And the Truth Slips Out..

17 Aug

For several years we have heard of all of the intense Police Brutality, most of it has been Racist – Bias on color and race..  We wondered is it possible that members of hate groups have managed to slip into law enforcement, since there are so many of them out there..

Nothing seemed to fit but the hate and anger.. Against Blacks of all ages, male and female, white women, and then young white males, to older white men and now women,  Just horrible crimes, even to a Houston, Harris county, Texas – Deputies, deciding to pull over a white female college student, one deputy decides he smells marijuana, so they search the girl, then do a vaginal search for drugs. On the side of the road, 3 deputies, and they were not charged with rape..  Unreal behavior.. Its time to weed out the trash from every department.. Screen Shot 08-14-17 at 11.22 AM

Screen Shot 08-16-17 at 09.25 PM

So much for protect and serve..  Its time to clean house..  If you know of a bad cop, its time to start reporting..  if your threatened, report it, but not the officers dept, go to the State Attorney Generals Office..  Make it public that you have been threatened.. what ever it takes we need to get this human scourge out of law enforcement.

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