Annual Dog and Pony Parade..

06 Jul

If you think I sound a bit mean, maybe so.. but it is the reality of living in Pinehurst..

Its the dog Parade and end with a pony.. Of course in the middle we had Bag Pipes, Scottish young people dancers.. and the cars.. everybody who lives in the area who owns a antique car, is in the parade.. now there was a firetruck.. and it seems a young persons band I don’t remember seeing or hearing..

Of course, they had the dems marching right behind Screen Shot 07-06-17 at 01.48 PMthe reps marching and the Local LGBT.  A lot of booths with food and arts and crafts, and the streets lined so thick you had trouble seeing the parade..   now does that outfit look familiar, but a little more for like the Bernie Bots?

Screen Shot 07-06-17 at 01.54 PM

Screen Shot 07-06-17 at 01.47 PM

Now don’t ever say you’ve never had the chance to see what a Pinehurst Parade looks like..  July 4, 2017..

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