me.

    I haven’t been active online in years, but even that hasn’t kept someone from attempting to impersonate me on a Twitter account.

    Your help clearing this up would be appreciated.


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