13 Jul

This is a message from Facebook and Twitter..  Enjoy.. For the DNC may well be coming down very soon..  Now who ever really wants trump to win. They have the DNC by the balls.

The Media, the Democrats have fought Bernie Sanders the whole way..  Everyone just die hard needs to put a clinton back in the white house.. Why she need more furniture and art work for her mansions?  Next you really believe their going to let her off on the server/emails and foundation felonies.  Its gonna come, your just stupid enough to hide your heads and pretend it just isn’t there..

So, these are your current polls…. and you better take these to heart..  This is what you’ve put your money on..  Big mistake….


This is what it really is….


We told you.. She can’t beat trump, but you people are stupid and demanding, and you don’t listen.. live in ignorance.. So bottom line someone in control out there really wants trump in office and you the on the lower decks are just filled with ignorance and stupidity..

Now have a look… Its getting worse all the time.. boys and girls.. really bad .. you did this..

you did this..  you didn’t want our Bernie ..  You forced Bernie into 2nd place. when reality is


Bernie can beat trump hands down.. oh but you in the Dnc and the democratic party and congress not to forget the Oval Office… Your screwing up.. big time..  why Because Bernie can beat Trump.. Clinton cannot..  See the numbers assholes… a month ago, Sanders was taking Trump to task.. but no you can’t have it the right way, got to cheat, steal elections all to put clinton in so she doesn’t tell all your secrets.. Shouldn’t live in glass houses people.. shouldn’t do drugs, get drunk, beat your wives, cheat on your wifes and husbands,  shoplift, cheat on your campaign funding..  Cause Clinton knows.  Right Attorney General?  Right FBI Director..  so clean only a clinton could find the dirt..


Well if you think things are bad enough.. you ain’t seen nothing yet, cause were gonna make you a promise….. And here it is..


We give you our word on this.. its a guarantee.  NEVER HILLARY CLINTON..

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