The Young Turks

15 Jan

Are you familiar with the Young Turks..  Oh but you should be.. the political coverage is right down to the minute.. and no words are spared..  In fact I set here laughing and and having a great time with the excitement used to create these videos..  So, lets check out a few..  No doubt your find yourself chasing Young Turks Videos too..




Seems the war is on.. The one comment that I found which is currently in a book that was published recently, said that the hill always plays the victim card.. From what I’ve seen of late.. no truer statement has ever been made..  It also brings up the issue of the hill’s health, they say its not as good as its been promoted as being.. Leaks from her own people refer to her problems with confusion, anger, irritability..  Even to the point she can’t understand her own scheduling..  Sounds to me, someone needs to go home and figure out what the problem really is.. Stress, worry, traveling, speeches, cannot be good for health issues.. she’s pushing her own buttons.



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