Typical County Redneck Sheriff

05 Sep

Morton County, ND Sheriff actually takes to the air waves and says, “oh the protesters on the pipeline, attacked the handlers and their dogs”.. The Fat Man, standing who was elected to protect all the people, and not the oil barons who promote a leaky pipeline and a batch of hired thugs with dogs to come in and attack the protesters.

Now, how would you feel if you were there as a protester and a woman with a dog came at your daughter and let the dog attack her and bite her in the face?  What would you do?

Notice carefully, the red on the dogs mouth.. Well boys and girls its human blood.

Now. lets cover this issue for those who think its okay to pull this shit and then have a county sheriff lie to the media and tell them its the protesters attacking, when its the protesters being attacked.  I so hope his ass is out of office soon..

These handlers and dogs are from a dog kennel service out of Ohio, that’s right folks the oil company had them brought in to attack the protesters..

Next, they are not on the property of the oil company, they are on Reservation land.. Belongs to the Sioux, It would effect the water on the reservation the pipeline is also crossing Burial Land of the Sioux..   How would you like to have this oil company come through and did up your ancestors to put in a pipeline?  I think enough is enough..


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