01 Aug

I found a fantastic comment that describes the situation we have been in with the crazys for how many years now..  Its all about control..  Their greater fear is that people will start believing the truth, and they have to do everything within their power to stop the truth and to control the messenger, to throw out lies and indignities to make people think that they are the victims and being abused by others..  This is the methods they use to keep the truth hidden..  And the messengers silenced.. Threats, extortion, verbal abuse, porn graphics, lying. This is the basis right Toxic people..  People who want you to think how important they are, and the reality is.. they aren’t.. all have had issues with the law, they all have very low selfesteem.. all have emotional issues.. some basic narcassim and spend their time trying to convince everyone else how fantastic they are, and in reality – in person you wouldn’t spend 5 minutes with them..  Their demands for attention would overwhelm you in a very short time and out that door you would go.. You would also catch on real fast in telephone calls.  The toxic person is so overwhelmed and talks consistently,  calls might end up being hours of incessent talking.. not on your part but the toxic person..  Thats how they anticipate the control aspects begin.. They can out talk you, they can control you,  and oh how their superiority needs to be pushed down your throat..  Needless to say, if they can’t make phone calls to you, they can’t terrify you with threats on emails, they have no other choice but to nail you online and make others think your horrible.    Just remember, they will make attempts to use your background, your family or just plain lies to manipulate people who just might listen to what you say..   Just remember they are toxic.. and they will go to any extreem,  but also knowing they have such low personal value of themselves makes it easier to cope with, knowing the person attacking you is disturbed, and may not be able to help themselves.  And if you expose their real lives to the world on social media, oh the fight begins..  and thats why the real toxic trolls come out.. people hide behind online personalities to prove how important and wealthy they are, truth being its all a facade, and when called down and truths revealed they have to make trolls to expose their real personalities of hate and viciousness.  So now you have real look into the world of vile..CoxyHf8W8AA_5Gq

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