Boston August 2017

20 Aug

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The groups that gathered in Va made up of kkk, nazi and white supremacist, did so to show support for trump and his ruthlessness.  They did so to show America they were willing to begin a civil war.. Well, the concept is, they have weapons, they are brutal, but it didn’t work, and many went home in shame to no income, no jobs, no friends. So Va cost many of them.. Some went home and boasted they believed it was a good thing for young people to have died in the car crash..   What they don’t understand, once the gop is out of office, all will be deemed domestic terrorist, members of hate groups, and all are being identified.. There will come a day in short time where any member of a hate group who is identified will be prosecuted as domestic terrorist.

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So the day of cheering each other on in violence and corruption is limited.  Mark my Words.. Trump will be leaving the White House.. by resignation or by impeachment,  his vile crew goes with him, and the gop in congress who have acted totally insane with their actions against the people.. need to look at Boston.. This is not the entire force of citizens who stand against the insanity.. this is only those who could made it to Boston on Saturday..   We are Bernie’s.  We are Americans, we protect civil rights for all. Don’t ever doubt our numbers or our dedication..


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