Mentally Disturbed – Twitter Fake

11 Jul

We all know that making vile untrue comments, and cyber stalking by using a persons name on a twitter account is illegal.  But of course the person who created the account and makes every attempt to cause harm and belittle a young woman, is mentally ill.  Oddly enough we all know with the information displayed  on this account, there is only one person who feels the necessity to abuse the young Holmseth woman..  Only one.. thats exactly the reason we know this person is mentally disturbed, to the point of needing a mental hospital, and probably a straight jacket.  This type of behavior has now been going on since 2009, and the justification for it lies somewhere in the deep reaches of diseased brain.

Not one of these people who would associated with this fraud, knows this young woman, they know absolutely nothing about her life or her husband.. The only reason they want to harass,  make cruel statements to and try to make people believe the lies, and I can tell you, and I can prove to anyone who ask, this young woman was falsely accused, under went investigation by child services and was deemed perfectly innocent. The entire situation was to cause hate and problems for the young girls father.. Thats where this lies..  The insane person who has that twitter account is still after Timothy Holmseth. Absolutely obsessed with Timothy Holmseth.

Over the past 5 to 6 years this mental person has made uncounted number of accounts to harass Holmseth, some are still on twitter. When the last count stopped being kept, we were at up to 50..  Some so horrible vile its without doubt this person really needs to seek mental help..

FireShot Screen Capture #199 - 'People following Fletcher (@Fletcher_Speaks) I Twitter' - twitter_com_Fletcher_Speaks_followers      Now if you think this isn’t bad enough, ask yourselves how you would like to have a monster totally obsessed with you and your family?

This monster is the same who put this one out back in 2011 and its still there.. ask yourselves  How would the average person on the internet, know who these people are?  Who would know who the professionals mentioned on the page are, how did they find out.. And how did this monster obtain a hand written letter, written to a newborn some 10 years ago,  written by his father telling him how much he is loved and how much his father will love to hold, cuddle and kiss the baby.  This letter was broken apart and made to appear vulgar.. Only a very sick person would do that.. Totally ruthless, cruel and evil. ScreenShot184

Now, If I had no idea who Michele Johnson was since she was involved with the family years before I met Holmseth.. If I was unaware of who Zimney Foster was, also years before I met Holmseth..  Then we go to Roseau County, which was not even the county Holmseth lived in when I met him..  But  I do know who Rhonda was and is.. She’s the mother of Tim Holmseth’s son, and I as well or I should say including the court system in Minn know who buddied up with Rhonda, obtain information from her and used it online.. In fact all the data that is being used against Marina came from Rhonda to this person..  Just remember when this investigation was forced,  Marina was only 16 years of age, and you promoted having that blasted all over the internet to satisfy you revenge and hate.   So, for the monster who’s trying to create such a hell for this young woman,  I hope you rot in hell…  I so hope Karma comes round and serves you the same dish of hate served cold.

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