The New Yorker

14 Jan

This page on The New Yorker, will go down in history.. a book the gop will not have the opportunity to censor, or to ban or even burn.. They won’t have the opportunity to deny the reality of the statements made.  Actually, its what I believe a good sign of the faltering of the RNC.   We know the DNC is virtually dying out, and we should wake and realize so is the RNC, literally torn to shred’s by the crazy’s they put in Congress.   The DNC has virtually been on a destruction path since Debbie W. Schultz was made  the chairman.. She was given that postion because of her affiliation with the hill, after all she ran the hills campaign, in 08 we know how that went, so for bravery on the front, and with promises that she could make it better by running the DNC and rigging the election apparently.. Well into the ground its gone.. to the point of.. Who’s got any money??   So, no one is brave enough to stand up and throw her sorry ass out the door.. so the DNC will go down with the schultz..

2016 a new year, and a new America..  And did you hear the hints of Bernism in the Speech by President Obama, or are we just hearing things..  Naw, it was there.. does this suggest anything to any of you ?  Well we are quite certain, that President Obama was not reflecting in the hills direction.. not even a little bit.. So, does this mean he is endorsing Bernie.. Well we so hope so, but can’t take that as an absolute until the day he stands up and says, I endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States..

So, are you ready to see what was posted on the New Yorker?


Should we do a poll to see what the American Voters decide.. Should we all refer to the GOP in Congress from here on out.. As the Bastards?  I think so but can’t speak for everyone else..

The one thing I can assure you of.. Greed, Hate and Mental Illness are alive and well in the United States Government..   And candidates lying on the campaign trail…..

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