02 Mar

Of course people don’t pay attention.. They certainly find it easier to be sweet talked by an ole white woman..   They look at each other and think oh, her husband was a great president, and it wasn’t his fault that he was impeached..  Yes it was, and he would have been thrown out of office if the Senate had not stopped the process.  He wasn’t impeached for getting a blow job by a young female aide in the Oval Office, he was impeached because he lied about it.

Did she see the video of hillary and the young woman who walked up to talk to her yesterday, and ask her about the issue of blacks being super predator’s . changed the topic fast, when the girl would budge, the hill got mad.. of course the girl who was not violent nor aggressive was escorted away from the hill by the secret service and out of the building, whereas it became a very funny thing for the hill and friends to laugh about..  I guess its called to hell with freedom of speech.. your not allowed..

OH but the southern states, the democratic voters have all decided she is gonna follow President Obama’s policy’s, and everything is gonna be so great..  Well ask yourself one little question..  When Obama and staff called hill in for a meeting, and questioned her on her private server in the basement of her house in New York City, told her to knock it off, she flatly told them the meeting was over and she walked out.  Follow Obama’s policy’s, are you out of your mind.. she has her own agenda and its not going to be anything you want to see or hear..  And if she were elected, this woman that the fbi is saying had classified, secret, top secret, and eyes only files running from nsa to her server in her basement to her blackberry and it wasn’t secured.. which means she violated her security level, and they want to give her another high security level, with the keys for the Nukes.. Thats just fucking insane!!  They have used the words treason and espionage in the news cast of these emails..  Bottom line anyone now in prison for treason or espionage needs to be released if they don’t legally file charges on hillary.  The legal system would be the funniest thing going , no teeth.. no use in having it..  The woman is above the law.  Pure damn evil.   Want to know how evil..

While everyone is running around worried about trump and the kkk, you’ve been hoodwinked..  trump is only there dancing around to keep your attention, while hillary climbs into the oval, cheating anyway they possible can to get her there.. why.. you better worry about that why..  So, trump and the kkk huh…

Well lets look at the real picture.. You have Trump, Clinton’s and the KKK, didn’t know that, of course not.. its called set down, shut up and keep your head in the sand.. stupid voters..

clinton and friends

Now how many people would you travel across country to attend their wedding, and why would they ask you?  Lets watch the Clinton’s fly to florida for the trump wedding..  Ever thought about Clinton, Bush Sr head of CIA at the time, and George Wallace.. Think about that for awhile..  Next.. The hill and Byrd.. getting rather cozy you might say, who was Byrd, he was a US Senator, former head of the KKK..  Next, you wanna know why the hill would talk about going to war with Iran.. there you.. and she is very familiar with this head of state, so familiar she can touch him.  Lets look at Byrd..



Now how honest are the Clintons.. damn if you google that you could spend up to a week reading all of the allegations, starting with the investigation at Mena airport in Arkansas, to the troopers, the women, the whitewater gate, travel gate, the health care package, you should be interested in that, the fine hillary paid was about 500 thousand dollars tax payers dollars mind you, not out of her pocket.. fined by a judge.  We could cover the emails..


Next we can discuss the investigations in Iowa and Nevada for voter fraud aka clinton gang, next we have ole bill.. seems he doesn’t have a problem to jump smack into breaking elections laws  in Mass.. Not just once yesterday but 4 times.. an ex president who this  in public as if its okay.. HE AND HIS WIFE THE CANDIDATE ARE ABOVE THE LAW.


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