Battle of the Witts..

18 Jul

Murt won one yesterday.. He surely did.  He was called on the virtual carpet on twitter by one who called itself PedophineMirana.

FireShot Screen Capture #199 - 'People following Fletcher (@Fletcher_Speaks) I Twitter' - twitter_com_Fletcher_Speaks_followers

I had posted an article this past week on the ruthlessness of this same fake.. troll poster from twitter.. Its believed to be running a twin Troll SisterFireShot Screen Capture #268 - 'The Curious Case of Kim Picazio - Attorney - Deric Lostutter' - dericlostutter_com_kim-picazioNamed @medusa_thegreat..

Both threaten legal action.. note the phrase against my clients. Now, hmm who would be on twitter, using these two identities and be involved in the legal system?   Well, lets look at the Murts win.. After all he was very smart to share comments with the state bar, if their not paying attention on twitter.. maybe its time they have a shipment of twitter comments into the office.. I’m so sure the Supreme Court Judges of the State of ??? would love to do some catch up reading…..

I wondered if the troll was really aware of the ramifications just incase someone was paying attention over there at the Fl Bar twitter site..  Because, it must have been a major oh shit moment.. because the troll went poof…..   Now its twin sister is setting over on twitter, but oddly enough and this is one for the books.. its private.. damn straight, the owner troll poster has that sucker tightened down..  Its a head shaker, here is a troll that loves to threaten and abuse people and threaten them with law suits and talks about its clients and the legal system, and makes direct comments about who its talking about, and we all know, its no secret.. And hides itself as private on twitter. That is just so smart.. I wanna be able to talk about you but don’t want you to know I’m talking about you, cause you will photo copy it..  Well, have a good one.. I’ve got these two things I’m working on and need to get back to one or the other..

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