Oh the dog got caught..

06 Jul

When I realized I could archive all of my tweets, and save them to my computer all at once, and I needed to set a trap for the dog..  two legged mind you.. I blocked people, I them saved all of my archived tweets,  set the account on private, started the delete program  and deleted the notice.. around 3:46pm I sent out a notice to a specific person and told them I was cleaning up my twitter and deleting.

Now mind you.. radionewzblog was and still is blocked.. all of the trash that hangs with is blocked, and is blocked from being able to pull up..

FireShot Screen Capture #134 - '' - chrome___website_blocker_content_blocked_site_html

But the dog got through anyway.. I know how, and now radio and who ever else you might be, also knows I know..  FireShot Screen Capture #135 - '(1) Twitter' - twitter_comNow lets give it just a bit of time to see what happens next.  This was photocopied about 3 minutes ago.. So radio your caught.. There was only one way for you to know what I might be doing.. and I still have the email and you’ve been advised..   I just received this little gift in an email by the same person who I told I was cleaning up my twitter..   So  what can I say  – eat shit radio ..  Your fucking caught..   That means all of those emails I been receiving for some time.. I know what to do with them.. you want to threaten me..  NOTICE: I will post online all threats received from you now, or in the past or the future, and anyone associated with you.. I’ll post them and put them on You tube.. also.. we’ll go viral.. threaten me..


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